Play Blackjack Online For Free And For Real

In order to protect children from gambling, it's no longer possible to play free Blackjack online in the UK without age verification.

The online casinos below will allow you to play Blackjack online for free in 'play for fun' mode.

Ready to play Blackjack online for real money? Click here to scroll down to our top online Blackjack casinos.

Top Casinos For Free Blackjack Play

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Mobile app available
  • Established reputation
  • No live dealer games
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How To Play Blackjack Online: Quick-Start Guide

  1. Choose between our expert-recommended online Blackjack casinos, sign up, make a deposit, and pick an online Blackjack game to play.
  2. Assuming you are playing standard Blackjack, you’ll need to place a bet before any cards are dealt.
  3. Remember that the aim of the game is to beat the Dealer, either by getting closer to 21 than them or staying alive while they Bust.
  4. You’ll be dealt two cards – you can then choose to take another card (Hit or Double), Split (only if your two cards are the same denomination), or Stand (keep your current hand and end your turn). If your hand exceeds 21, you are Bust and will automatically lose your bet.
  5. Assuming you don’t Bust, the dealer will play their hand. If the Dealer’s hand ends up closer to 21 than yours, you lose your bet. If the Dealer gets the same total as you, your bet is returned. And if your hand is closer to 21 than the Dealer’s, you win!

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Ready To Play For Real?

Had enough of playing free Blackjack games for fun? Below, we've listed the best online Blackjack casinos available to UK players - all of which offer real money Blackjack.

Signing up is easy and should take no more than 5 minutes. As a CasinoGuide reader, you will automatically have the best Blackjack bonus applied to your account.

All of our recommended casinos are fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, one of the best gambling regulatory bodies in the world and appointed by the UK Government. Fair play, safety of personal information, and timeliness of payments are all guaranteed.

Top Real Money Blackjack Online Casinos

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Chumba Casino
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Mobile app available
  • Established reputation
  • No live dealer games

How We Rate Blackjack Online Casinos

casinoguide how we rate

Here at CasinoGuide, our experts are very thorough when it comes to reviewing and rating the online casinos we recommend. Every online Blackjack casino listed on this page has been tested against our 6 review criteria:

  • Standout features
  • Bonuses and rewards
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Games selection
  • Payment options
  • Support and security

We’re a site that caters exclusively for UK players. That’s why every online casino listed on this site is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, meaning they are operating legally and with the necessary player protections in place.

Why Play Blackjack For Real Money Online?

The pastime of playing Blackjack online has enjoyed consistent popularity ever since online casinos existed. But why?

  • Online Blackjack is blessed with one of the lowest house edges of any casino game.
  • It is very easy to pick up and play, and requires no technical knowledge beyond a few basic terms.
  • Players like being able to play free Blackjack for fun at online casinos before making a deposit and playing real money online Blackjack

Online Blackjack Bonuses And Promotions

We have compiled the best Blackjack bonuses available online, in our list above. For best results, use the Blackjack bonus to test out your skills before you start playing to win the big bucks.

Remember that there are different kinds of online Blackjack bonus. Make sure to read through the terms and conditions of all Blackjack promotions carefully. The various types of online Blackjack promotions include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Signup / first deposit bonuses
  • Reload bonuses
  • Time-limited promotions
  • Email bonus codes

Live Dealer Blackjack

Live dealer Blackjack live is a near-perfect marriage of the physical and the online casino. When you play live Blackjack online, you can interact with a real, human dealer, while watching the cards being physically dealt to you.

This enables you to play Blackjack at home, and still experience the personal interaction that a typical online Blackjack casino table lacks. For an example, see the video below:

Online Blackjack On Mobile

When starting to play Blackjack online, mobile compatibility is not something you need to be worried about. All of the online casinos listed above will allow you to play Blackjack mobile through your phone or tablet’s web browser (i.e. Safari, Chrome, etc).

If you want the fully-optimised experience for your particular device, many also offer a downloadable application.

Top Tip: Planning on playing on Blackjack apps rather than through your web browser? It almost always pays to sign up before you download the app! Almost all of the online casino bonuses listed above offer highly generous bonuses for signing up. Most will offer an additional bonus for downloading their Blackjack apps.

Online Blackjack Play: Basic Strategy

The rules of most online Blackjack games are rather simple. But it is still quite easy to 'Bust' if you get carried away with the amount of times you choose to ‘Hit’.

Therefore you should be aware when to press ‘Stand’. This will give you a greater chance of winning when you play online Blackjack games for fun, or for real money.

When To Stand?

If your cards total close to 21, such as an 18, 19 or 20, it is almost always best to Stand rather than Hit. However, if you’ve been dealt a hand totalling significantly lower than 21, taking a Hit will generally increase your chances of beating the dealer’s hand.

Many players use a full breakdown of what is statistically the best action for each and every possible Blackjack hand. For an easy to use strategy card that shows you this in a clear and concise way, you can head over to our Blackjack strategy page.

Here's a basic strategy chart to get you started,, but it is better used in conjunction with the other two on our dedicated page.

HHit (take another card)
SStand (keep the cards you have)
DDouble Down (double your bet and take only one more card)
SpSplit (divide two cards of the same value into two hands)


5 Essential Tips To Improve Your Online Blackjack Play

Take a moment to read through these brief pearls of wisdom before diving into the world of online Blackjack to give yourself the best chance of winning!

  • Learn and use Basic Blackjack Strategy – this will give you the best possible chance of winning by minimising the house edge.
  • Practise for FREE - play Blackjack for fun first of all lets you get comfortable with the game before you play online Blackjack for real money.
  • Choose a top Blackjack casino – take your pick from any of the casinos above and you’ll be in safe hands. All are regulated and licensed by the Gambling Commission and are fully vetted by our experts.
  • Pick the right variation - Before you start playing, double check that you know the specific rules for any of the individual games you try out.
  • Don’t take the insurance! It’s not worth it in the long haul, and the house edge increases significantly if you do so.

Play Blackjack Tournaments Online

Online Blackjack tournaments are less commonly-found now than they once were. But it is still possible to find them by looking in the right places.

Plus, the value of your potential winnings is usually much higher when playing in Blackjack tournaments online than when playing 'standard' online Blackjack.

Free Blackjack Game For Fun

Is it your first time? Perhaps you are an old hand looking to re-learn the ropes? Playing free Blackjack is the ideal way to hone your skills and test out strategies, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player.

Try a free Blackjack game today, and prove your prowess! Playing Blackjack for fun can help you to decide whether you are ready to start playing for real money. Once you’re ready to move on from free Blackjack play, you will find that the online casinos listed on this page have multiple types of Blackjack game available.

Why Play Blackjack Online For Free?

One of the best things about Blackjack is its diverse appeal. Because it is very easy to pick up and play, many people love to play Blackjack for fun.

For some though, the best part of free Blackjack lies in trying out the strategies, without risking a penny. Usually these are used by players who are looking to win real money, but players of free Blackjack games are of course able to use them too.

Give it a try today – and whether you play Blackjack online for real money or for fun, just make sure you don’t go over 21!

Top Blackjack Online Casinos

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Mobile app available
  • Established reputation
  • No live dealer games
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