Get some money back as a bonus, even if you lose

Cashback Casino Bonuses - Win Win!

Get money added back into your casino account, even if you don't win, with cashback bonuses! Rewards and bonuses are to be expected when it comes to online casinos, but getting 5-20% kickbacks on losing bets is a rarer offer.

Cashback bonuses like this can make low house edge games such as online Blackjack or Roulette even more lucrative. Sign up and play today!

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Cashback Casinos: You Deserve More!

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Get rewarded with cashback for playing your favourite casino games!

Born in the brick and mortar casino like those found in Birmingham, London, and other major UK cities, the concept of the online Cashback Casino Program came from the idea that VIP customers deserve more.

The truth is that while in land-based casinos, customers who like to play Roulette, Blackjack, and so on can enjoy benefits such as free hotel room upgrades, spectacular meals, and a variety of otherworldly pleasures.

The online world could hardly offer something similar (which is one of the reasons there are so many different kinds of Slots promotions), thus, an alternative had to be found. And there's little surprise as to what it was; real money which could be pocketed and used there and then at the online casino with no questions asked.

How Do Cashback Casinos Work?

Now although this might sound somewhat gimmicky to some, Cashback Casinos are actually extremely easy to use and understand - and have very little, if anything, to do with the welcome bonuses, loyalty bonuses, and reload bonuses which casinos constantly advertise. For some Cashback Casinos, the amount of cashback a player can earn is directly related to the amount of money they wager.

These bonuses are paid out directly to your Cashback Casino account and sometimes given out as credit towards more play. Of course, it stands to reason that if you’re a high roller spending lots of money on casino gaming every month, you will always be able to receive more bang for your buck in terms of cashback than the average player who logs in only occasionally.

However, if you choose your casino wisely, you can get cashback of anywhere between 5-20%, though as a rule of thumb, sites which offer larger cashback amounts do usually require the player to make higher bets in order to claim their money. That said, each cashback offer operates in a different way so it’s important to always read the terms and conditions. For example, cashback on Bingo websites is typically in smaller amounts than if you play online Blackjack.

Cashback Casino Terms

cashback casino terms

Know what you're signing up for!

When it comes to Cashback Casinos, not all games are created equal. You should always make sure that the game you want to play does, in fact, fall under the cashback offer requirements.

If your end goal is the money rather than the game, make sure that every game you choose to play does indeed pay the way you want it to! You should also ascertain whether there is a cap on the amount of cashback you can claim, and what that is.

If you're looking to play casino games online without paying any money of your own right away, then you may want to check out our list of casinos that offer new players a no deposit bonus. Take it for granted that games which don’t offer the casino a significant edge aren’t usually part of the cashback offer.

Really and truly, the kind of money you can make is all down to one thing, knowing your way around the Cashback Casino program and exploiting it for all its worth whilst being able to fulfil the wagering requirements.

Cashback Casino Wagering Requirements

Committing yourself to a wagering requirement is no easy decision or one you should take lightly. Once you’ve chosen the best online casino, checked out their cashback offer and calculated how much you have to wager, it’s best to see if you and your pocket are up to the task.

It would be unwise to register with the sole purpose of getting cashback and then later on realise that you are unable to follow through. Other things that you should take into consideration are the casino’s games, overall design and other fringe benefits that you will be able to enjoy - details on these can be found in our review pages for each of the recommended casinos listed above.

If you want to see how much you will enjoy playing, you can play our free Slots game for fun and test the waters for yourself before diving into the full-on real money casino experience.

Cashback Casino Payouts

cashback casino payouts

Collecting your cashback is one of the most satisfying feelings in online casino gaming!

Since every Cashback Casino operates differently and has its own rules, the first thing you need to do is recognise what payback model would make you comfortable as an individual.

For example, while some Cashback Casinos offer weekly cashback bonuses, others operate on a more conservative monthly basis - which may become a cashflow issue for you. Not that we would ever endorse relying heavily on your online casino winnings for anything - please gamble responsibly!

The key here is to familiarise yourself with the timeline of the particular casino’s cashback offers - this can be done by reaching out to the casino's support team if you can't find the information yourself.

Of particular importance is the payment options available; at CasinoGuide we recommend using a new PayPal casino, for their top-level security and payout speed. If that's not for you though, there are also casinos that accept eCheck and a variety of other payment options for online casinos.

Casino Cashback Availability

While some online casinos have integrated the cashback feature as something central to their site, others have opted to make it available for a select few days a month or year. Therefore, it is important to take stock of the different offers available - by comparing, contrasting and making measured decisions about how the various factors will affect your pocket.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a regular cashback payout, steer clear of temporary offers and sites which will only offer casino cashback offers a few times a year. Keep a firm hand on your pocket and a keen eye on the fine print!

Play At A Cashback Casino Today!

At the end of the day, Cashback Casino offers are a great way for you to soften the affect that casino gaming can have on your wallet, with the occasional kickback and rewards for playing. If you use them properly, they will not only help cushion your losses and supplement your winnings, but they will also give you an extra incentive to play online casino games.

Get started today with one of our recommended Cashback Casinos - each comes complete with a CasinoGuide exclusive bonus!

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