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Your Complete Guide To Casino Games

Do you want to beat the online casinos and win mountains of money? Then you've come to the right place. This page will help you find the best strategies for playing and winning at all of the most popular online casino games.

We've got everything you need to become an online casino games aficionado in no time at all. Our beginner guides, advanced strategies, and even free games are all at your disposal for you to learn the ropes.

And when you're ready, we'll help you find the best online casino for your chosen game based on our expert reviews. Find your game, and dive in!

Top 3 Online Casino Games


Slots are by far the most popular online casino game available both at brick-and-mortar casinos as well as at online casinos. It has made the best transition to the digital world of perhaps all casino games. Whether you want classic Slots themes or one of the new Slots games hot off the presses, there truly is something for everyone.

Our online Slots guide contains everything you need to know about Slots and the different types of games available, including multi-million Pound progressive jackpots.



Blackjack is without doubt one of the most popular online casino games. This is probably due to the fact that it’s a game which is based on skill and quick decision making as well as luck. Blackjack is one of the easiest games to learn and winning big pretty much depends on the player’s patience and the level of caution one is willing to exercise.

If you’d like to find the best Blackjack casino for you to play on, we definitely recommend that you read through CasinoGuide’s comprehensive Blackjack Guide.

Blackjack Guide



Roulette is regarded by most as a game of chance. Simply choose your numbers and place your chips on the roulette table. After that, you can sit back and watch the ball spin on the wheel until it finally lands in one of the compartments. The sheer excitement lies in simply not knowing where the ball will land and exactly how much you’re set to win.

Everything you need to know about online Roulette, from strategic advice to finding the best Roulette casino to play on, can be found in our in-depth Roulette guide.

Roulette Guide

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Casino Classics

Looking forward to playing some old-school games? We've got the guides to help you make sure you give yourself the best chance of winning, and most importantly, have fun while you're playing!

Video Poker Online
Baccarat Online
Online Craps
Pai Gow Poker
Caribbean Stud Poker

Other Casino Games

Looking for something a bit easier to get the hang of? These are the games for you if you don't fancy learning a lot of new rules. Just start playing and you'll feel a home within minutes!

Backgammon Online
Online Bingo
Keno Online
Online Scratch Cards

All Your Favourite Casino Games

casino online gamblingAlmost all land-based casinos do, of course, offer a fantastic variety of casino classics, such as Slots, Roulette, Baccarat and many more entertaining games.

Land based casinos are great, but they cannot compare to the convenience and practicality of an online casino. The average online casino hosts over 200 games, with some boasting of having thousands of casino games in their arsenal. 

Online slots make up the majority of casino games at any online casino, due to the sheer number of releases every year, but a great online casino will host the whole portfolio of casino games to ensure players never experience a dull moment. 

Casino Games From Wherever You Are

The advantages of Internet casinos compared to land based ones are immeasurable. You have the opportunity to play a vast array of casino games from the comfort of your office, armchair or bed! And thanks to the leaps and bounds that technology has taken in recent years, you can literally feel like they are physically standing around a Roulette table with a bevy of other players.

Each one of our online casino game guides has been compiled by our expert staff and will provide you with everything you need to know. You could possibly be in with a chance of winning an amount beyond your wildest dreams. Some of the jackpots you will find go well into the millions of Pounds! 

Of course, if you prefer playing games that are a little less intense, then Keno, Bingo games, or online scratch cards may be more to your liking. There's really something for everyone when you play casino games online.

Casino Games Bonus

One of the best things about signing up at a online casino and playing casino games online has to be the bonuses. When playing online casino games, UK players can access some of the most generous sign-up bonuses in the world.

Head on over to our dedicated page and find the best casino bonus UK players can benefit from today! It's not only our game guides that are comprehensive - you'll find our bonuses page contains everything you need to know regarding these tantalising incentives.

Which Casino Game Should I Play?

which casino game should i play

Let the Statistics Decide: Casino Games by House Edge

A smart way to pick casino games is by looking at which offers the lowest house edge, indicating that on average they return more of player’s stakes- although bear in mind that an average does not represent individual experience.

Players cannot beat the house edge, it’s set in the game rules, which is why you also hear it referred to as the house advantage. In games of skill, you can learn to manage the house edge - to stop it increasing from the base level, however, in games of chance it’s all up to luck as the game software creates independent and random results.

