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New Online Casinos in the UK

Dozens of new online casinos are launched every year, but only the best make it on CasinoGuide. 

Lucrative bonuses, new innovations and the latest games are a few things that new casinos bring to the table.

On this page, we'll show you what to expect from brand new online casinos and the factors to consider before signing up.

Brand New Online Casinos - June, 2020

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The sheer amount of new online casinos that are launched is voluminous to say the least, and the ones that make it on CasinoGuide have all been independently verified, trusted and New Online Casinos | CasinoGuide UKregulated by the UK Gambling Commission. 

Safety checks are the foundation of our criteria when reviewing brand new online casinos. Our mission is to help players feel safe when gambling online and in the section below, we’ll delve into all the elements and factors you should be considering before signing up to a new online casino. 

Any new online casino will still need to earn its stripes and the respect of casino players before it can compete with the big names of the game. New casino sites will often have lots to prove, meaning they will always go the extra mile to delight their players. 

In a nutshell, new online casinos are always worth pursuing, given that you’ve made your choice on CasinoGuide. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee the reliability of the new online casino. 

How We Rate New Online Casinos

We don’t just pick out and throw any online casino onto our list. The online casinos that we choose must meet certain criteria in order to make it onto our exclusive list.

As a minimum, all of the new online casinos our experts recommend are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and fully mobile-compatible. Aside from these crucial requirements, here’s how we rate the new online casinos listed on CasinoGuide.

Safety & Security at a New Online Casino

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Safety when gambling online at a new online casino is always going to be a major concern. A new online casino will need to earn the trust of its potential players and having a gambling licence is the first check. 

Every new online casino listed on CasinoGuide is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, a regulatory body that sets the standard for other regulators. 

A number of security checks will need to be validated before a new casino can be granted a licence and this not only protects players from malpractices, but it also gives players peace of mind when choosing a new online casino. 


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Selection of Games 

A new casino can be flashy and aesthetically pleasing, but without a substantial game selection, casino players will get bored quickly and flock to 
competitors. We expect the full range of casino games to be available when a new online casino is launched, which includes online & jackpot slots, table games and live casino. 

Many new casinos that have well established sister casinos tend to come with all of the above, having already been working with the game providers. 

New online casinos need to come with the latest games too, in order to stand a chance against the more established online casinos. 

Dozens of new casino games are launched every month and new casino sites that have the latest games are going to win players over and most of the time, retain them. 

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Payment Options For New Casinos

These days, all new online casinos work with the best payment providers in order to process payments efficiently and at lightning speed. Payment processing needs to be seamless and effortless, since the online casino will be dealing with players’ funds. 

To discover the payment options available at an online casino, head over to the terms and conditions. You’ll find an extensive list of the most popular payment providers, including VISA, Mastercard, PayPal and a number of other e-wallets that are very popular amongst casino players in the UK

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Customer Support At A New Casino 

Players want to feel assured that they have a team of experienced people ready to assist when an issue is encountered. Customer support is one of the main pillars of any online casino and plays a significant role in protecting the brands’ identity, since support agents are on the front line. 

We always test the quality of every new casinos’ customer support department in order to give players a true and fair view of what to expect when encountering an issue. 

Some elements we consider are the responsiveness, the ability to resolve an issue in one encounter, professionalism and etiquette. We expect a new casino to have all the support channels available to players, including live chat, email and telephone. However, not all new online casinos will afford to have their live chat function available round the clock. 

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Casino Bonuses at New Online Casinos

New online casinos struggle to get their names on the map and one way of getting noticed is having an attractive welcome bonus available. 

The size of the bonus alone won’t move the needle and if you’re new to the world of online casino, you'll be well aware that the terms and conditions really state the quality of the casino bonus. 

The wagering requirement of the casino bonus is what makes it attractive. The less the wagering requirements are, the better the casino bonus is. Be sure to visit our casino bonuses page for more information on the topic.  

Existing players should be cashing in on bonuses too, as new players are not the only ones who should be enjoying new casino bonuses. The generosity of a new online casino can be judged by the number of promotions it runs and they need to be available to all players. 

The ‘Promotions’ or ‘Bonus’ section of a new casino site are usually full of bonuses aimed at existing players, with some of them running throughout the year. We firmly believe that every new casino should launch a strong welcome bonus and a few other promotions in order to get the visibility that’s needed in the early days. 


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Overall Look & Feel of the New Casino

Aesthetics are not the most important thing to consider when choosing a new online casino, but the design has to resonate with players in order for them to engage with the new casino sites. We put the least weight on this factor when adding new online casinos, as long as the casino site is very user friendly.

The last thing a casino player needs is a casino site with over complicated functionalities and bad navigation. 

