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Live Casino Bonuses

Live casinos are ideal if you want to play casino games online, but miss the personal interaction you get in a land-based casino. And one of the best things about online casinos is the bonuses!

Signup bonuses form the cornerstone of many online casino customer acquisition strategies, and live casinos are no different. Ever-increasing competition for players means that there has never been a better time to sign up to a live dealer online casino.

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Best Live Casino UK Options

Not only are the live casino bonuses listed above the most generous you'll find anywhere, but they are provided by the very best live casinos. How do we know? They are all thoroughly reviewed by us - just click the Review button to see for yourself!

Plus, all of our recommended live casinos are fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. We only list safe online casinos here at CasinoGuide, and pride ourselves on only listing the very best of the best.

We want you to have a fantastic gaming experience at your choice of live casino online, and our recommendations reflect that. You won't find better live dealer casino bonuses anywhere, so get ready to sign up, claim your bonus, and win big at the live online casino of your choice.

Advantages Of Live Dealer Casinos

More engaging, real-life gameplay
Personal interaction with presenters
Experience the casino anywhere

Live Dealer Casino Games: What Can You Play?

Live casinos have been successful thanks to their main strength, which lies in enhancing the experience of playing online casino games. By improving the level of interpersonal interaction with their players, online casinos have brought the feel of a real life casino to the online tables. Even mobile casino players can get in on the action, thanks to recent advances in mobile compatibility!

There are a number of live casino games available to play at our recommended live casinos, and further variations within these. Although there is a wide variety of games, the most popular games at online live casinos are still Roulette and Blackjack.

Live Dealer Roulette

Whilst playing games like online live Roulette, UK players can enjoy the innovative, unique and realistic gambling experience that only live casinos can provide.

Share a conversation with your live dealer, place your bets, and watch online Roulette ball be cast in real time, by a real person. As well as making the game more exciting to play, you get additional peace of mind knowing that the gameplay is completely fair (the UK Gambling Commission sees to that).

Find the best online casinos offering this game on our dedicated live Roulette page!

Blaze Live Roulette

blaze live roulette

Authentic Gaming, launched April 2019

Blaze Roulette uses an automatic Roulette wheel alongside its live dealers – this places the emphasis on fast play, with 35 seconds between each round. It's not all about the speed though - Blaze Roulette is also very visually pleasing, with its LED table and light shows.

Live Lightning Roulette

live lightning roulette

Evolution Gaming, launched April 2018

Lightning Roulette is a unique live dealer game, which blends the classic table game with the RNG gameplay typical of online Slots. With its black and gold colour scheme and bolts of lightning, this game is visually arresting as well as unpredictably entertaining.

Live Speed Roulette

blaze live roulette

Evolution Gaming, launched March 2017

As you can probably guess from the name, Speed Roulette is Evolution Gaming’s fastest live dealer Roulette game, clocking in at only 25 seconds between spins. That’s twice as fast as their standard live Roulette games – great for those who like to really pack in the action.

Immersive Roulette

blaze live roulette

Evolution Gaming, launched 2013

The 2014 winner of EGR’s Game of the Year award is all about enjoying the experience with every spin of the wheel. Multiple camera angles and 200fps HD video follows every movement the ball makes before it settles in a pocket. The winning pocket is then replayed in slow motion.

Live Double Ball Roulette

blaze live roulette

Evolution Gaming, launched early 2016

Another name that speaks for itself, but with a twist no less fascinating. Already tried and tested in land-based casinos, Live Double Ball Roulette pays out two winning pockets from every spin, which has opened up several exciting new betting opportunities paying up to 1300-1.

American Live Roulette

blaze live roulette

Evolution Gaming

American Roulette may be less popular with some players than European Roulette due to its much higher house edge, but that wasn’t going to stop Evolution Gaming giving players the option. The main benefit of this game is the lower bet limits, which offset the higher house edge.

Live Dealer Blackjack

Live dealer casinos also exist for playing various different types of Blackjack online. If you like to play games in which other players are involved, you’ll be glad to know that live casino Blackjack tables usually take the largest share of player traffic.

Blackjack has always been a highly popular online casino game, and the addition of live dealer Blackjack to of many of the best live casinos UK wide seems set to ensure this continues.

