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For the best online casino bonus in the UK, you've come to the right place. CasinoGuide collects all the biggest casino bonuses from around the web to give you the best possible start.

Every Bonus Casino online faces massive competition to have you as their customer. All you have to do is choose one from our best casino bonus offers below.

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Get Your Online Casino Bonus

Choosing the best online casino bonus in the UK is made easier by our extensive list of Bonus Casino UK options. Pick your top online casino bonus based on the casino joining bonus, or our in-depth reviews.

Good To Know
The casino sign up bonus and online casino deposit bonus amounts in our list above are often exclusive to CasinoGuide. These even beat the online casino bonus offers you would get by going directly to the casino websites themselves!

Remember, you only get one chance to collect your casino signup bonus! You'll want to make sure that you get the best online casino bonus UK operators can provide.

After collecting your casino sign up offer, you will often have the opportunity to also claim an online casino deposit bonus. Sometimes these bonuses are bundled together, so don't be put off if your process isn't exactly the same.

Finding An Online Casino Bonus

Browsing our best online casino bonus list, you'll find several Bonus Casinos online who want to compete for you as a player. Online casinos are very competitive and your custom is a priceless commodity to them.

It's not a bad idea to check our best casino bonus UK list occasionally. Especially if you are someone who likes to claim every exclusive casino signup bonus they can!

Bonus Casino websites exist in a highly competitive industry. As such are always trying to outdo each other with the best casino promotions and online casino bonus offers. Our list is home to some of the best online casino welcome bonus offers that you will find anywhere.

Bonus Casino Online Incentives

online casino bonus uk

Casino bonus offers don't stop after you sign up!

Apart from the online casino deposit bonus, there are several other types of casino bonus online.

It is true that many online casino welcome bonus deals can look very similar at first glance. However, these casino signup bonus offers often have varied wagering requirements which change the ways that they should be used.

For example, one online casino bonus may stipulate that a certain percentage be used on playing Blackjack. The most common online casino bonus requirement is that it is spent on Slots. The same applies if you are claiming a Bingo bonus or using Virtual Casino bonus codes.

Post Sign Up Bonuses

Already collected your casino signup offer, online casino deposit bonus, and begun playing? You could be forgiven for thinking that's all the online casino bonus offers you can expect.

In this case, you could find yourself pleasantly surprised! Some Bonus Casino sites also offer countless more special deals that are only available once registered. Among others, these can include: account reload bonuses, loyalty bonuses, and even referral bonuses!

Reload bonuses are similar to welcome bonus casino UK operators boosting your account balance when you initially sign up. Essentially, these smaller bonuses are a form of online casino deposit bonus. They are usually activated or offered to youonce you deposit additional money into your account.

You can also expect to receive casino bonus codes via email. These are often designed to reignite your interest in playing after a period of non-participation.

Types Of Online Casino Bonus Offers

While browsing Bonus Casino sites, you might find an online casino bonus known as a 'sticky bonus'. This casino bonus 'sticks' to your deposit, meaning it can’t be withdrawn from your account. However, the bonus amount can be used to play games and win real money casino games.

On top of that, any winnings that you accumulate are yours to keep. Just remember to subtract the casino bonus amount from your account balance when calculating amount you can withdraw. Some Bonus Casinos will actually show this as a separate amount for your convenience.

Looking for an online casino bonus that will reward you for playing on your mobile device? Whether you play via your browser or by downloading the app, you need to check our list of mobile casino bonus offers.

Casino Sign Up Offer: What To Look For

Shopping around is the key to finding a Bonus Casino which suits your needs. Remember: online casinos are ready, willing and able to tempt you with a highly generous online casino signup bonus. In doing so they hope that you try out their site for the first time and like it so much you come back again.

Slots promotions, for example, can be very lucrative indeed. You can find out if playing Slots is your jam by trying our free casino Slots game, here on CasinoGuide (no signup necessary). When it comes to making the most of your online casino bonus, Slots is definitely a game worth playing.

Never forget to check the fine print of any online casino bonus that you receive. For example, collecting a casino bonus (Slots only) promotion naturally implies that you will only be allowed to receive your casino bonus by playing Slots.

