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Slots are the darlings of this century, bringing untold rewards, huge excitement, and a tangible pace of play. As Slot developers compete to create the most innovative new features, ways to award prizes, or generally just dazzle players you’ll find a massive range of thrilling Slots and game concepts available online.

Today we’re going to look at a Slots style that’s pushing gameplay further than ever before; Megaways™ Slots - created by Big Time Gaming (BTG) and licensed out to other software providers on a per-game basis.

What are Megaways™ Slots?

megaways slotsNowadays, we’ve become used to playing very flexible Slots. We expect the reels to change, paylines to adapt, cascade, rush or explode, bonus round galore, and to design our bets to the tune of perfect payouts. We are spoilt for choice when it comes to Slots, and every day as we play more we create a greater incentive for developers to push those boundaries even further, embrace versatility, and continuously innovate- this is what makes Slots so darn exciting.

As the popularity of Slots has grown, so have the amount of paylines you can play, from fixed to flexible, betlines or ways to win- we’ve come to expect the very best, but nobody would have anticipated what BTG delivered when they created Megaways™, which are Slots with hundreds of thousands of ways to win.

megaways slotsUsually, when you spin a Slot there are a predetermined amount of ways that you can win, and to make a win you must match symbols on active bet lines- it is the betlines that determine the win if the symbols fall on corresponding reel spaces. Some of the most played today have 243 ways to win, consisting of 5x 3 reels, and for many providers, this was as far as they’d got.

Megaways™ Slots throw the rule book of reel design out of the window anduse a reel modifier to change the reel size and number of symbols in play on every single spin. You’ll only know the number or active Megaways™ when the reels come to a stop.  Each Megaways™ reel can have literally as many symbol spaces as BTG want to add, which equates to increased ways to win (this is the beauty of Megaways™, but within some reason- the game has to be playable and understandable).

So far 2-7 symbols tend to the favoured by Megaways™ base games with bonus rounds adding even more potential reel spaces, excitement and prizes - pretty impressive stuff right?

How Do Megaways™ Slots Work?

white rabbit megaways slotMegaways™ Slot basically has any number of ways to win on a single spin and it is determined when the reels are in play. This is achieved through the use of a reel modifier changing the reel sizes and number of symbols per reel during the spin, thus every spin is unique and packs in way more excitement and thrills than an ordinary Video Slot. When you look at the paytable of a Megaways™ Slot it can all look a bit complex, but we promise, once you’ve spun one you’ll soon get the hang of having between 324-248,832 amazing ways to win in play and the more detailed game structure.

Megaways™ Slots tend to have 5/6 reels, with space for 7+ symbols on each, but this can adapt and change during the gameplay, and depending on the features, special symbols or bonus rounds included in the game.

white rabbit megaways slot winFor example, look at the screengrabs of White Rabbit. The base game reels and Free Spins are radically different. In the base game, the height of symbols is used to regulate the ways to win, whilst in Free Spins each reel can expand individually up to 12 symbols thus increasing the ways to win. As each reel operates individually in Free Spins, each has a different number of symbols on it.

The expanding reels of White Rabbit cause some epic, epic wins, in Free Spins, which is why White Rabbit is one of our favourite Megaways™ Slots.

The number of Megaways™ in play and how they are regulated works differently for different Slots, Extra Chilli, and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, for example, have an extra vertical reel that adds a symbol on every spin. So you’ll need to check the paytable of the Megaways™ Slot you choose to check the specific functions and rules of the game.

All Megaways™ Slot wins are calculated by multiplying the number shown in the paytable by your total stake, which means they tend to deliver both the thrills and wins that players crave.

Who are Big Time Gaming: The Megaways™ Slot Inventors

BTG is an Australian based, global and award-winning casino games developer. Licenced by the UK, Alderney, Gibraltar and Canadian gambling jurisdiction they are a huge operation known for their game-changing Slot concepts and dedication to creating ground-breaking games. Inventing both the Megaways™ and Feature Buy Slot concepts, their passion for pushing the boundaries of modern gaming is obvious.

Their CEO and main team are made up of connoisseurs and experts of the casino world, so it's not surprisingly they know how to deliver the perfect Slot and drive market innovations.

You can find out more in our comprehensive guide to Big Time Gaming casino games.

Why Are Megaways™ Slots Taking the Casino World by Storm?

Megaways™ Slots are highly popular, quite simply, because there’s nothing else like them on the market. They are unparalleled in terms of ways to win and player excitement, except perhaps the feeling of taking down a multi-million pound progressive jackpot. Frankly, once you’ve played with those unpredictable reels, you won’t want to go back to a generic Slot 25 line Slot ever.

extra chilli mega winThey are high volatility slots, and the humongous number of ways to win combined with good payouts creates nail-biting play. Whats more, are they were created by BTG, you’ll also find a Feature Drop function (which allows you to pay to instantly access the bonus rounds) paired with many BTG Megaways Slots meaning you don’t need to spin based on luck and score scatters to access the bonus rounds, you can take a short cut and get to the best prizes quickly. All in all, this is a killer combo from BTG and has permanently secured their place in Slots history, but also offers very high-risk stakes.

Take Extra Chilli Megaways Slot, for example, you can buy the Free Spins feature drop at 50x your stake, and then opt to gamble it to increase from 8 spins to 24, but you’ll also stand to lose the spins if your gamble doesn’t pay off. It based on wheel spin and if it does land in your favour you’ll increase your total pool of FS by 4 with each wheel spin, up to 24. However, lose and all your spins, which you just purchased at 50x your stake are lost. Getting all 24 is around a 1/10 chance and you call collect at any time, as long as you are winning, so you do not have to gamble all the way up to 24. As you can see this is a pretty high-risk and expensive slot strategy, but equally there are some epic potential awards up for grabs if you can manage the risk.

The Best Megaways™ Slots to Play

Are you ready to play yet? Here’s are some of our favourite Megaways™ Slots to get you started.

  • Dragon Born
    The very first Megaways™ Slot is, of course, a must-play. With 6 reels, 2-7 symbols per reel, up to 117, 649 way to win, Wilds, Scatters & up to 50 FS with 49x Multipliers! This game is unmissable.
  • White Rabbit
    We’ve already told you enough about White Rabbit in this article; it’s an amazing game. Now all that’s left is for you to play it!
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
    Fancy some nail-biting action? Sit in the hot seat and answer questions to get up to 50 FS with an unlimited win multiplier? This is Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and you must give it a spin.
  • Extra Chilli
    Looking to crank up the volatility to the max? The beauty of this Megaways™ Slot lies in the ability to win awesome Free Spin rounds with huge multipliers, but also the fact you can gamble them all away. Take it for a spin- you won’t regret it, but you need to be a high-risk Slots player to enjoy it to the max!
  • King Maker
    King Maker is the latest release from Big Time Gaming and it is a royal affair with stunning reels, 16,807 ways to win, FS and gem multipliers, don’t miss your chance to spin a BTG Megaways™ new release!
  • Bonanza
    Yee-haw! Winning lines shooting all over the place, cascading reels, free bonus spins - this game has got it all.

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