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Like any avid online casino gamer, you probably like to know about every brand new casino that starts up.

When it comes to new online casinos, UK players can rely on CasinoGuide for the newest online casinos and exclusive bonuses. Choose one and play today!

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Best New Online Casinos 2018
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New Online Casinos — UK

With so many casino websites out there, it can be hard to keep up with online casino industry news. Especially if you're one of those casino players who wants to be the first to hear about new online casinos.

Here on CasinoGuide, you’ll be able to easily find the new online casinos UK players have access to. Our recommended casinos are listed in chronological order, with the newest online casinos at the top.

Choose from our list above and get straight into enjoying the latest Slots and casino games, aided by a generous sign up bonus.

Fresh New Experiences with the Best New Online Casinos

If you’re tired playing on the same old online casinos with the same old gaming experience? Or just like to keep an eye open for new online casinos?

We’ve got you covered. Trying out new online casinos can be a great way to test out new interfaces. You may even see if there are better casinos out there for you.

Many of these new online casinos have amazing promotions in order to get the word out about their casino. It wouldn’t hurt to give them a try and maybe rack up some winnings. You never know — you may get lucky!

New Online Casinos — 2018 Top Picks

Even if you don’t intend on switching online casinos, it’s worth looking into new online casinos when they come out.

Staying loyal to your favourite online casinos is a good thing, but you never know what you'll get with new online casinos. UK players love to see innovation, and with older online casinos, the gaming experience can get stale.

The new online casinos 2018 has to offer may set the pace for exciting new trends. Sometimes, your favourite older casinos can’t really keep up with the fast pace of the modern gambling world. If you're favourite online casino shuts down, where can you turn to?

Test the waters often. That way, should your old-time favourites topple, you’ll know where to go next without interrupting your gameplay.

The Ruthless Industry of New Online Casinos

New online casinos (UK and worldwide) pop up on an almost daily basis. But the chances are you won’t see a lot of them survive past a few months - or a year, if they’re lucky.

This makes some people frustrated with trying out multiple new online casinos. It's annoying making a mental note of the ones you like, and returning to them later, only to find that they no longer exist.

We at CasinoGuide only recommend the new online casinos that we think will be here to stay. For example, every casino listed here is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission - not an easy feat.

The research has been done for you - there's no need to worry about signing up at any new online casinos in our list.

How We Rate New Online Casinos UK Players Are Interested in

We don’t just pick out and throw any new online casino onto our list. New online casinos must meet certain criteria in order to make it onto our exclusive list.

The most important one is that they are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Here are some of the other criteria we use:

Real life experiences

Real play from real players give us a good feel of how well the online casino treats its players. This part entails things like quality of customer service and response time to problems.

Dealing with transaction problems can be frustrating. We want to make sure that the online casinos we recommend are good at helping you out when you’re in a bind.

Selection of games

When it comes to new online casinos, 2018 is a tough year. With such a saturated market and amazing technology available, many online casinos have impressive libraries of games.

We are careful to select only those that utilise leading software providers (like NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech). Those in our list all have engaging games that’ll keep you coming back time and time again.

Gamification is a factor too - you can see great examples of this in our Kaboo casino review. We also make sure the new online casinos that we choose are fair when it comes to odds and payouts. Lousy payouts make for lousy play.


Online casinos that start out tight-fisted with little to no promotions probably won’t offer any better ones in the future. This can be an indication of how they view and treat their players.

For that reason, CasinoGuide won’t recommend any new online casinos that seem to have poor promotions. The best new online casinos will offer many generous incentives for players to flock to their casino.


Along the line of promotions, the best new online casinos UK players like will have many continuous bonuses too. This shows that the online casino is engaged and interested in retaining their players and keeping you happy.

Online casinos that barely have any bonuses come off as cheap and stingy. This kind of attitude can leak into how they handle customer service as well. Bad service can really turn their players off and away to other better online casinos.

You can always count on us to give you the scoop on the best new online casinos (UK or worldwide). We want to help you get in on the action as early as possible!

Not only do we come up with the best new online casinos 2018 has to offer. We also go into detail about the pros and cons of each one.

At CasinoGuide, you have all the information you need to decide whether to play on these new online casinos.

New Online Casinos: 2018 Advancements

new online casinos

Playing at new online casinos can have several benefits.

Previously, you could only make transactions on online casinos with either your bank details or your credit cards. Such limitations can be annoying, especially if you have 'fun money' stashed in other accounts that you’d like to use.

Many new online casinos allow for innovative new payment methods, such as PayPal, Payforit, and even Bitcoin. With so many choices for payment methods, you’ll be able to leave your credit cards and savings accounts alone for day-to-day spending.

New Online Casino On Mobile

The majority of new online casinos also use the latest technologies in order to keep up with the competitive gaming industry. In order to reach a larger audience, almost all of them have mobile compatible websites or apps.

This enables gameplay even when you’re not at home on your computer. New online casino games are available virtually anywhere you can get a stable internet connection.

No longer will you have to wait to get home to get your slots fix — play anywhere, any time!

New Online Casino Slots

New online casino games providers such as Thunderkick are even breaking new ground in Slots! Despite it being one of the oldest and most popular casino games, they are still finding new ways to revolutionise the playing experience.

Take this game for example. Well Of Wonders doesn't have any paylines or 'ways', like most Video Slots. Instead, the Well simply churns out 7 different symbols, and if any of them match, you win!

The tranquil background music and stunning graphics combine with this intriguing new play style to create a game which is a true masterpiece.

Best New Online Casinos: Are They Safe?

best new online casinos safe

Safety is a valid concern for those playing at new online casinos.

One big concern for players of online casinos is the security of the website. This concern is even more significant when you try out a new online casino, UK based or not.

For example, it is harder to gauge whether or not they have tight security on their database, where your sensitive information is stored. There’s nothing worse than entering in your bank details, only for your information to be stolen and used fraudulently.

Fortunately the new online casinos in our list are completely safe. CasinoGuide only recommends those that have been verified to have good encryption and secure websites. Not to mention, a license from the official UK Gambling Commission - the Government body charged with ensuring UK residents can enjoy gambling safely.

However, you should always keep an eye out yourself to make sure the new casinos you’re trying haven’t been hacked. Our in-depth reviews should give you enough information about a certain new online casinos’ website security.

Best New Online Casinos — UK Based

You may be particular about playing on online casinos that are based in your home country, but it doesn’t hurt to branch out. Are you worried about rules and regulations becoming complicated if you’re not playing on new online casinos, UK only?

Well, you won’t have any troubles when you use the list CasinoGuide gives you. We’ve made sure that the new online casinos (2018 edition) are all ok to play from the UK. So step outside your box and give some other online casinos a try

Try Out A New Online Casino Today!

Now that you know where to find the best new online casinos, take a look at our list to get started. We constantly update our list of new online casinos so you have access to the latest and greatest to hit the scene.

So what are you waiting for? Claim your sign up bonus and test out the new online casinos that look good to you!

Recommended New Online Casinos

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