Your Guide to a Casino-Themed Party

Is it your turn to organise an event? Feeling lost and confused on how to go about it? Your worries can stop right here and now because we at CasinoGuide have the perfect idea for you. Are you ready for it? You could spruce up your chosen event venue into your very own private casino themed party. You heard right – casino-themed party!

Think of the casino scenes in any James Bond movie or montage shots showing all the alluring sparkling signs and unmistakable sights. Now think bigger and better because the fun can be brought to you! You just need to organise your chosen venue and then leave the rest in the capable hands of the casino hire company to revamp the place.

What is a casino party?

Your event could definitely become the occasion of the year. By using one of the available casino hiring companies, you can provide something different from the same old same old of typical parties. Most of these companies have all kinds of equipment which you can rent out. You can fill up the space with casino tables ranging from Roulette and Blackjack to Poker and Craps.

You can even make the atmosphere a million times more believable by hiring the lighting and personalised props to decorate the scene. All your favourite games found at online casino in the UK can be brought to life. Whether you provide luck-based games or casino games which are strategy-based, all your guests will be eager to join in the fun!

Where do you find casino hiring services?

There are several hiring companies that cater to this increasingly popular kind of party. You don’t need to search for long, as you can find most of these casino hire services all over the UK. These casino companies can be found online, or even on LinkedIn and Facebook groups / party guests

Top Casino Hire companies include:

  • Cabaret Casino -
  • Events Casino -
  • Jewel Fun Casinos -
  • Casino Hire UK -
  • Private Label Casino Party -
  • Fun Casino Hire -
  • Sevens Casino Nights -
  • Funky Casinos -
  • Diamond Fun Casino -
  • Midland Casino -

Wherever they are based, these companies are usually able to bring the party to you. It’s best to enquire directly with the company to get further information and a quote for your specific needs. If you are undecided on what you want, you can easily get in touch with your chosen company, who will be able to advise you on what can be done within your budget.

Most casino hire companies have fairly reasonable prices. Several of them even offer complete packages they can provide for you, which usually represent very good value for money. Many of these services even have a template for all the options you may possibly need, and some of their websites offer live chat for a more direct line of communication.

How do you go about having a casino party?

It’s all very simple. Once you have chosen your desired venue, you can start hunting around for some of the best casino hiring services to help you out. Usually, these hiring companies cater for all types of venues and events from private, corporate to charity events. Rather than dealing with the headache of organising everything and bringing everything together, these hiring services usually aim to make the whole shebang as hassle-free as possible by aiding you to orchestrate your event.

The best casino hire companies ensure that you are completely taken care of from beginning to the end. According to your requirements, they will convert your event venue into a stunning casino which will cause your colleagues’, friends’ or family’s jaws to drop. They will feel as though they just walked into the Bellagio or Caesar’s Palace with all the glamour and glitz of the Las Vegas vibe, or even like the casino scene from 007’s Casino Royale – poker chips and martinis all around –shaken not stirred, of course.

Which would be the best casino hire company to choose?

  • The Casino Hire companies that cater to all your needs in terms of equipment, props and personnel.  
  • Available either in your area or nationwide would be your safest bet. 
  • A reliable choice would be with an experienced company that is aware of the lay of the land and everything required to function like a well-oiled machine.

‘Fun money’ is used instead of real money since actual gambling isn’t allowed in the UK without a license. So, players will be given a number of tokens or chips. The aim is usually to collect as many chips as possible before the party ends. The winner is usually given a prize or souvenir – organised by the host or even by the casino hire company.

The casino hire company should send someone along to coordinate everything which leaves, you, the host, free to mingle and enjoy your fabulous party. Additionally, at each of the tables, there will be a croupier to assist the players – making sure the casino games run smoothly for experienced players and novices alike.

Why should I hire a casino?

Well, if you’ve been reading so far, you are certainly intrigued! Although, it seems you aren’t 100% convinced yet! There are several reasons why casino hire parties are a fantastic idea. Firstly, it’s appropriate for almost any kind of event – be it a birthday party, wedding reception, anniversary, staff party, fundraising function or any other cause for celebration.

Secondly, you have quite a variety of things you can hire for your casino themed party. Besides choosing the tables you wish to play, you can also hire the fun money, props to decorate the venue as well as showgirls or magicians and professional croupiers to have absolutely everything covered.

Thirdly, it is certainly an original type of party which would most definitely leave your guests impressed. The thrilling experience that comes along with casinos will be replicated in an extremely entertaining way. Lastly, you are guaranteed a buzzing atmosphere in the care of the casino hire company, bringing all the joys of the casino world to life within the walls of your function.