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American Express Online Casinos

American Express (or Amex as it’s known to most), is a global giant in the financial services field. It’s an American multinational corporation offering a wide range of services, the largest and most lucrative of which are its card services, which include Charge Cards and Pre-paid cards.

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Amex was established back in the mid-19th Century (1850 to be precise), and today, following 166 years of financial services, it’s one of the 30 components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. To put Amex’s size into perspective, the company nets approximately $6 billion on an annual basis! It should come as no surprise therefore that Amex cards are among the most popular in the world and in most corners of the globe, one would be hard pressed to find an individual who’s never heard of American Express. One last piece of information to further clarify Amex’s clout in this sector; transactions involving Amex cards account for around a quarter of all money exchanging hands through cards in the United States. 

Another reason why some users insist on using American Express credit cards, even to bank with online casinos, has to do with the rewards offered by the company. Amex is well known for its enticing comp points programme, which is similar to the comp points programmes offered at many online casinos.

Users get rewarded through a points system for every transaction they make using their Amex credit card. The points accumulated are then either exchanged by users for gifts or cash back on their cards. And the gifts offered by Amex are desirable gifts ranging from lavish electronic devices, to clothing, to fancy holidays and much, much more!

And it doesn’t stop there! Amex rewards programmes and gifts are specific to users’ own countries, so anyone can rest assured that there’s something to suit their individual needs. What’s more is that there’s no time limit imposed by Amex as to when users must exchange their accumulated points. Because of this, Amex users can wait as long as they wish until they’ve accumulated enough points to gain exactly what it is they desire.

Using Your Card at an American Express Online Casino 



The process for using your card at an American Express online casino is pretty much identical to that of using any other competing card. To use an Amex credit card for instance, one would first have to locate an American express online casino, and register an account at that casino.

The next step would involve selecting the credit card option at the American Express online casino’s cashier and selecting ‘American Express’ from its drop-down list. At this point, the casino will ask you to enter your card details, which would normally include the number on the face of the card, the card’s expiry date, and the four-digit CVV code found at the back of the card.

Once this information is entered, you will simply be asked to specify the amount you’d like to deposit into your casino account, which should in turn prompt a message telling you that your transaction has been successfully processed. This process should not take longer than a few minutes. High-rollers would do well to note that there is a tendency for Amex users to be allowed to deposit higher amounts than others using competing credit cards.

AmericanExpress ’s Client Support


Despite the company’s size, American Express users are valued individuals. Amex provides direct client support to all its customers through telephone hotlines relating to a long (non-exhaustive) list of countries around the world. It provides these numbers on its official website. Through its site, Amex also offers support via e-mail as well as a detailed FAQ page.

Having said that however, just as would be advisable with any other competing card, it is always sensible for users to seek any needed support from the card issuer. Amex users would necessarily have gone through a third party financial institution in order to acquire their card and because of the relatively tight-knit relationship normally held between these institutions and their clients, it is always rational for users to seek any needed support through their local bank.

Safety & Security with AmEx


Amex has an unrivalled reputation for safety and security and it’s in the company’s interest to keep it that way. Users may rest assured that Amex uses the latest in encryption technology to prevent third-party access to any sensitive client or card information. With 166 years of experience in the sector, it’s not surprising that Amex heads the list for safety.

Play Safely at an American Express Online Casino


Amex may not be accepted at the vast majority of online casinos, but when banking with Amex, users can rest assured that they’re in safe hands. Amex is one of the sturdiest, most trustworthy names in the business and considering the associated transaction speeds and rewards it is a more than viable banking option for online casino gamers when it’s accepted. But what also makes online casinos abstain from listing Amex as a banking option, besides all that was mentioned above, are the associated transaction fees. While all credit cards come with transaction fees attached (that’s how credit card companies make their money after all), Amex tend to charge a little extra when compared to their competitors.

Perhaps that would explain the generous comp points and rewards programme. Regardless, the higher transaction fees deter many online casinos and prompt some to charge a little extra for the use of Amex cards. Because of this, those among you who insist on using Amex because of the speed, security and other benefits involved are advised to inquire about the associated transaction fees prior to affecting any deposits at online casinos. All in all, every banking option has its ups and downs and American Express is a perfectly reasonable banking option for online casino gamers.

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