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playtech slotsAs one of the leaders in the online casino software industry, PlayTech has been providing fantastic games to its customers for over a decade and a half.

With offices based all across the globe this international company has always been able to maintain a cutting edge over other software providers especially with its PlayTech Slots.

As the software casino company to power the first European online casino to go live in 2002, the legitimate company has gained more and more of a digital footprint in the online gambling scene, providing not only well-reputed seamless-running casino games which include slots, bingo as well as poker but also sports betting software.

A  Trusted Provider


Playtech has managed to revolutionise online gaming by bringing trust to the online gambling industry thanks to its fantastic games which have all been independently tested, certified and approved by software tester TST (Technical Systems Testing). This helps to ensure that players who opt to use Playtech Slots

This helps to ensure that players who opt to use Playtech Slots games, as well as other Playtech games on online casinos, are honest and fundamentally fair to players. 


Graphics and Sound


Having been around for quite a number of years now, Playtech has taken any criticism of its games constructively and used it to effectively polish up its software to ensure that gamblers gaming requirements are fully met. When playing one of their games you may notice the phenomenal colourful graphics that the developers have included in the casino games as well as the realistic sounds that make your online gambling experience almost synonymous with playing at a brick and mortar casino.

The graphics of each game have indeed been made to tailor fit each online casino that uses the software, however, you’ll notice that the gambling experience is pretty much the same no matter which site you choose to play on. Despite the fact that graphics are continuously being updated, you might be a little let down as Playtech doesn’t currently offer a 3D alternative to meet computers with high-end graphics cards. Nonetheless, the player experience when playing Playtech Slots, table games and card games which are in sleek 2D prove to be stable.


Game Variety


Most online casinos feature Playtech’s casino classics which include some of the best online Blackjack UK players can find, Craps, online Roulette for real money and Playtech Slots in a number of variations.

Despite the fact that there are more than 100 different games in PlayTech’s current portfolio, you might end up looking for a game which hasn’t been invented yet.

However, fear not they’ll probably launch your favourite casino game in a matter of days or months as they’re always updating and creating new games and variations of the ones which are already out there. 


Which Games should I try out? 


Provided that you’re a movie buff or that you’re a gambler who loves their themed games you should choose to play games from which have incorporated popular movie themes, comics, athletes and renowned sports personalities. There are so many of these to accommodate the millions of people who play Slots online UK wide, that you'll be spoilt for choice!Nonetheless, if you’re looking to win big we recommend that you give playing life-changing progressive jackpots slots a shot - these have excellent pay outs per spin.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking to win big we recommend that you give playing life-changing progressive jackpots slots a shot - these have excellent payouts per spin.

PlayTech has developed the popular jackpots such as Gold Rally, which collects its jackpots across all casinos using PlayTech software games into one massive jackpot! However, if you’re more a traditional slots geek, you’re definitely in luck as Playtech has also got that covered with its simple variation of three and five reel slot games.


Playtech Slots Common Features


Despite the wide variety of games out many of Playtech’s Slot games have surprisingly common features which serve to aid users in playing the games. Perhaps the most remarkable common features are the controls of the game as well as the 15 and 25 paylines incorporated in the games. Players are also allowed to choose the number of active paylines if they wish to do so. Playtech Slots games allow gamblers to select their wager per payline rather than using coins. Hence, this makes Playtech games amongst the simplest to play as it’s not necessary to keep account of how many coins were used during the play. Typical wagers range from £0.01 to £5 per line.

You can also find some of the special features in most games across a large range of Playtech games. Nonetheless, every game offers an adequate variety in order to keep player’s interests fresh. In addition to this, upon playing certain slots games you as a player will be able to find various wild scatter symbols which are commonly found in Playtech’s games. Many of the games even include second screen bonus features and free spins for you to enjoy!

Try out Playtech's Slots Today!


Playtech Slots games are enjoyed by millions of gamblers all over the world. The software company caters to all types of casino games lovers, however is most popular for its vibrant slots games.

Go on, select one of Playtech’s games and spin today, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow might just be within your reach!

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