Online Casino Software Guide 2017


While many people choose to focus on the games casinos offer, few comment or research the sources of these same games.

Ultimately, if it wasn’t for gaming software frontrunners such as Microgaming, Net Entertainment, and Playtech to name a few, online casinos simply wouldn’t be possible.

Here at we offer only the crème de la crème of software providers which is why we have the likes of NetEnt on board and ready to set sail.

Choose Your Casino Software Provider

Find out more about three of the biggest online casino software providers below, and choose and online casino which contains games produced by your favourite casino software developer.

Casino Software Origins


In case you’ve been living under a not so pretty rock for the last decade or so and haven’t heard about Microgaming then allow us to enlighten you. Basically, without the pioneering instinct of Microgaming, the online casino world wouldn’t exist!

Not only were they the first online casino software company to open an online casino, but throughout the years they have not rested on their laurels and the result is a wide variety of amazingly brilliant, cutting edge, online casino games.

Furthermore, it spawned tens of other stellar software companies, the best and brightest of which you can find on this very page. Many have even expanded into creating online Bingo games as well.

Having been in the online gaming industry since its inception, we are more aware than ever before that today’s treasure is tomorrow’s trash which is why we always ensure that we are two steps ahead of our competitors and have only the most vibrant and innovative games on our site.

Ultimately, the software industry is an organic, ever expanding and evolving space which is among the fastest growing entities in the world and with more and more people beginning to rely on their PC’s and mobile devices to play online casino games as opposed to going to the traditional gambling meccas of Las Vegas and Atlantic City, it would be foolish for online casinos to not move with the times.


Online Casino Games


microgaming online casino

It is important to note that whilst each software company has its own unique way of creating and innovating its games, they do of course follow the age old manual for casino games in what they create and have formulae that the discerning player has come to expect.

Thus, although one can look forward to all the best of the present and future, nostalgics and old schoolers will be glad to discover that the much-loved, well-worn originals such as: online RouletteSlots for real money, Blackjack online, Caribbean Stud Poker, Craps, Keno, Pai Gow Poker and Video Poker have been retained and enhanced for our players’ sensory pleasure. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you the player to invest time and choose what style of gaming software suits you best in order to be able to select your online casino accordingly and guarantee yourself a good time, every time.

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