One cool new feature that is gaining traction in the casino bonus world is the concept of offering players a choice between several different bonuses. For example: 500% match on deposits up to £100, or 300 free spins on selected Slots games. One of the Casino Room bonus offers gives you just such a choice.

Online Casino Bonus Types Explained

Have all the different terms for all of the various online casino bonus offers got you confused? You're not alone if so. Which is why we have put together this useful glossary!

The first thing to understand is that all online casino bonuses fall into one of two categories; sticky, or non-sticky.


Sticky Bonus

As you make your deposit and receive your bonus, the deposit becomes automatically combined with the bonus. You can only withdraw your casino balance after completing the wagering requirements.


Non-Sticky Bonus

Your deposit is always available to be withdrawn, regardless of the bonus. When you start playing in the casino, your deposit is used up first. If/when that runs out, you move onto your bonus.

Welcome Bonus (AKA Signup Bonus / First Deposit Bonus)

Another name for the casino signup bonus. The online casino welcome bonus is a token of appreciation from your Bonus Casino of choice, to thank you for choosing to play with them.

Many players choose to stay with the Bonus Casino they first play at. The most generous online casino bonus you get will probably be your casino joining bonus. This is because welcome bonus casinos want you to have the most positive first impression possible.

You'll have the most success if you are planning to make a deposit shortly after signing up. Biting your nails at the thought of making your first deposit and playing for real money? You should definitely look into a No Deposit Bonus Casino. These will enable you to play at a proper online casino just by using your casino sign up offer.


Exclusive Bonus

  •  Only available at CasinoGuide
  •  Often as much as 2x the usual bonus amount
  •  Play with your bonus for longer!

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No Deposit Bonus

  •  Offered by casinos to tempt you into joining
  •  Given once sign up complete
  •  Use to begin playing instantly

No Deposit Casinos


Reload Bonus

  •  Encourages you to keep playing
  •  Given to players who top up after their first deposit
  •  Higher deposit = higher bonus

Cashback Casinos


Loyalty Bonus

  •  Special bonuses for players who stay with an online casino
  •  Sometimes tailored to your favourite games
  •  Makes playing more rewarding!

See List


Free Spins

  •  Exclusively for use on Slots games
  •  Essentially allows you to play for free, until you run out
  •  One of the most common bonus sweeteners

Free Spins


High Roller Bonus

  •  Related to Cashback bonus
  •  Only players making large deposits are eligible
  •  Rewards big deposits with big bonuses

Casino Deposit Bonus

Other Bonus Information

As well as knowing the above bonuses, you will also want of be aware of a few miscellaneous ones:

  • Bonus codes - usually sent via email to existing players
  • Deposit match - a percentage of your deposit given as a bonus
  • Reload bonus - a bonus given for making additional deposits

Casino Bonus T&Cs

Always make sure you examine the terms and conditions when you accept an online casino bonus offer. These can very a great deal from casino to casino, and can affect things like:

  • Which games you can play with your bonus
  • What requirements you have to complete before being able to withdraw your bonus winnings
  • How much time you have to use your bonus before it expires

Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements

One of the most important things to be aware of when claiming an online casino bonus, is its wagering requirements. This is what dictates how many times you need to 'play through' your bonus, before you are able to withdraw your balance and all of the winnings within.

Wagering requirements vary, not only from casino to casino, but even from bonus to bonus within a single casino. Typically, they only apply to the Welcome Bonus, but it is always wise to check the terms for yourself to be sure.

They can seem a little bit daunting and complicated. But the calculations for figuring out a casino's wagering requirements are simpler than they appear. It's easiest to get your head around it by using an example.


You make a deposit of £20 into your new online casino account right after signing up.


The casino gives you a £20 bonus to thank you for signing up and making a deposit.


 The wagering requirements of that bonus are x30, meaning the money has to be 'played through' 30 times.

Once you know this, the calculation is simply: bonus x wagering requirement. So in this case:

£20 x 30 = £600

This means, you will need to bet at least £600 before you are able to cash out your bonus. This amount is known as your 'play-through' requirement.

What Is The Game Contribution Percentage (GCP)?