Find the best online casinos offering this game on our dedicated live Blackjack page!

Live Dealer Baccarat

Online Baccarat has seen something of a resurgence thanks to the rise in live casino UK operators. There is something about the elegance of live Baccarat, so favoured by Ian Fleming's 007, which seems to capture the imagination.

Live Casino Dealers In Action

Here's a video from leading live dealer casino software provider Evolution Gaming. This provider is used by a great many of the recommended live casinos listed above. The video below shows the full range of live dealer casino games that are available to you:

Live Casino Online Play

Live dealer casino operators use the same rules as a land-based casino. Live casinos are awash with hosts and hostesses shuffling cards in live dealer Blackjack or managing the wheel in live dealer Roulette, all in real-time. This has certainly brought the online casino experience several steps closer to the real deal.

It's understandable to want to be able to watch the live casino dealers shuffling and dealing cards, or casting the Roulette ball. It can adds a great deal of extra authenticity and realism to any online casino’s unique gambling experience.

For this reason, live casinos make you feel that bit more comfortable when playing online. For land-based casino players especially, who are used to that environment, it makes the transition to online gaming much easier.

Collecting Winnings From Live Dealer Casinos

How you cash out after you finish playing is largely down to your personal preference. Many people opt to withdraw their winnings via PayPal - most enjoy the feeling of safety and security that comes with such a big name.

Not a PayPal fan? No problem - you can also play at a casino offering Neteller or Skrill! Failing that, you can choose from one of the many other payment methods available at real money casinos you find online.

Live Casinos: Advantages

There are a lot of good reasons why some people much prefer to play at live casinos, UK and worldwide. Here are three which we feel are particularly compelling arguments for playing at live dealer casinos:

 Increased Engagement

Despite the fact that online casino games are fun, easy and convenient to play, some players may find it difficult to pay close attention to the game that they are playing when the ‘computer’ is the one which is dealing. This alone does not necessarily make for an entertaining and engaging gaming experience for everyone. This is why the live casino online scene has exploded around the globe.

 Human Interaction

Playing at live casinos, you can watch your dealer perform their duties. But better yet, you can enjoy the social aspect of live casino play, by chatting with fellow players, as well as your live dealer themselves. This real human interaction is the main driving force behind the recent surge in live casino UK popularity. Many new online casinos UK wide have begun building their entire business model around the concept of live casinos for this very reason.

 Fair Gameplay

Perhaps most importantly, with live casino UK operators, you can also be absolutely certain that the game you are playing is being run in a fair and above-board fashion. After all, you are watching the game unfold before your very eyes. In addition to that, live online casino UK providers are all bound by the same Gambling Commission regulations as normal online casinos. This means that as long as your live casino is licensed (as all of the live casinos in our list above are), your gameplay will be completely fair.

live dealer casinos

Live casinos offer a variety of table games attended by both male hosts and female hostesses.

If you are interested in playing at live dealer casinos for the added realism, there is another new rising trend that may tickle your fancy; VR casinos. These groundbreaking new casinos utilise virtual reality technology to recreate the casino experience for you, so you can enjoy it in your own home! This requires a little more specialist equipment than standard live casinos do, however.

Live Casinos: Authenticity and Safety

Many players are attracted to playing at live casinos where they are actually able to interact with their dealer, because having this option speaks highly of the online casino’s authenticity. Having a big name also helps in this regard. If you're more comfortable with established brands, check out our list above which contains plenty!

It can sometimes be difficult to believe that a computer program will create randomised cards without benefiting particular players or even the dealer. But playing at a live dealer casino understandably helps to put players at ease. 

One thing we know for sure is that with a live dealer present at your table, there is no way that a hacker would be able to manipulate the results of the game. Even if they succeeded in hacking into the online casino’s system, there's nothing they could do to alter the result of a Roulette wheel spin or a Blackjack deal.

Live Casinos, UK Approved - Try one today!

At CasinoGuide, we feel that live casinos have proven to be a fantastic addition to the online casino community, creating a sense of trust amongst players and casino operators. This, alongside its excellent imitation of land-based casino play, could see live dealer casinos grow further in popularity even more over the coming months and years.

Choose from the best live casino bonuses available online, sign up, and get in on the action today!