Top Casino Apps of 2017

Casino games have just the right amount of intrigue, chance, and excitement to keep you coming back for more. But what happens after you leave the table and walk away?

If you’re still thinking about all those fast, fun games long after you’ve left the casino, you'll be glad to know there’s a way to get your gambling fix while on the go!

With the advent of smartphones and fast mobile internet networks, casino apps are available to cater to your gambling needs wherever you are!

Casino Apps – Real Money Winnings!

real casino slot apps

Now you can play high-quality Slots games on your mobile phone!

Although you can play on casino slot apps for free (or even here on CasinoGuide with our free Roulette game), you don’t win any real money either, and that can get boring after a while. How is it exciting to put down bet after bet with no small tickle of financial risk? Putting money down and winning those large jackpots is half the fun, after all!

The online casinos listed above are all equipped with mobile compatible web apps that work with a whole host of different mobile devices. If your phone or tablet was made within the last five years, chances are you can play at one of our recommended casinos on it.

And as playing on mobile devices usually means bigger bonuses, you could be quids in!

Casino Slot Apps, And More

Just as in a real-life casino, you’ll have access to fun games when you play at real casino slot apps.

However, due to the limitations of casino app programming and the screen sizes involved, you might get a different selection of casino games than you would on a desktop website. The trade-off is worth it for being able to play casino games while on the go.

That being said, you’ll still get to play various familiar casino favourites, such as:

online slots online blackjack online bingo

Online Slots

Online Blackjack

Online Bingo

Each casino app will often have their own variations of those typical casino games by dressing them up in themes or even changing the rules a bit. This can keep you interested in browsing what the different casino mobile apps have to offer, since bare-boned casino games can get a bit stale after a while. Slots with free spins are particularly prevalent in online casino apps - you can play Slots for free here at CasinoGuide to see if you like it!

Finding a casino app with themed games that are geared towards your personal interests can help provide hours of entertainment, not to mention lots of winnings as well!

Recommended Casino Apps

Is it really possible to win real money on casino apps?

What if we told you it’s as simple as this: log onto casino apps, win real money? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? However, when you play on certain casino apps, real money can actually be won!

In fact, on a lot of casino apps, free bonus deals can be found, which can up your winnings even more. If you enjoy putting real money down when you play casino games at a physical casino, then you’ll definitely enjoy casino apps, real money involved.

Is It Safe to Play Live Casino Apps Online?

With casino apps that pay real money, you usually have to deposit real money in order to play. With that comes the potential risk of your payment information being compromised.

That is why new PayPal casinos have become so popular in recent times – having the security of a multi-billion pound brand backing you up can enable you to play with total peace of mind. Apple Pay Casinos are gaining popularity too, for much the same reason; security is a big deal when it comes to your casino payments!

Modern programmers are skilled enough to make sure that you’re just as safe playing on casino apps as you are playing on their desktop websites. In general, you’ll be totally safe when you use real casino games apps.

To assuage any remaining doubts you may have, here are a few pointers for gambling online safely!

Play on reputable casino slot machine apps

When you play on casino apps with real money, the first thing you should do is check the credentials. All of the casino apps in our recommended casinos list above are certified by the Gambling Commission.

Check the reviews

The best way to get a feel for casino apps with real rewards is to see what their other people have to say about them. These testimonies can provide insight into how the online casino works and if it is safe or not. You can find the best casino game apps listed above, along with thorough and detailed reviews or the service they provide.

Use secure WiFi

As with any type of online transaction, you should always try to use a secure, password protected network when you’re playing on live casino apps. If you log onto an unsecured network that requires no password to use it, your payment information is more likely to get intercepted and exploited. If you have no choice but to use a free public WiFi network, consider using mobile data instead but bear in mind this is also fairly insecure.

Why are Casinos Apps better than a Real Life Casino?

Admittedly, there is nothing that can replace the feeling of gambling at a real casino. The atmosphere that is found there and nowhere else is the main reason we spend time in such establishments.

But casino apps have their own appeal as well. Why?

Greater variety of games

Because a physical casino has a limited amount of space to fit machines and tables in, they have to pick and choose the most popular games to offer their customers. This results in a limited selection of casino games.

With casino apps that pay, the possibilities are limitless. The online casinos stand to profit more with the more casino games they offer, so they have more of an incentive to fill their library of games as much as possible. Some of them even offer mobile Bingo games.

Bigger, better bonuses

When you take a look at casino apps, free bonus incentives are plentiful – particularly when it comes to our recommended casinos! This is because they have so much competition with other online casinos that they strive to offer the best deals in order to reel you in (see what we did there?) as a customer. Your mobile casino welcome bonus should always be generous!

