Cheque Online Casinos Review 2017


cheque casinoCheque Online Casinos (or Check Online Casinos) are those online casinos that will accept a traditional paper cheque as a deposit and/or withdrawal option.

Many online casinos will use cheques as withdrawal options, but the same cannot be said for the number of online casinos accepting this banking option for affecting deposits.

Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of playing at Cheque Online Casinos.

An Overview of Cheque Online Casinos 

Few (if any) online casino gamers would not be familiar with cheques as a method of affecting payments to third parties. Cheques are simply documents that instruct a bank to pay a specific amount of money from the cheque writer’s account to the third party in whose name the cheque is written. The payer writing the cheque is referred to as the drawer and would hold a chequing (current or cheque or checking) account containing funds associated exclusively with his/her cheques.

Cheque Online Casinos are not easy to come by, seeing as there are very few online casinos that accept personal cheques as a deposit method. One would find many Cheque Online Casinos accepting withdrawals using the method however, and there are some that will accept bank cheques and/or cashier’s cheques as deposit methods, even though they may not accept personal chequeks.

How Cheques Work

Cheques are paper instruments that instruct a bank to forward funds out of the drawer’s chequing account to a specific third party. Each cheque would consist of specific fields that would need to be filled in by the drawer. These include the date at the time of writing, the payee’s name (which could be an individual or an entity), and the amount payable in both numerical and script formats.

The drawer’s signature on the face of the cheque will serve as authorisation of the payment for security purposes. The security measures involved when using cheques also comprise a reference number on the face of the cheque which serves to keep track of each document. The payee, upon receipt of a cheque, would be able to pay a visit to a bank and obtain the amount specified on the cheque in cash form.

How to Bank at Cheque Online Casinos

Banking at Cheque Online Casinos is as simple as banking at online casinos gets. When deposits are allowed using cheques, simply click the check option at your chosen Cheque Online Casino’s cashier when registering an account at that casino and follow the simple mailing instructions. You will probably have to mail the cheque to a payment processing centre rather than the casino’s headquarters. Make sure you get the address correct; it will certainly help if you speak to a client support member at your chosen online casino in order to inform him/her that a cheque is in the mail and on the way.

More often than not, it is withdrawals that are made from online casinos using the cheque method, not deposits. It is important for online casinos to include cheques as withdrawal methods for two reasons; firstly, cheques are an easy method for them to pay out winnings to customers and secondly, they tend to offer some deposit methods which customers cannot then use as withdrawal methods, in which case, cheque cash-outs come in handy. Should you want to cash out via cheque, just fill in a request at your chosen Cheque Online Casino’s cashier. It would help to ensure that the address you filled in when registering your online casino account is in fact your current residential address. Also, many Cheque Online Casinos will use a tracking service when sending out winnings via cheque, so make sure you ask for some sort of tracking number and an estimation of the time it would take for the cheque to arrive in the mail. You may also want to enquire about any involved fees when cashing out using the chequek method.

Transfer Times when using Cheques

This is a major downfall of using cheques to bank at online casinos. The waiting times involved for both deposits and withdrawals are just about the longest of any banking method available at online casinos. Cheques need to arrive by post, be cleared by banks and all of this may take an age in comparison to other banking methods. It is not uncommon to be made to wait for longer than a month for a transaction made by cheque to be cleared.

Client Support when using Traditional Paper Cheques

Gaining client support when banking at online casinos using the cheque method is simply a matter of calling your local bank’s customer service helpline. When using cheques, it is your bank you are essentially dealing with, so in case of any arising issue, it is your chosen banking institution you must fall to.


Safety & Security at Cheque Online Casinos

Traditional paper cheques are not the safest method by which to bank at online casinos. These are sent out via mail, so there’s always the chance that they are stolen or lost. Granted, your bank is not likely to process the payment if your lost cheque is picked up by a malicious third party, but there are far safer methods of banking at online casinos than traditional paper cheques.

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If you are not in a hurry to affect a deposit, perhaps because you like the cooling-off period between affecting the deposit and playing online casino games for real money, you may be forgiven for opting for the cheque method of depositing in online casinos; when it is allowed. If you’re in no hurry to receive any cashed out winnings on your part and want to use a simple, traditional method of banking without giving out your personal details to an online casino, the cheque method may be right down your alley. But if you want fast transaction processing times, a safe and secure way to bank and no mail service to rely on, we suggest that you look for an alternative to the traditional paper cheque as a banking method with online casinos. Assuming that you’re comfortable with using cheques and want to do so at online casinos, we suggest you consider the possibility of using Echecks. Check out our Echeck Online Casinos page for more on this perfectly suitable method for online casino banking.

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