Progressive Jackpot Slots Guide

Have you ever fantasised about lining up a set of symbols and winning the largest sum of money of your life? If your answer is yes, then you should definitely give playing a Progressive Jackpots Slot a shot!

Despite the fact that the payout is made at one go, playing this type of Slots game can lead you to win a king’s ransom in comparison to your average jackpot.

So what are you waiting for? Have a look at the benefits of playing and browse through CasinoGuide's list of Best Progressive Slots Casinos today to find a fantastic online casino.

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Types of Progressive Jackpot Slots Games

Flashing lights, colourful spinning images, a handlebar and a coin slot are probably the first things that come to mind when you think of Slots with bonuses.  Yet, although the majority of casino players tend to think that slot games are one and the same, there is a profound difference between the different types of online slots out there. 

The Types of Online Slots Games include:

• The Classic Slot
• The Video Slot or Multi-Line Slot
• The Progressive Jackpot Slot
• The Mega Spin Slots

What distinguishes Online Progressive Slots Games?

progressive jackpot slots

Playing Progressive Jackpot Slots can lead to big jackpots!

Progressive slots are standalone slots or sometimes collective groups of slot machines which are networked together. Generally speaking, these types of online games dispense much larger payouts than others in comparison because they have a fixed and much larger life-changing jackpot which is generated by its players.

As more and more online casino players play this particular type of slots game, a large amount of money is collected. A percentage of all the money which has been played on the slots game is then calculated from the accumulated amount and ultimately a progressive jackpot is generated. 

This hefty sum is won once the winning symbols are lined up by the lucky casino player! If you’ve already partaken in some Slots free play through our free Slots game, you should have a look at our online casino list to see if you can find a progressive jackpot game that you like.

differences between Progressive Slots and Video Slots

Comparatively, video slots dish out more regular payouts than progressive slots. Since a large jackpot is given at the end of the game, smaller regular payouts are given relatively less frequently when playing progressive slots in order to compensate for the casino’s loss. This is perhaps why the regular video slots are played less frequently than progressive slots. However, one can definitely not compare the large jackpot from a progressive slot game to the measly payout of a typical video slot game.

Consider the fact that the jackpot will just keep on rising provided that the pretty penny is not won. This is entirely due to the fact that the casino house will place a certain amount of its cut into the jackpot every time someone plays money in a slots game. Progressive slots are a novelty in most land-based casinos as well as online casinos.

Progressive Jackpot Slots Rules

slots progressive jackpot win

Spin the reels and see if you win!

Similarly to regular Slot games, Progressive Jackpots Slot games have very straightforward rules to learn. However, what's important to note in selecting a slots game is that each one has different paylines and jackpots. Once you’ve selected your progressive jackpot slots game and the game has loaded you’ll notice that there are 3 key features to this game. These are; the number of lines you’d like to bet on, the amount that you're betting on each line and the Spin button.

Before you go ahead and play one of these slot games you should have a look at the following general rules: 

• You must determine how many lines you’d like to bet on, you can lower or higher the amount if you wish to.

• The bet on each line must be decided upon before you press spin. Many machines will have restrictions on the minimum as well as the maximum amounts you’re able to bet

• Once you press spin there’s no going back. You must let the reels spin and eventually let them come to a halt. Once they’ve stopped you can opt to reset how many lines to bet on as well as how much to bet on each line.

Progressive Jackpot Slots Strategies

Even though many sites claim that there are several strategies which can help you win your weight’s amount in cash, none of these will, in fact, work as slots games are entirely based on chance. Hence, if you’re always on the hunt to find a strategy or trick which can help you win a jackpot you might as well just quit now while you’re ahead! In order to make sure that jackpots are won randomly, casinos use Random Number Generators also known as RNGs, which are computer programmes that use complicated mathematical algorithms to ensure that symbols are selected purely haphazardly. 

Bear in mind that the time a jackpot can be won is completely up to lady luck. The myths which tell us that the pay-out depends on which casino you’re playing at, the length of time that the last jackpot was paid out, what time of day it is, whether the slot machine has been paying out frequently or not, amongst other rumours are in fact complete and utter nonsense.

Collect your winnings  

Winning a progressive jackpot can indeed be both a marvellous and exhilarating experience! Keep in mind that the amount that is paid out to you is completely dependent on which set of symbols your spin manages to strike. Once you’ve won, your funds will then go into your online casino account and will ultimately be transferred to the bank account you’ve given details of upon signing up.  However, due to the fact that you’ve played and won online, collecting your money will usually have some processing time because the transfer occurs through the casino’s cashier department and also via the withdrawal method you’re using.

Play Progressive Jackpot Slots Today!

You can have a ball of a time by playing Progressive Jackpots Slot Game and also become filthy rich whilst doing it! So become well informed and give it a shot if you want to win big amounts of money at one go. Happy spinning!

Recommended Progressive Jackpot Slots Casinos

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