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The wide array of online casinos is enough to confuse you if you’re curiously probing the net in order to find the best bonus casino. However, you needn't fear this daunting task anymore, as our experts at CasinoGuide have managed to narrow your search down to just a few casinos which we've conveniently placed in a ranked list for you to be able to find a casino with ease.

The casinos in our list are ranked by the maximum bonus you can obtain after your wagering requirements are met and even include full reviews. So what are you waiting for? Read below and get well on your way to finding the very best in online casino entertainment today! 

Our Best Bonus Casino List


Finding a Bonus Casino has now become significantly easier thanks to CasinoGuide's brilliant team of experts. On browsing our list of 'Best Bonus Casinos' you'll find that bonus offerings are ranked by the maximum amount that you’re able to receive after you’ve met the wagering requirements necessary on the online casino site you’ve signed up on.

One thing you should know is that you should keep checking the list on a regular basis in order to find the best bonus at a Bonus Casino. This is due to the fact that sites are always driven to knock out the competition in regards to promotions and bonuses. Hence, if you take a look at our 'Best Bonus Casino' list, you’ll be able to find the most fantastic offerings to date which include detailed reviews of users’ experiences as well as comprehensive guidelines on how to snap up the best bonus.

Here’s a little secret - sometimes the bonus promotions found in our list of casinos even beat the offers found on the casino website itself!

Get a huge Casino Bonus, just for signing up


Shopping around is necessary for success in your quest to find exactly what suits your needs as an online player, especially when it comes to finding a bonus casino. Keep in mind that casinos are ready to pay you a great sum of money for you to try out their site for the first time - a Slots promotions, for example, can be very lucrative indeed.

Hence, the most outstanding bonus you’ll find will probably be the signup bonus you receive upon registering to a site. CasinoGuide recommends multiple casinos that accept PayPal, which will make it as simple as possible for you to withdraw your winnings once you have satisfied the requirements of your bonus. We also offer Bitcoin casino reviews, if that is the payment option you prefer.


How to decide which is the Best Online Casino Bonus?


Choosing the absolute ‘best’ bonus is much like selecting the best-looking house or car. Remember you only get one chance to collect your new player sign-up bonus, so make sure that the bonus value you’re receiving from the bonus casino you've selected is completely worthwhile!

If you’re a high roller, your willingness to deposit a high sum will give you the opportunity to choose from a variety of sites as well as their fantastic large bonuses to initially begin your online casino journey. Sometimes the flashier iGambling sites will sugar-coat your experience even more by paying bonuses of the value of £1,000 or more. So how great your reward will mostly be measured on how much you’re willing to deposit. 

Nonetheless, if your bankroll is significantly lower than that of a high roller, you should be able to acquire a great bonus deal at a bonus casino by looking out for a high match percentage rate. These percentages are often seen to vary, so it's something you should opt to check out. Keep in mind that whilst a match percentage of 100% will give you £100, that of 200% will give you a percentage of £200. 

However, if you find yourself biting your nails at the sheer thought of making your first deposit and playing for real money you should definitely look into our No Deposit Bonus Casinos. These will enable you to play on a real money online casino just by creating a start-up account.

Different Types of Online Casino Bonus


Apart from No Deposit bonuses, there are multiple other types of bonuses that players can receive from Internet casinos. Whilst most bonuses look the same at first glance, most have different wagering requirements and should be used differently. The same applies if you are claiming a Bingo bonus.

Also bear in mind that you should pay attention to the fine print of any free money that is given to you. For example, cashing in on a ‘Slots-only’ promotion signifies that you will only be allowed to receive a bonus by playing slots.

online casino bonus

Furthermore, you also have to initially wager an amount of money but also clear any wagering requirements necessary to be able to withdraw the bonus being offered. There are also other bonuses which allow you to play more than just slots.

These types of bonuses will allow you to meet any betting requirements by playing blackjack or video poker, which are found to be two of the games with the lowest house advantage. It is even possible to find a specific Blackjack bonus, or an online Roulette bonus, if you know where to look.

Upon browsing through different sites for bonuses to compare what’s best for you, you might also find what are known as “Sticky bonuses”. These are bonuses, which stick and can’t be withdrawn from your account but can be used to play games and win money. Any money which you manage to win is yours for the keeping however, bonus money which was given to you initially as a sticky bonus will be deducted from your account. 

Additionally, existing customers of online casinos can also benefit from reload bonuses, which work in the same manner as new player bonuses given to you when you initially sign-up. These smaller bonuses are released for you to use once you deposit additional money into your account.


Online Casino Bonuses Explained


As soon as you register on an online casino site, you will almost always get a sign-up bonus. It’s definitely crucial that you check if the site you are registering at has a wagering requirement, high match percentage and high max bonus as this tends to differ from site to site.

In addition, some sites also offer the promotion bonuses, re-load bonuses, loyalty bonuses, refer-a-friend bonuses and other special deals that you can acquire once registered. By knowing how to identify the best online casino bonus, you are ensuring that you get as much bang for your buck as possible.

Online Casino Bonus Bagging


bonus casino online

The means of obtaining favourable bonus deals are often focused on by specialized casino players. These types of casino players are those who go on the hunt for the best bonuses online.

Fundamentally, the majority of the time these people will only play and invest their money in a game if they are absolutely sure that they’ll be able to gain a considerable profit from their deposit and initial bonus. By reading our article on bonus whoring you’ll discover the best tips to beat the odds and turn yourself into a winner! 


Clearing an Online Casino Bonus 


Knowing when to clear an online bonus is perhaps one of the keys to succeeding in the gambling world. If your favourite game is slots, the best thing to do is to enjoy yourself whilst playing the game. As soon as some good fortune comes your way you’ll be able to meet the requirements you need to withdraw a fantastic casino bonus together with any profits that you’ve managed to generate.

However, before cashing in on a bonus offer you should read through reviews and rankings to actually find a site which is appealing to you. Once you’ve made your online casino site selection and you’re ready to call it your casino home start enjoying the games and the site’s benefits.

Get the Best Online Casino Bonus Today!


If you've just started gambling online, you're probably very glad to know that most online casinos offer amazing perks to its players. Evidently, Bonuses which are available in the dozens make up a large portion of them.

So what are you waiting for? Find the Best Bonus Casino online today, there's never been a better time to gamble online! 

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