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Bingo conjures up images of a large, loud, and buzzing hall, with friends and family members shouting across tables at each other, laughing, drinking, eating, and having a great time.

Now this inter-generational game is on the rise online and, just like in the hall, it brings players of all ages together. Pick from our list of recommended Bingo casinos and join in the fun today!

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The Best Bingo Sites - What To Expect


The difference between Bingo in a land-based casino and online bingo is that online bingo uses a random number generator to draw numbers instead of random balls being picked and called out loudly over a microphone. All called numbers appear on a display which allows you to check your cards easily for any missed numbers.

What’s even easier is that you can opt to turn on the auto-daub function which will automatically mark all numbers for you, so you can even play multiple games at the same time!

And best of all, you can make sure you don't miss out on the social aspect of playing in a hall, by making use of the chat function to connect with other players.

Online Bingo - How To Play

best bingo sitesThe ultimate aim of the game is to form a pre-decided pattern of numbers. The first person who forms this pattern of numbers first calls bingo and is the winner. The prize money is shared if there is more than one person with the winning pattern of numbers.

The rules depend on which variation you are playing, but we have outlined the main variations of bingo online for you so you can pick the version you like the most. The only steps you need to take to play online bingo are to purchase bingo cards for the game, and you can play with more than one card at a time which will ultimately increase your chances of winning.

If you do this remember to stay alert to the numbers called or displayed or you can end up losing more money than expected. Players who have multiple cards can opt to have the numbers marked automatically by the auto daub function as soon as they are called so you don’t miss out on any numbers by accident.


Making a deposit


If you are intending to play Bingo and win real money, you will first need to make a deposit to the online casino you choose to play at. 

By opting to make an online casino PayPal deposit, you are ensuring that your deposit and your eventual winnings are easily accessible and protected by the security that comes with such a well-respected name in the e-wallet industry.

If PayPal isn't your thing, there are also Neteller casinos which are also very well thought of, along with a host of other casino payment options.

Online Bingo Variations

Before signing up to a site, make sure you have become acquainted with the kind of games on offer. Although there are many variations , the most widely played ones are 90 ball bingo, played in Europe, South America, and Australasia; and 75 ball bingo played in the US.


90 Ball Bingo


90 Ball Bingo has three horizontal rows and nine vertical columns. Your card, or ‘ticket’ as it is called in 90 Ball Bingo, will have five numbers across each row, totalling 15 numbers on the ticket. The blank spaces on the card do not mean anything, so you can ignore them.

The game is played in three stages:

Stage 1: You try to mark all five numbers in any single row.  

Stage 2: You try to mark numbers in any two rows.

Stage 3: You try to mark all 15 numbers on the ticket – known as a ‘full house’.

If you mark up numbers during stage one, you will have an advantage to win in either stage 2 or 3.


75 Ball Bingo


Each player has a card showing 5 x 5 grids of numbers. Each grid contains a number except the central square, often called the "free space". The cards display a mix of numbers in any order between 1 and 75.

The letters of the word "Bingo" head the columns with the following numbers attached:

B column from 1-15

I column from 16-30

N column from 31-45

G column from 45-60

O column from 61-75

A winning pattern will be determined before the game begins, and could be a diamond, a cross, or any other design. You cross off (or daub as it is called in bingo) each number as it is called and hope that you have a winning pattern and win!

There are two types of 75 Ball Bingo:


Straight Bingo


You have to mark off the numbers and you win if they form the pre-determined winning pattern which can either be straight lines or in a particular shape such as a diamond, as described above.


Point bingo


Follows the same rules, but you win if you have maximum points as well as the winning pattern.

Each number will have a number of points in the bottom of the square and you need to make the pre-determined amount of points, let’s say 1000 points, by adding up the points marked on the squares which form the pattern. This is done automatically online so you won’t have to worry if you are not a natural at maths. 

There are some patterns and combinations which can score you extra points as well.


80 Ball Bingo


This looks a bit different that the classic 75 or 90 Ball variations, and it emerged online to accommodate those who want a slightly faster face and more entertaining winning patterns. The card has four columns and four rows – 16 squares in total. Each column has a different colour:

Red column from 1-20

Yellow column from 21-40

Blue column from 41-59

Silver column from 60-80

Like 75 Ball , the winning pattern will be decided before the game and as the numbers are called, a shutter will close on the number. You can do this yourself or choose to have it done automatically. You win if the shutter closes on your numbers which form the winning pattern.


Five Line Bingo


play Bingo onlineEveryone has a favourite go-to game, however variety is the spice of life and online casino sites cater for those who want to experience a bit of a change to the regular bingo experience. Five Line Bingo, also called Swedish Bingo, doesn’t end until every single number on the card is covered.

Five Line Bingo is played on a regular 5x5 card with no free square on the card. The first bingo is called when one horizontal row is completed, similar to the rules of 90 Ball. Then you play to complete a second row, then third, fourth, and hopefully you are able to mark off every number on all five rows!

There are many other variations, so check with the casino site to see which games are being offered and have some fun mixing things up and experimenting with the different games.

How to Win at Online Bingo


Online Bingo is a simple game that can win you a good amount of extra cash regardless of your experience level as ultimately the game relies more on the luck of the card you purchase bearing the numbers which are called.

Financial prediction expert Joseph Granville published a book in 1977 expanding on notions first aired by British statistician Leonard Tippett, which included theories of how to improve your chances at winning bingo based on the distribution and frequency of numbers - but the fact remains that winning at bingo is mostly luck.

win bingo online

This means that unlike games such as blackjack or baccarat you aren't reliant on knowing the rules inside out, or understanding intricate odds calculations and probabilities to maximise your winnings.

There are absolutely no decisions to be made like in other games, so you can really relax while you play. However it’s always beneficial to be aware of the rules and winning sequences of the particular game you’re playing to maximise your gains.

An insider tip is to try to play at more quiet times as your odds of winning will be higher when there are less people. The other option is to buy more than one card, which will obviously increase your chances of winning as you will have more than one possibility to have a card with a winning sequence on it.  


Best Bingo Sites


The very best thing you can do to maximise your odds of winning are playing at reputable sites. Here at CasinoGuide we have reviewed all the casinos for you, analysing the bonuses and promotions available for you, and you can find all the best sites right here.

Take the time to read through the different promotions, bonuses on offer, and the regulations which dictate when you may cash in your winnings and you are more likely to end up with extra cash in your account.

Another one of the great things about online bingo is that you don’t have to win the game in order to win yourself money. There are different prizes and games within the chat rooms as well, so make sure you look through all the various possibilities offered by each site.

Play Bingo Online And Make New Friends!


One of the main reasons why people enjoy playing Bingo online, apart from the limitless opportunities to win some cash, is to interact with fellow Bingo players from all over the world.

The chat rooms are filled with lively discussions on just about any topic, so you won’t have to give up any social side of the game when playing online if you don’t want to.

When you play online you can make both friends and money at the same time! Get involved today – the online Bingo community is waiting for you.

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