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Since their introduction in the online gambling world, online casinos have always strived to recreate the live casino experience gambling enthusiasts seem to enjoy at land based casinos. In fact, most online casinos have been successful in their attempt to enhance the experience of playing casino games online by introducing brand new live dealer casinos.

If you want to play casino games online, but miss the element of personal interaction with the dealer you get in a land based casino, take a look at the list of Live Casinos on the right side of the page.

Live Casinos: how do they work?


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Whilst playing games like online live Roulette UK players can enjoy the innovative method of experiencing a unique and realistic gambling experience known as live dealing.

Live dealers can also be found for many different types of Blackjack online game, as well as online Baccarat. Provided that you like to play games in which other players are involved, you’ll be glad to know that blackjack tables offer largest share of player traffic.

Nonetheless, if you consider roulette to be your game of choice, live roulette has also rapidly become popular over the course of the last decade. Unfortunately, Baccarat is not as popular but live tables are still provided to please a larger crowd. So if you feel that lady luck is on your side and you want to enjoy a good game of Baccarat, just take a seat and a friendly live dealer will deal the cards within a couple of minutes.


How do I collect my winnings?


How you cash out after you finish playing is largely down to your personal preference. Many people opt to get their casino fix at a PayPal casino - UK players in particular enjoy the feeling safety and security that comes with such a big name.

Not a PayPal fan? No problem - you can also play at your choice of Neteller casino!

Why do Online Casinos use Live Dealers?


Live Dealer online casinos use the same rules as a brick-and-mortar casino. The introduction of live dealers shuffling cards or managing the roulette wheel in real-time has led online casinos to become one step closer to the real deal.

Card shuffling is always done by a live dealer unlike when you’re playing other online games. This of course adds to online casino’s unique and authentic gambling experience.

Players who are used to live casino environments sometimes find it difficult to make the transition to online gaming, and live dealing makes gamblers feel that bit more comfortable when playing online.


Advantages of Live Dealers at Online Casinos


Despite the fact that online casino games provide convenience and ease of use, players may sometimes find it difficult to pay close attention to the online game that they are playing since the ‘computer’ is the one which is dealing out the cards. This is the primary reason why live casinos were in fact set up by online casinos around the globe.

Once you choose to play at a live dealer site, you get to watch the dealer pass out cards to each player, and better yet you also get to enjoy the social aspect of casinos by chatting with fellow gambling members of your selected casino. You can also be absolutely certain that the game you are playing is being run in a fair and above-board fashion.


Play with real Live Dealers at Online Casinos


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A tremendous amount of players are attracted to playing at a live casino of their choice where they're actually able to interact with a live dealer because many gamblers feel that these types of options speak to the online casino’s authenticity. Whilst it can be difficult to believe that a computer program will create randomized cards without benefiting particular players, live dealers seem to make their players at ease. 

Hence, with live dealers present at the casino table you can rest assured that there is absolutely no reason for you to think that a talented hacker just might attempt to hack into the online casino site’s system and alter programs to gain the upper hand.

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Live Dealer casinos play a really crucial role in the online casino community. They seem to create a sense of trust amongst players and casino operators, so much that land-based casinos which haven’t adapted to the latest technology may very well see themselves surpassed by the competition within the next couple of years. 

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