As you cannot eliminate the house edge, one of the wisest choices you can make is playing casino games with the lowest house edge:

  1. Video Poker (Jacks or Better): 0.46%
    Video Poker has many variants, but Jacks or Better is the highest paying/lowest house edge at 0.46%. This game involves some strategy so you’ll need to read our Video Poker game guide before you play to give yourself the best odds of winning, but the aim of the game is simple, form higher hands for better payouts. 
  2. Blackjack: >0.5%
    A classic and sauve casino card game, Blackjack presents moderate skill and challenge for players of all stripes and a very low (baseline) house edge of only 0.5%. This game provides fast, exciting fun and the chance to learn easy strategy, beat the house, and make a hand of 21. 
  3. Baccarat: 1-3%
    Baccarat is wonderfully easy casino game to play, with a low house edge of 1-3%. Made famous by James Bond, Baccarat has simple rules and is great for beginners and players of skill.
  4. Craps: >1.4%
    Craps is less popular in modern casino gaming but offers one of the lowest house edges, and therefore better odds of the player winning (if they know the rules), but the complex betting system can be off-putting for players. Additionally, there can be huge variance in your RTP, depending on how you play. We do not recommend Craps as a beginners table, if you do decide to play check out our Craps guide first. 
  5. Pai Gow Poker: 1.5%
    This Poker variant comes with a low house edge of just 1.5%, but is a game of skill, so make sure you know how to play before laying a bet. Take on the dealer in a 7 card lineup from which you must make two hands, if both hands beat the dealer you win if both win a hand each you draw and if the house is stronger they win. 
  6. Roulette: 2.7% and 5.4%
    European and American Roulette have different house edges, this is due to the single or double zero on the Roulette Wheel, which favours the house and gives them an advantage of winning if the ball lands there. To manage the odds of winning in Roulette players should understand the odds involved in Roulette bets and favour European variants. 
  7. Slots: 2-8%
    The most popular variant of casino game, Slot Machines, have a built-in house edge of between 2-8%. Different Slot software developers have varying average RTPs with the norm around 96%. You should always play the maximum number of betlines to increase your odds of winning. Your RTP and therefore the house edge can significantly change from the advertised rate as this is calculated across all player stakes and returns- learn more.
  8. Caribbean Stud Poker: 3-5%
    A casino favourite and competitive game of skill that offers a house edge of 3-5% depending on where you play. Caribbean Stud players manage the house edge through game strategy (although this is a relatively simple variant of Poker) as you go head-to-head with the dealer in a 5-card draw with high payouts.
  9. Keno: 25%
    Keno is a Bingo/Lottery styled, Asian origin, fast-paced game that requires you to pick 2-10 numbers from 80 of which only 20 balls are drawn and the winners declared. The house advantage is high in this game where chances of a direct hit are low.

Casino Games Online - Cashing Out Your Winnings

One of the most important things to consider when playing casino games online is what payment options each one accepts. Naturally, you will need to deposit money in order to claim the biggest bonuses and ensure that those big wins you've been dreaming of come true. But more importantly - you will also need to have a way of withdrawing all those winnings!

This is where we come in. CasinoGuide has gone to the trouble of ascertaining exactly which online casinos offer which payment methods. Check out our casino reviews so that you can be absolutely sure what you're signing up for.

Collecting your winnings is one of the best parts of playing casino games online. That's why it's so important to go with one of our recommended UK online casinos to ensure that you don't experience any problems!

Differences Between Casino Game Players

Both offline and online casino games have always attracted a wide variety of different kinds of people, owing to the varied nature of each game.

Impulsive people looking for a quick thrill with no strings attached will invariably be attracted to playing Slots online and Bingo. Whereas those looking to stretch themselves strategically and have a little more control over proceedings gravitate towards games like online Roulette and Blackjack online.

casino games players

However, the contrasts between different kinds of online casino game players run deeper than that. A survey conducted in 2014 investigating the health habits of casino players showed distinct differences between those who favour different games.

For simplicity, let's look at the findings for Slots and Blackjack players.

Average BMI (Body Mass Index)3128.5
% exceeding weekly recommended alcohol intake (female)26%19%
% exceeding weekly recommended alcohol intake (male)22%19%
% who are regular smokers24%21%
Average Age4542

As you can see, Slots is seemingly one of the more unhealthy online casino games. Slots players are typically the casino game players with the least healthy lifestyles. This is shown by an average BMI that places them in the 'obese' category and approximately a quarter of players smoking and drinking regularly.

However, it doesn't have to be this way! You can play Slots online wherever you are nowadays, thanks to mobile casinos. Some players now enjoy a quick game over coffee after taking a stroll around town, or reward themselves with a game after a workout at the gym. Playing casino games online doesn't always have to complement bad habits after all!

Choose a game and immerse yourself in it today with our comprehensive guides, or simply sign up at our recommended online casino below and learn on the fly!

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