But when you walk into a physical casino, you’re already there, so the casino has no real incentive to lure you in even further since you’re already most likely committed to spending money at their establishment.


With casino apps, real money play is possible from the comfort of your own home, hotel room, car, bus and more. When you’re bored and have some free time, all you have to do is unlock your mobile phone, click on casino apps, win real prizes, and get hours of entertainment as well.

Before casino apps came about, you’d have to pencil in your casino hours. Not anymore with casino slot apps — play whenever you want, as long as you have an internet connection! Even topping up is convenient, especially when playing at a phone bill casino.

How to Install Live Casino Apps

casino apps win real money

If you’re interested in playing on casino apps, real money play is probably what you want to go for, since those types of casino apps have free play games as well. If you have no clue where to start, we suggest taking your pick from one of the certified and recommended casinos in the list above – all have been vetted and reviewed by the CasinoGuide team. 

To play at one of the casinos in our list

Simply click on that casino’s logo – you’ll be taken to a page where you can sign up and claim your bonus. All of the casinos above support a wide range of mobile devices and can be played via the browser, but if you don’t mind taking a bit longer you can always install the app as well.

Whenever possible, it is best to do this after you have chosen the best UK online casino for you and signed up - sometimes, downloading the casino app after signing up will enable you to claim an extra online casino bonus.

To install live casino apps

Go into the respective “store” app for your device. Type in the name of the casino app you wish to download (i.e. 888 Casino), and it should pop up in the results for the search. Tap on the casino app and then on “download”. Your device should then automatically download and install the casino app.

A shortcut button for the app will also appear on your home screen, giving you easy access to online play. With initial openings of casino apps, free bonus promotions may be given, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

If you can’t find the casino you signed up to in the app store

Just head back to the website – if an app does exist it will usually be linked to from the site. 

It’s ok though, as you can still play casino games from the browser itself, since most online casinos are optimized for in-browser play on the vast majority of mobile devices.

Choose Your Casino App

Devices for Online Casino Apps

Practically all casino apps are optimized for use across all different operating systems, Android and iOS being the main ones used. With the rise in popularity of Windows mobile phones, you’ll find many casino apps that are compatible with those as well.

You’ll be glad to know that your online casino apps for Android are essentially the same as casino apps for iPhone, which means that if you’re lucky enough to have both, you’ll easily be able to access your casino apps on both platforms.

You may have to confirm with the online casino that those two devices really are being accessed by you and not fraudulently by someone else. That’s a small price to pay for security, but should be the only issue to overcome when switching from casino game apps for Android to casino apps for iPhone.

Online Casino Apps for Android

android casino appOnline casino apps for Android are pretty popular, considering Android is one of the most commonly used type of operating system for mobile phones and tablets.

From the recommended casinos list above, you can choose from for the most popular Android casino apps.

Casino game apps for Android are best accessed on devices that are completely up-to-date devices. If you’re having trouble getting a casino app to function on your Android device, you can try the actual websites on your laptop or desktop instead for the Android casino apps.

Real money play can be done through either entering in your credit card information or linking your e-wallet to the apps (PayPal casinos are popular for this). This means that on your Android casino apps, real money can be deposited and withdrawn whenever you wish.

To determine the best casino game apps for Android, just compare the bonuses and read up on the reviews, and choose your favourite!

Casino Apps for iPhone

iphone casino appThe iOS operating system is also one of the most popularly used in the UK when it comes to mobile devices. Because online casinos want to appeal to customers who use either Android or iOS, many of the casino apps available for Android are available for iOS as well.

Excluding users of a particular operating system can be hugely detrimental for business, so it’s in the casino’s best interest to offer both Android and iPhone casino apps for both Android and iOS.

To add casino apps to the library of apps on your iPhone, choose one from our recommended list above, sign up and collect your bonus.

If the casino has an app available for download, you will be offered the chance to download it – although this is not compulsory and you can play to your heart’s content without doing so.

Casino Apps for iPad

ipad casino appThe best casino apps for iPad are essentially the same as the ones for iPhone since they run the same operating systems, just on different sized screens.

If you’re looking for the best casino apps for iPad, just put your search criteria for iPhone since they are more popularly used than iPads.

You’ll find that the casino apps for iPad will be easy to use on the larger-screened device, and you’ll get the freedom to play wherever you’d like instead of being tied down to a computer.

To get started on playing casino apps for iPad, just take your pick from the list above and you’ll get the best casino apps for iPad straightaway!


Play on Casino Apps, Real Money Winner!

So there you have it: play casino apps, win real money, have fun! Whether you play on iOS or Android casino apps, real money play is guaranteed to add an element of thrill and triumph when you see real money racking up in your account. 

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