Most new online casinos are built with the end-user in mind in order to consistently make the gaming experience a favourable one.

New Online Casinos: UK-Licensed

Even if you like where you play now, it’s worth looking into new online casinos when they come out. UK online casinos exist in an extraordinarily competitive environment - you never know when one might come along with a better offer. New Online Casinos in the UK | CasinoGuide UK

Staying loyal to your favourite online casino can be a good thing, but you never know what you might discover by switching to some of the best new online casinos. UK players love to see innovation, and playing at new online casinos can help prevent the gaming experience feeling stale.

The Ruthless Industry of New Online Casinos

Brand new online casinos in the UK and around the world are launched every week. But the chances are you won’t see a lot of them survive past a few months - or a year, if they’re lucky.

This makes some people frustrated with trying out multiple new online casinos. It's annoying making a mental note of the ones you like, and returning to them later, only to find that they no longer exist.

At CasinoGuide, we only recommend the online casinos that are here to stay. For example, every casino listed here is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission - not an easy feat. Casinos which have been licensed by the UK Gambling Commission should be safe and secure for you to use without a second thought.

The research has been done for you - there's no need to worry about signing up at any new online casinos in our list.

Pick A New Casino With Live Dealer Games

The foundation of the casino itself is built on table games and any new online casino looking to stand the test of time will need to host a number of live dealer games. Since there are only a handful of game Live Dealer Games at New Online Casinos | CasinoGuide UKproviders hosting live casino games, players shouldn’t have any concerns about the gaming experience. 

Evolution Gaming, the leading game provider for live casino games has a number of unique and exclusive games that bring something new to the table. For instance, MONOPOLY Live, Deal or No Deal & Football Studio are all exclusive to new casinos working with Evolution Gaming. 

We also have to keep in mind that it's fine for a new online casino to launch with a small number of live casino games, especially when considering the running costs of these games. 

Most online casinos expand their selection over time, but having a huge selection from the start will definitely score points amongst players.  

New Online Casinos With More Payment Options

Previously, you could only make transactions on online casinos with either your bank details or your credit cards. Such limitations can be annoying, especially if you have 'fun money' stashed in other accounts that you’d like to use.

Many casinos in the year 2020 allow for innovative payment methods, such as PayPal, Paysafecard, Trustly, and even BitcoinMobile experience at New Online Casinos | CasinoGuide UK

With so many choices for payment methods, you’ll be able to leave your credit cards and savings accounts alone for day-to-day spending.

New Casino Sites With An Improved Mobile Experience

The majority of new online casinos also use the latest technologies in order to keep up with the competitive gaming industry. In order to reach a larger audience, every new casino have mobile compatible websites or dedicated mobile apps.

This means new online casinos are available virtually anywhere you can get a stable internet connection.

If mobile compatibility is the most important consideration for you, check out our list of the top mobile casino operators and choose from those.

Cutting-Edge Mobile-First Sites And Apps

New online casinos are often created mobile-first and then scaled up for larger screens. This is the opposite of older casinos, which were designed desktop first, and then later scaled down for mobile players.

When it comes to actually playing the games, this doesn’t make that much difference and either will provide a top-notch mobile experience.

All new online casinos are either mobile-first or optimised for mobile players in some other way. But mobile casinos made in the mobile-first vein are considered more forward-thinking

Current And Future Trends At New Online Casinos

Players are tired of online casinos re-inventing the wheel, having the same slots and live casino games with identical welcome bonuses. Future trends at New Online Casinos | CasinoGuide UK

The iGaming industry has gone through incredible changes in the last 20 years and new online casinos have the chance to incorporate the latest technology and features to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience. 

Virtual reality casinos are on the forefront of revolutionizing the world of online casino and if you’re a tech-head looking to get the best of both worlds, VR casinos will be your best bet. 

These days, casino players are looking for a thrilling experience and never want to experience a boring moment. Gamification is a popular and proven way to get players engaged. 

Gamification rewards players with points when they play casino games. Players will be presented with game challenges, increase their status level and reach milestones to unlock exclusive bonuses and other prizes. 

New casino sites are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to delight players’ expectations every time they engage with the casino site while at the same time, it gives the new online casino an edge over its competition

new online casinos

Increasing Focus On The Live Casino

Players and operators alike are hugely passionate about live casino games right now as it fits with the move to more social gaming.

This means a good selection of live games and next-gen live games are key to a new casinos success so you can expect fantastic live action at new sites.

new online casinos

Pay By Phone And Cryptocurrency

Newer online casinos are more likely to be on top of new payment trends like cryptocurrency - Bitcoin and Litecoin are the most popular of these.

