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echeck online casinos reviewThere are plenty of eCheck Online Casinos around, and with more and more people opting to make use of this electronic payment method these days, it should come as no surprise to anyone. eCheck Online Casinos – or online casinos that accept eChecks as a banking option – can be found among any list of top online gaming establishments. Here, we shall take a look at the intricacies involved when opting to bank with eCheck Online Casinos. eChecks are another means, besides credit and debit cards, by which to affect an electronic funds transfer to a merchant online. They function just like paper checks (cheques) and are governed by the same laws. The difference is that payments via eChecks are electronic; hence the ‘e’ in eCheck.

Best eCheck Casinos

Finding the Right eCheck Online Casinos

There are several eCheck Online Casinos around and the numbers seem to be growing in this regard. This is because it benefits online casinos to offer an alternative payment option for those players who want to make an electronic payment without incurring a credit card bill on which they pay charges and/or interest at the end of the month. It also benefits online casinos to provide the eCheck option because eChecks have a reputation for being safe and secure methods of online payment. But we’ll get into that later.

A trend in the online casino world of late involves several online casinos seeking to cater for the large but bridled US market. For such casinos, being an eCheck Online Casino is of extra benefit, since eChecks are an extremely popular online payment method among American players and American banks tend to block credit and debit card transactions involving online casinos due to the 2008 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). But this doesn’t mean that American banks won’t block a transaction made via eCheck if an online gambling site is on the other end of that transaction.

So, although many casinos seem to have become – or want to become – eCheck Online Casinos in order to provide an added payment option for their US client base, there is no guarantee that US banks will not block money transfers to and from online casinos, even when eChecks are involved.

How eChecks work

eChecks work in a similar manner to paper checks, except that they are electronic – rather than manual – money transfer orders. In other words, the authorisation methods in place when eChecks are involved are electronic and therefore, even safer.

So, just like a paper check, an eCheck draws money directly from the payer’s personal bank account, involves a tracking number for security purposes and may be recorded in an electronic register – not unlike the check stubs left over in a depleted check book – for the payer’s reference.

If you’ve got a bank account attached to a check book (paper that is) you can use eCheck. This is because in order to ‘write’ – so to speak – an eCheck, you will not be required to set up some kind of eCheck account via your local bank or online. Instead, you will only need to enter your bank account number and routing number in the field provided at any online merchant accepting eCheck payments.

Depositing and Withdrawing at eCheck Online Casinos

Affecting deposits at eCheck Online Casinos is as easy as making a deposit using any other commonly used method. Of course, you must already be in possession of a checking account and must play at an eCheck Online Casino.

When this is the case, simply access the cashier page at your eCheck Online Casino of choice and select ‘eCheck’ as a deposit option. This will prompt a window asking you to enter your bank account details, including your bank account number and routing number, as well as the amount you wish to deposit into your casino account. At many online casinos, you will be asked to verify your account before the deposit is processed and once you do, you should receive a message stating that your deposit has been completed successfully.

eChecks are not commonly made available as withdrawal options at online casinos; the latter prefer to use standard bank transfers or wire transfers for executing players’ cash-outs. Players using eChecks are advised to consult the cashier at their eCheck Online Casino of choice to enquire about making withdrawals. Needless to say, it is best to do so before making any deposits.

Transfer Times when using eChecks

Some players might consider eChecks a fast payment method while others may raise their eyebrows at the thought. It depends how you look at it and what other payment methods you’re comparing eChecks to. In other words, eChecks sit in the middle of the far slower paper check method and the relatively faster credit card method of payment as far as processing speeds are concerned.

Just like paper checks, eChecks need to be authorised by the payer’s bank before a payment is processed. In other words, like paper checks, eChecks can bounce in the case of there being insufficient funds within the payer’s checking account. So, players who opt for eCheck Online Casinos must allow around four business days for a deposit to be processed. On the other hand, there is no mail service involved when using eChecks, so naturally, the waiting involved due to the usual ‘check is in the mail’ business does not feature with eChecks.

For some players, the fact that depositing using eChecks will not have them playing within minutes is an issue. By others, it is considered a plus. The latter kind of players tend to recognise the benefit of enjoying a cooling off period between depositing and playing. It serves to ensure responsible gaming and added player security.

Client Support when using eChecks

When using eChecks, you are essentially using a check, which instructs your bank to issue a payment from your personal bank account to a third party. In other words, just like you would when encountering any sort of problem while using your paper check book, it is the customer care department at your local bank that you should consult when encountering any sort of problem related to using eChecks. eChecks have become a standard, legitimate method of payment the world over, and your local bank will always be willing to help with anything you may need in their regard.

eChecks are Safe and Secure


eChecks are a safe online payment method to use simply because they are a standard banking payment method. Banks use the most robust security systems around and you may therefore rest assured that any transaction involving an online merchant and a bank is as secure as its going to get.

Additionally, despite players having to share their banking details with their eCheck Online Casino of choice, the best casinos use the latest in SSL encryption technology to ensure that any information exchanged with players is safe from interception by third parties. 

eCheck Rewards

There are eCheck Online Casinos offering rewards for players who opt for using eChecks as a payment method. Deposit bonuses for using eChecks may not be as popular as those for using some other methods of payment, but they do exist. Normally, they fall within the region of a 10% deposit bonus. Players are therefore advised to enquire about exclusive bonuses with their chosen eCheck Online Casino prior to affecting any deposits. A freely augmented bankroll never hurt anyone.

eCheck Online Casinos - Our Opinion

eChecks are a perfectly sound banking option for anyone, especially players who seek insurance as to responsible gaming practices. eChecks are also a perfect solution for those who are apprehensive of using their credit card online. Some eCheck Online Casinos are also among the best in the business and offer some great bonuses and promotions, safety features, games, and client support. All in all, as banking methods at online casinos, eChecks are easy to use, safe and open to anyone. There’s no reason to criticise their use by anybody.

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