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Use your Maestro card account for making online casino deposits and withdrawals.

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Maestro Casinos 2020

MasterCard’s reach is worldwide, and therefore, so is Maestro’s. Because of this, Maestro Casinos are ample and they are among the safest online casinos around.

Because there are so many Maestro Casinos to choose from, cardholders can be selective when deciding where to play their favourite casino games.

The Maestro Casinos listed below offer fair odds, great customer support, and the absolute best in bonuses and promotions. Claim yours and try one today!

Maestro Casinos: Making A Deposit

Making deposits with Maestro Casinos is as easy as it gets. It’s just like making a deposit with any other credit card, but with an additional security feature involved. Follow these steps to affect a deposit into a Maestro Casino account:

  1. Access the cashier or payments page at your Maestro Casino of choice and select Maestro as a payment option.
  2. Enter your card details, just like you would when using a credit card. So, enter the card number on the face of your Maestro card, the card’s expiry date, the security code found at the back of the card and the cardholder’s name.
  3. Specify the amount you wish to deposit into your Maestro Casino account. This is where the aforementioned extra security feature comes into play.
  4. For the transaction to be cleared for processing, you need to enter your unique SecureCode*. This enables the bank to ensure that your current account is supplied with the sufficient funds for your transaction to take place.
  5. You should receive notification that the deposit has been received by the casino after a few days, unless it is an Instant Bank Transfer Casino.
  6. Once your deposit is authorised by your issuing bank, you will be notified by your Maestro Casino of choice once the deposit has been processed successfully.

*Some issuing banks will provide users with a key in which to enter this SecureCode when using their Maestro card online. In other instances (usually involving smaller transactions), this process is forfeited altogether.

Maestro Casino Withdrawals

Withdrawals, when accepted, are also a simple affair. Simply access the payments page at your Maestro Casino of choice, select Maestro as your withdrawal option and indicate the amount you wish to withdraw from your casino account.

Then simply wait for the cash-out to be processed. You can see from our list of recommended Maestro Casinos above whether withdrawals using Maestro are allowed, and it is wise to check this prior to affecting any deposits so that you aren't stuck and unable to cash out your winnings.

Also, if you are playing in Canada or the USA it's important to mention that even though the Maestro Casino in question might allow withdrawals using Maestro cards, the issuing bank might block the withdrawal due to the 2008 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA).

Maestro Casino Rewards And Bonuses

Maestro casino bonus and rewards

Claim your Maestro Casino bonus today!

Maestro Casino players can increase their bankroll over and above the total amount they deposit, before even spinning the reels or playing a hand at a casino game.

This is because there are many Maestro Casinos that reward players for using Maestro cards when banking - some casinos will offer exclusive 5% to 15% deposit and reload bonuses to Maestro cardholders.

Although these will always come with a play through (or wagering) requirement, this may serve to increase playing time and perhaps even lead to bigger wins.

Maestro casino Payment Speeds

maestro casinos deposit withdrawal

Maestro deposits and withdrawals are made as simple as possible.

Transfer time is not much of an issue when using a Maestro card. What may perhaps be an issue is the fact that the issuing bank must authorise each transaction prior to processing.Once this is done however, transaction processing is a very quick affair.

Maestro Casino deposits are usually processed instantly, meaning that players who use Maestro Casinos are able to begin playing their preferred casino games as soon as they’ve affected a deposit successfully.

The same unfortunately cannot be said for withdrawals - although this is standard procedure regardless of the online casino you choose to play at. With that being said, withdrawals using a Maestro card, when accepted by the Maestro Casino, are very quick when compared to many other payment methods normally used at online casinos.

Depending on your issuing bank and Maestro Casino of choice, you may need to wait between 1-5 business days for your cashed out funds to appear in your bank account of choice.

Maestro Overview

Maestro is MasterCard’s debit arm and the main rival to Visa’s Electron series. It was established by MasterCard back in 1992 and since then, has established itself as one of the world’s leading debit cards.

Maestro cards come in two forms; pre-paid cards and debit cards. The difference between the two is that while the pre-paid card is simply loaded with cash by the user and discarded once depleted of funds, the debit card is linked to the holder’s current account.

How To Use It

Like most credit and debit cards, the Maestro card comes with a four-digit security pin which the user must use at points of sale (POS) in order to gain authorisation from the issuing bank to affect each transaction.

The issuing bank will always check whether the account holder’s current account contains sufficient funds before authorising each transaction. In other words, a Maestro card cannot be overdrawn (at least in most cases), which makes it that much safer to use when transferring money online.

Is Authorisation Always Needed?

In some countries however, the Maestro card is not MasterCard’s tertiary card and does not compete with the Visa Electron (it competes with the Visa debit instead).

In such cases, the Maestro card replaces MasterCard’s secondary standard debit card and does not require electronic authorisation from the issuing bank at the point of each transaction. The latter type of Maestro card may also be overdrawn.

Maestro Casinos: Security

Maestro Casinos are among the safest you will encounter. Not only do they use the latest in encryption methods and firewall technology in order to protect your personal and banking information from access by malicious third parties, but using a Maestro card is an added safety feature in and of itself.

This is because of the extra authorisation required for every transaction affected, which in turn protects you from over-spending at online casinos.

What’s more, Maestro is owned and therefore backed by MasterCard, a well-known, long-established and highly respected name in world banking. This allows you to play with total peace of mind when playing at Maestro Casinos.

Maestro Client Support

You can access support directly through MasterCard’s client support service - all of the related information is available on MasterCard’s official website. The services include email support, as well as telephone support with international hotlines made available by country.

However, Maestro cards are not issues directly by MasterCard, but by third party financial institutions. For best results, it is always recommended to seek client support from the issuing bank in order to get the support you need - they will have dedicated teams to help you with any problem you encounter when using your Maestro card.

Play At A Maestro Casino Today

There’s no need to look beyond Maestro Casinos for a first-rate casino experience that is quick, safe and hassle-free. Maestro is reliable, widely accepted, a very safe option owing to the extra verification needed, and comes attached to a very reputable brand (MasterCard).

We recommend Maestro Casinos with no hesitation whatsoever. Take your pick from our recommended Maestro Casinos, claim your exclusive bonus, and play today!