This is the final piece of information you need to know before you start spending your bonus money. The GCP is the proportion of your bets that count towards your bonus 'play-through' requirement, and it varies from game to game.

Typically, online Slots games have a GCP of 100% - casinos rely on the house edge and lack of strategy to ensure their profit margin.

On the other hand, table games that involve more strategy, such as Blackjack and Roulette, will typically have a GCP of 10-25%.

Once you know this other crucial piece of information, you simple divide the play-through requirement by it:

  •    Slots: £600 / 100% = £600
  •    Blackjack: £600 / 15% = £4000

Good to know
When you are playing with a sticky bonus, calculate using the deposit + the bonus, as they are bundled in together in these cases.

Online Casino Bonus Codes UK

Some new online casinos offer casino bonus codes to new and existing users, as a way of redeeming special types of casino bonus. While everyone loves an online casino bonus, it can sometimes be a hassle to remember casino bonus codes, which is why we have saved you the trouble here on CasinoGuide.

All you have to do to claim your online casino bonus from one of our recommended Bonus Casinos above is click the Play Now button. By doing so, you will automatically be eligible to receive the special casino bonus offers exclusive to CasinoGuide readers.

Specific Casino Room Bonus Code

Want to see the different casino bonus offers provided by a particular online casino? You can find this information in the expert review we have compiled by clicking the Review button. Any casino room bonus code that you may need can be found there as well.

You may choose to receive online casino bonus codes on a regular basis once you're signed up at your choice of Bonus Casino. Casino bonus codes and reload bonuses often appear in promotional emails and other messages. These are the most common methods that a Bonus Casino will use in order to retain as many long-term players as possible.

Casino Bonus Bagging

Casino Bonus Bagging is a means of obtaining favourable online casino bonus deals often employed by advanced and experienced Bonus Casino players. 'Bonus Baggers' (as they are known) are always on the hunt for the best casino bonus online which they can use to turn into pure profit.

Fundamentally, Bonus Baggers will only play and invest their money in certain online casino games. Namely, those which they are absolutely sure will yield a considerable profit from their online casino deposit bonus and casino signup bonus.

Clearing Your Online Casino Bonus

Knowing how and when you will 'clear' your online casino bonus is important. This is the point at which you have met all wagering requirements and are free to withdraw your account balance.

If your favourite game is Slots, then obviously the first priority is to enjoy yourself whilst playing the game. You may find that you meet your wagering requirement and clear your casino bonus without even intending to do so.

At this point you have the choice of carrying on, or withdrawing your balance.

Bonus Casinos FAQ

Still confused? We don't blame you - online casino bonuses can be pretty complicated sometimes! If you're just looking for a quick answer, here's a rundown of the more common questions we receive about Bonus Casinos here at CasinoGuide.

How do I claim my casino bonus?

First, choose one of our recommended Bonus Casinos listed above. Then all you need to do is hit the 'Play Now' button and we'll take care of the rest.

The casino will automatically apply the correct bonus to your account once you make your first deposit.

How soon can I withdraw my casino bonus?

Almost without exception, online casino bonuses come with wagering requirements that you must meet before you can withdraw that money.

Casinos ultimately view your welcome bonus as an investment in you as a customer, and they want you to spend it on enjoying yourself with them. Read more about wagering requirements above.

Which type of bonus is usually the biggest? How can I maximise my bonus amount?

In order to get the absolute maximum possible benefit from your casino bonus, you should sign up via the relevant 'Play Now' link in the list above.

Once you have registered, you will be able to make a deposit which unlocks all sorts of bonuses, such as the standard Welcome Bonus, First Deposit Bonus, and Match Deposit Bonus. Your first deposit bonus is always likely to be your biggest, so it makes sense to make it a big one.

How many different kinds of bonus are there?

Short answer: a lot! Depending on definitions which occasionally vary between Bonus Casinos, there are approximately 10 different kinds.

The main ones are explored in our 'Online Casino Bonus Types Explained' section above.

Find The Best Online Casino Bonus in the UK

Online casino bonuses are an integral part of choosing where to play your casino games. Casinos are desperate for your custom, so make sure you get as much bang for your buck as you can.

Find the best Bonus Casino UK players can access in our list, and start enjoying the benefits today!

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