Live dealer Blackjack brings the casino action to you

Win Big With Live Blackjack

Think you’ve got what it takes not to bust under pressure? Live Blackjack simulates a real-world game by enabling you to play with a real human dealer instead of a computer program.

This ‘live dealer’ runs the game in front of a camera, adding a whole new dimension to playing Blackjack online and emulating the experience of playing a real-life game in a land-based casino. Try it today!

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Live Dealer Blackjack: Quick-Start Guide

  1. To get started, just pick from our list of top live Blackjack casinos. Only the best sites make it onto our list, so you can rest assured you’ll have a great experience on any of these sites.
  2. First, you’ll need to sign up with the casino site, assuming you don’t already have an account. Just look for a button that says ‘sign up’ or ‘register’. When you register, you’ll need to input some personal information such as your name and email address. Make sure you input all of the information correctly, as you may need to verify your account by using your email address.
  3. Once your account is up and running, look for the live casino games section. From here, you should find a range of live Blackjack online variations. If you’re not sure what the difference is between the versions, we’ll explain a few of them later on in the article.
  4. Once you’ve chosen the variation you want to play, you’ll be taken to a Blackjack live casino table with an open spot. You should see a live dealer running the game who will usually acknowledge you’ve joined the table with a friendly greeting.

Live Blackjack Online: How Does It Work?

live blackjack dealerA live Blackjack online game attempts to emulate the experience of playing the game in a land-based casino, as closely as possible. One of the defining aspects of Blackjack is that you’re competing against the dealer. When the dealer is simply a computer program, the game loses a lot of its charm. This is one of the biggest reasons live casinos have become so popular.

When you use one of the online casinos on our list, you can expect to see only quality dealers who know the rules in and out. The standards for the dealers are generally just as high as they would be for a land-based casino – they are all very smartly dressed and deal very efficiently.

How To Play Blackjack

Here’s the basics on how to play live Blackjack:

  1. Before any cards are dealt, you place bets by putting down chips. In live Blackjack, the buttons for making bets are displayed prominently.
  2. When all bets have been placed, the dealer will deal two cards face up to each player, including themselves. The dealer’s first card is dealt face-up and the second face-down.
  3. The dealer will ask each of the players which action they would like to take. Your options are:
    - Hit
    - Stand
    - Double Down
    - Split
    - Surrender (certain variations only)
  4. The aim of the game is to get a hand that adds up to a higher number than the dealer without exceeding 21. Any player, that goes over 21 has ‘bust’ and loses their bet. If the dealer busts, all players remaining in the round win their bets.

Check out our comprehensive Blackjack guide for a more in-depth guide to the inner workings of the game.

Live Blackjack Bet Limits

When you play live Blackjack games, you have the option of taking it easy and playing hands for as little as 50p a time. Generally, the highest allowed bets will be somewhere in the region of £2,500, but in some cases, you might find VIP tables where you can play hands of £10,000 at a time!

Live Blackjack Variations

As with the majority of popular casino games, there are a number of Blackjack variations out there. Since the game has been played around the world for centuries, it’s not a surprise that people have tried to put their own unique spins on it. Here, we describe three classic variations. You can typically find these at the Blackjack live casino sites listed.

Variation 1: Pontoon

Pontoon is essentially a British version of American Blackjack. It’s very similar to its American counterpart but has a few differences which add a bit of interest. The key difference is that players get to see a card first before they make their bets. They can also increase their bets during the hand itself. This gives you a lot more control over the action. Find out more on our Pontoon card game page.

Variation 2: Blackjack Switch

Another popular variation, Blackjack Switch was invented by Geoff Hall in 2009. The game is more or less the same as conventional Blackjack but there’s a twist. In this game, each player gets dealt two separate hands. After the initial deal, you get the chance to switch your hands, hence the name!

Variation 3: Double Exposure Blackjack

This variation of Blackjack is popular among players as it’s one of the few casino game variations that actually offers positive winning odds for the player in some cases. Sadly, that means this variation is quite rare, as most casinos stick to offering variations where they have at least a small house edge. The key difference in this game is that both of the dealer's cards are exposed, so when you make your decision, you know exactly what the dealer has.

4 Tips To Improve Your Live Blackjack Odds

  1. Look up basic Blackjack strategy. Using a proper Blackjack strategy is a great way to minimise the house edge. Consider playing a free Blackjack online game and practice implementing your chosen game plan.
  2. While taking the insurance bet might sound tempting, it’s not a smart move and costs you more than you save in the long run. Statistically, you’ll lose an insurance bet around 70% of the time. It’s best to just ignore it.
  3. Don’t try and count cards. Conventional wisdom suggests that counting cards is a sure way to win big at Blackjack, but the fact is, it doesn’t work out for the majority of people who try it. Counting cards is incredibly hard and the chances of you being able to pull it off are slim. Even if you can do it successfully, the margins are very low. It only takes an error or two to completely wipe out your card counting winnings. Besides, live Blackjack casinos rotate dealers and decks so often that the technique is rendered essentially useless.
  4. Always hit a 16 when playing against a dealer's 7. This is an optimal play because the improvement to your odds is enough to offset your losses over time.

What Is Blackjack Basic Strategy?

You don’t necessarily need to have a strategy to do well at live Blackjack. Sometimes, luck is all you need. With that being said, Blackjack is a lot more skill-based than some of the other casino games, so going into the game with no idea what you’re doing is not really recommended.

When you implement basic strategy in live Blackjack, you can lower the house's edge to just 0.5%. Our dedicated Blackjack strategy page shows you how to do this with three simple Blackjack strategy charts. These charts show exactly when you should hit or stand, double down, split pairs, and surrender your hand.

Using these charts in a land-based casino is incredibly difficult as you would need to commit them to memory. Thankfully, when you’re playing live Blackjack games, you can easily have these charts open in another tab. You might want to try playing a free game with these charts a few times before you try it in a real live Blackjack game.

Live Blackjack Bonuses

As with most casino games, live Blackjack players can take advantage of many generous bonus offers. These bonus offers might let you play a few hands for free or they might give you some bonus credit to play with.

Always make sure you fully understand bonus offers. Wagering requirements will almost always apply, so remember to read the terms and conditions.

Live Blackjack Game Providers

live blackjack netent live blackjack evolution

If you want a great live Blackjack experience on your mobile device, we recommend playing games produced by industry-leading provider NetEnt. Through their dedicated mobile solution NetEnt Touch, this company has worked closely with their players to create an unparalleled live Blackjack experience on mobile.

If you want to try some interesting variations on live Blackjack, you could also try playing at a casino offering live Blackjack from Evolution Gaming. This Malta-based company is growing fast and progressing swiftly towards achieving its aim of being the number one live casino games provider. Also you could try something completely different and have a go at playing live Roulette or live Baccarat!

Play Live Dealer Blackjack Today!

Blackjack is a classic casino game that’s fun to play and involves a decent amount of strategy. The interactions with the dealer are part of what makes the game so fun. Live Blackjack games provide an authentic experience that’s comparable to being right there in Vegas.

Want to give live dealer Blackjack a try? Sign up and play at our top recommended casinos below today.

Our Top Live Blackjack Recommendations

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