Also, there are the relatively new pay by phone systems like Apple Pay and Boku.

This demonstrates an area where new casino sites tend to outdo older sites in niche markets.

new online casinos

More Games From Newer Producers

The last few years saw many established software producers like Microgaming and Scientific Gaming acquire smaller software development studios. They then release the smaller studios games on their platform as part of their portfolio.

This has distinct advantages for all parties as it enables new and inventive games to reach more players' screens, the smaller studios gain wider market distribution, and the larger brand stays current with the latest gaming trends.

new online casinos

Gamification And VR

As gaming becomes more ingrained in our lives, casinos are extending the concept across the casino floor with gamified casinos. These offer levels, missions, adventures, and rewards - allowing you to essentially collect bonuses as you play.

Virtual reality casinos have been a trend highlighted for success since 2017. While it saw more headway in 2019, with NetEnt’s Next Level live VR games being released, overall it’s not as common as gamification in terms of emerging trends, and has not reached the predicted levels of player popularity and casino development.

new online casinos

Social Gaming

Fitting right in there with gamification, games are becoming more social. Both esports and live dealer tables demonstrate this trend currently, drawing millions of gamblers and gamers, because they are social games.

In terms of the casino, live dealer games and tournaments have increased social elements. This trend is set to continue as new casinos pioneering new technology, potentially including augmented reality and virtual reality.

new online casinos

Better Loyalty Systems And Rewards

As online gaming and gambling become ever more popular, all casinos are battling to provide their customers with the most tempting rewards program. However, new online casinos have more incentive to do better in this regard, so 2020 will see the continued push towards better and more inventive ways to reward players.

As we touched on above, Gamification has a big part to play in setting this trend. There's no arguing that it is one of the most exciting and effective methods of player retention to as it creates chances for on-site levelling, rewards programs, challenges, and even tournaments with in-game missions.

new online casinos

Tackling Wagering Requirements

New online casinos tend to shift to either end of an extreme when it comes to wagering requirements. Some try to eliminate them at the cost of offering much lower amounts, while others may offer £1000s in bonuses but with wagering requirements of up to x50.

Recently, the UK Gambling Commission has tackled unfair bonus advertising rules regarding wagering requirements. Hopefully, more new casino sites will join the few promoting low or even zero wagering requirements or cashback on loss deals instead. For now, it seems to be a slow transition - after all, bonuses have been a crucial aspect of player acquisition for as long as online casinos have existed.

Summing Up New Casinos

We can guarantee that all new online casinos listed on CasinoGuide will be safe, secure and regulated and with that in mind, there’s no downside to it.

Casino bonuses tend to be more attractive at new casinos than those of their older competitors. New casino sites tend to come with the latest games too, but players are always free to get a feel of the site before opting in, especially if the new online casino is running a no deposit bonus.

Review all the criteria discussed in the sections above before making your final decision but we can rest assured that you’ll have no problem finding a new online casino that ticks all the right boxes.

New Online Casinos FAQ

What's the benefit of playing on the newest online casinos?

The possibility of bigger bonuses and sites that maximise the latest and most exciting iGaming trends as well as piloting new concepts.

Why do some players prefer not to play on new online casinos?

As new sites do not have an established reputation, some players perceive them to be a risky choice. However, as we’ve covered in this article this the risks of playing at an established or new online casino are the same as they are both bound to the same licensing conditions.

Do new online casinos have better bonuses?

Often they do as they need to work harder than established casino brands to temp players to join making them some of the most lucrative casinos to play with.

What's the best website to find new online casinos?

When a new casino is big news, it's already on the CasinoGuide radar and if we haven't released a casino review for it yet, you can bet it's in the pipework, check back with this page regularly for our top 10 new online casinos.

Are all new online casinos UK-licensed?

If they operate in the UK then yes. All of the ones listed here on CasinoGuide certainly are. Above we've given instructions for how to check the license for any online casino.

Are all new online casinos safe?

As long as they have licensing from the UKGC then they should be. Of course, we cannot firmly guarantee something won't go wrong when you gamble online, but if it does you can contact us and make a complaint at the UKGC.

How does CasinoGuide rate new online casinos?

We rate new online casinos against the same criteria and 6-point system as all our recommended casinos. Read more on our online casino reviews page.

Do new online casinos have smaller games libraries?

Not necessarily. There are large companies which operate a number of different online casino brands, and the games library is often shared between them (i.e. the same games are accessible on each site). This means that even a brand-new online casino can have a lobby boasting over 1000 games!

Are all UK-licensed new online casinos mobile-compatible?

Yes. With more than 55% of players logging in from their mobile phones, they simply have to be. Many are even mobile-first in fact.

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