Casino Junkets - Live The High Life

Would you like to go on an all expenses paid trip to a destination casino in a country such as Malta, Cyprus, Czech Republic or Greece? If so, then you’re in luck. Casino junkets are a great way in which you can travel to a new country with the added benefit of also being able to play your favourite casino games.

Casino junkets are most commonly enjoyed by players who like to chase big wins whilst living the true life of a casino high roller. Junkets is another name for packages or trips offered to VIP casino customers for travel accommodation and play at a particular casino.

Depending on the situation, the hosting casino will pay some or all of the travel and accommodation costs in exchange for the player(s) undertaking to play at the casino during their stay.

This means that if your gambling at the junket casino is a success, you will be able to take home all the money you earned from gambling after having enjoyed an all-expenses paid trip to the venue of your choice. A win-win situation!

Why Go On A Casino Junket?

To attract business that they might not usually get, a variety of foreign casinos now offer junket packages to attract players from all over to play at their casinos. Thanks to casino junkets, as a casino player from the UK you can forget the offer of a free dinner at your local casino in favour of a free 3-day, all expenses trip to almost anywhere in the world!

This means that you are free to enjoy an all expenses paid trip to a new country and a new casino – if you are planning to do some gambling anyway it makes sense to take a free trip that comes with it.

Casino Junket Requirements

All junket casinos have different rules and table limits for players that are on these kind of trips. In general, the casinos request that players play for a minimum of four hours per day at the stipulated minimum stake levels.

Other than that, the casinos do not require anything else from you. Plus, don’t think that you’ll only get your free casino trip if you lose - if you win at the casino all of the profits are yours to keep. And that’s in addition to a free trip. The casinos only want a fair chance at winning your money, if they fail and you win, they will tell you fair play and wish you well.

Casino Junkets Q&A

Casino Tours Abroad founder Alan HughesInterested in potentially joining a casino junket? Read our interview with casino junket expert Alan Hughes, founder of the leading UK casino junket operator Casino Tours Abroad. 

Alan Hughes is the owner and founder of Casino Tours Abroad - one of the biggest casino junket operators in the UK. An expert in the casino junket field, Alan started in the casino business at the ripe age of 18 before going on to gain his bookmakers permit at age 22.

Hi Alan, thanks for talking with us here at CasinoGuide UK. First of all, just how popular are casino junkets with online casino players?

I am sure there is a huge crossover between brick-and-mortar casino players and online players. However, where you live might influence your chosen betting outlet. Now that 'live dealer' casino play online is increasing exponentially, the two betting mediums are getting ever closer.

What is the popularity trend like when it comes to casino junkets? Are they becoming more or less popular? Has the online casino industry has lowered its attraction?

Junkets were widespread in the USA when the only place to play (legally) was in Nevada. In the early 80s Atlantic City opened up, followed by Mississippi. Now there is legalised casino gambling in 22 US States. The widespread growth has had some downward effect on US junkets but elsewhere in the world the business is stable, if not increasing.

In Europe the main junket players are Israelis, Italians and Turkish. The reason it’s so popular in these three countries is the general lack of casinos on their home ground. Italy, for example, has only six casinos - so it is a lot easier for many Italians to hop on a junket and play in nearby Montenegro, Malta, or wherever the junketeers will take them.

What kind of people usually sign up to your junkets? Rich VIPs? Professional gamblers? People looking for a once in a lifetime experience?

There is a big mixture of players on the junkets. However, the average age of our clients tends to be over 50. They are usually self-employed, or retired. And they just want to play casino games for pleasure. The minimum age to join us on our junkets is 25.

Which countries do your junkets go to? Do you currently have any special offers for players?

Our current destinations include Montenegro, Malta, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Morocco, and Greece. We will also be offering Vilnius, Riga and other destinations shortly. Through our US partners we can also arrange trips for VIP casino guests to Las Vegas and other American & Caribbean destinations, plus NCL (Norwegian Cruise Line) and RCL (Royal Caribbean Cruises).

Is there a particular country that is most popular with your players?

All of our destinations have their unique selling points. Be that the scenery, weather, golf or whatever. Providing the flight time is reasonable, the clients will travel almost anywhere. The casino games on offer also affect the choice. The rules have to be good – we are not going to take Roulette players to places where the only game in town has two zeros. If I would not play at a particular casino, then I would not expect my players to play there either.

When players sign up do they get to stay in penthouse suites at the resorts they go to? What can players receive apart from a trip to the casino games floor itself?

Our junkets are aiming at the lower-to-middle level players. i.e. €25 - €100 minimum/average bets. For this level of play the customers would be entitled to regular 4- or 5-star accommodation, plus economy flights. However, the higher staking players would, of course, be entitled to upgraded accommodations, business class flights, etc.

What are the usual costs for players who want to go on these junkets? Are there cheap ones and expensive ones?

Our junkets are usually FREE to qualifying players, win or lose. The hosting casinos are paying for the flights, accommodations, food and drink etc. The only costs to the player are getting to the airport, and the gambling - maybe!

Why should a player organise a junket with your rather than just booking one themselves? What perks can you offer?

Individuals can, of course, book casino trips themselves, but as they are probably unknown to the casinos they will incur all of the costs of the trip upfront. They would then have to try and get the casino to refund the costs at the destination. If one our regular players wants to go to Las Vegas, for example, we know how they play, and our US junket partners will arrange the comps on our word. However, air fares for the US or Caribbean are not usually refunded, unless you are a $25,000+ player.

What do the casinos require from players? Do they have to play a certain amount of time per day? Do they have to wager a certain amount of money?

Every casino we represent has different rules and table limits, but in general, the casinos request that all players play a minimum of 4 hours per day in order to qualify, and at the stipulated minimum stake levels. Specific rules will be listed on each casino junket we advertise. Usually, when a casino stipulates 4 hours per day, players can carry over the hours to following days. For example, a player might play six hours on the first day, four hours on the second day and two hours on the third day. Our casino junkets usually extend to three nights at our chosen destination, but this may vary.

Can anyone sign up to one of your junkets?

Anyone can sign up to join us on our junkets, but we do not encourage the under 25s. As we said earlier, we tend to mainly attract the over 50s. We are not particularly targeting this age group, but that is who we attract!

Is travel, accommodation, food and entertainment all included?

Flights, hotel accommodations, food and drink are mostly included on our junkets. Usually, we will throw in some local sightseeing at the chosen destination, plus of course, local transportation. The only expense for the players is the cost of getting to and from the UK airport.

How many junkets do you run per year? Could you tell us a bit more about your upcoming junkets?

Casino Tours Abroad are currently planning junkets at approximately two week intervals. However, we have to avoid nearly all school holiday periods due to lack of available flights and accommodation. This reduces our trading year to about 8 months, which should produce 17-18 junkets. However, if we get busy, we can always add more dates.

Casino Junket Travel

With casino junkets you can travel to destinations all around the world!

Destinations that you can travel to include: Malta, Serbia, Morocco, Cyprus, Greece and the Czech Republic!

Sign Up For A Casino Junket Today

Any players wishing to join a junket run by Casino Tours Abroad can visit their website at, contact them via email at [email protected], or call on 077233 95980. They also offer anyone who signs up to their website a regular newsletter which includes dates of all their upcoming trips and other need-to-know information regarding casino junkets.

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