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Online Roulette: Complete Guide

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Online Roulette - Play To Win!

When playing online Roulette, you place your bets on any of the 36 fields that are not marked ‘0’, where you think the ball will possibly land.

The rules of online Roulette are relatively easy compared to games such as Baccarat. Probably the biggest challenge of online Roulette is understanding the different types of betting options. Knowing which to use and when will help you maximise your winning potential.

online roulette bets

One of the great things about playing online Roulette is the huge variety of bets you can make.

How To Play Roulette - Strategy

The way the Roulette table is structured, along with its rules, makes it very simple to play Roulette online - despite the high house edge.

Of course, there are different types of Roulette games. But don't forget that online Roulette is a game of chance, whatever Roulette strategy you are using. It also helps to play at a trustworthy and accredited online Roulette casino, such as those listed above.

Read on for more ideas on how to play Roulette and win, through improving your odds and lowering the house edge.

Online Roulette Casinos: How To Play

online roulette

Roulette has always been a popular casino pastime, and that's not changing any time soon!

  1. Choose your online Roulette casino - the ones in our list above are all reviewed and offer great signup bonuses
  2. Sign up - the process of doing this should take around 5 minutes, and you will receive your signup bonus as a reward
  3. Make a deposit - you will be able to choose which payment option (i.e. credit card, PayPal etc)
  4. Choose the variation of Roulette online you want to play (i.e. European, American etc)
  5. Place your bet(s), and wait for the wheel to spin! If the little ball lands on a number you have bet on, you win, if it doesn't, you lose.

Online Roulette Gameplay

European Roulette has always been played with a rotating wheel comprising 37 fields. Each field is labelled with a number from 1-36 and the house edge is symbolised by a ‘0’.

Before the game commences and the wheel is spun by the dealer, players must place their bets. These can be bets on a single number, a set of numbers, odd or even numbers, or bets on either black or red.

The online Roulette wheel is then rotated in one direction and the ball is thrown in the opposite direction of the wheel. The ball moves along the Roulette wheel until it eventually comes to a halt and the ball stops in one of the fields. If the ball stops in a field that you bet on, you win!

In order to help you understand online Roulette better, we have listed here the various bets you can place. Terms such as 'dozen betting' and placing a 'column bet' can be confusing for first-timers! This will help you act more strategically when you play online Roulette for real money.

Simple bets

These are the bets every online Roulette player knows, new and experienced. The numbers of the Roulette wheel are divided into three categories, and in each category are 18 numbers.

Red or Black - ball lands on either colour1 : 148.6%
Low numbers - Field "1 to 18"1 : 148.6%
High numbers - Field "19 to 36"1 : 148.6%
Even odd - Field "Even" or "Odd"1 : 148.6%

The payout at evens is always at a ratio of 1:1 - good players can double their bets quickly here. And because these opportunities are very simple, it is one of the most popular methods of how to play Roulette and win.

Multiple bets

Online Roulette is a lot less interesting if you bet only with the simple chances. The multiple betting opportunities not only increases the payout rate, but also makes the game much more exciting.

Straight - an exact number of 1-3735 : 12.7%
Split - any two adjacent numbers17 : 15.4%
Street - three numbers of a transverse row11 : 18.1%
First Four - the four numbers is 0, 1, 2 and 38 : 110.8%
Corner - four adjacent numbers8 : 110.8%
Six Line - two adjacent transverse rows5 : 116.2%
1st Dozen - first dozen 1 to 122 : 132.4%
2nd Dozen - second dozen 13 to 242 : 132.4%
3rd Dozen - third dozen 25 to 362 : 132.4%
Column - one of the three lines "2 to 1"2 : 132.4%


High Stakes Roulette: Ashley Revell

One of the most infamous high stakes Roulette players is a Londoner named Ashley Revell. He became an overnight celebrity in 2004 thanks to a reality TV show called Double or Nothing. Revell sold all his personal property, with the exception of the clothes he was wearing, to travel to Las Vegas’s infamous Plaza Hotel. He also took a sponsorship from Blue Square betting company, changing his name to Ashley 'Blue Square' Revell by deed poll. 

The sale of all his possessions plus the sponsorship money from Blue Square enabled Revell to gather the impressive sum of $135,000 before he embarked on his journey to Sin City. Upon arriving in Las Vegas, Revell took the largest gamble of his life and bet everything on Red, with a single spin of the Roulette wheel - the ultimate high stakes Roulette gamble. Lady luck smiled on Revell that day, and the ball eventually settled in the 7 Red compartment - the exact number and colour he had bet on.

Before taking home his huge winnings of $270,600, Revell tipped the concierge $600 as they opened some celebratory bottles of champagne. Revell’s name can now be seen displayed on felt in the Plaza Hotel lobby as a testament to the potential glories of high stakes Roulette play. We think Ashley Revell would get along well with a certain other Londoner we know:

high stakes roulette he who dares wins

Online Roulette: 4 Things To Know

Feeling inspired? If so, here are a few important points to remember when you play Roulette online:

  • The rules of online Roulette are the same as those at land based casinos. Nonetheless, in online Roulette no other player will be able to intervene in your game.
  • There are different variants of Roulette online. In European Roulette, if the ball lands on the ‘0’ field, the house wins. However, players are also able to bet on the zero if they want to.
  • The minimum bet may vary according to which online Roulette casinos you’re playing at. Hence, if a table has a minimum bet of £5, one must bet at least £5 or more.
  • The number of bets that a player can make are sometimes limited.

Roulette Online Casinos: What To Look For

In order to experience maximum enjoyment while you play Roulette online, your choice of where to play will be a big factor. That's why we have collected the list of online Roulette casinos above. But how do we decide which ones are the best?

When we are reviewing online Roulette casinos at CasinoGuide, we always make sure to investigate the three most important aspects of the online casino experience. In the search for the best online Roulette, UK players of all experience levels are advised to use it as well!


Everyone goes to online Roulette casinos because they want to have fun and play Roulette games. But if the games are buggy, or don’t look good aesthetically, then it will be a less enjoyable experience. The game software that online Roulette casinos use is a factor in this. We are always sure to touch on this in our reviews, as well as other credentials such as the size of their online Roulette bonus.


When you play online Roulette, real money is usually at stake. Nothing kills your gambling buzz faster than being unable to add funds to your account when you’re in the mood to play. And of course, no-one likes being prevented from withdrawing their winnings. When it’s time to collect your online Roulette winnings or make a deposit, the casino should make it as easy as possible for you. And in fairness, most of them do. It is even possible to play Roulette with phone credit now, check out our Payforit casino page if you don't believe us!


If something goes wrong, you want to be able to call for help immediately. The casinos should see to it that you can get back to your game as quickly as possible. All of the casinos we feature are reviewed on their customer support service. The reviews include how many ways there are to get in touch with them, their availability, and response times.

Cashing Out Online Roulette Winnings

If you are wanting to play real money Roulette at a PayPal casino, 2019 is your year. More online casinos than ever are adopting PayPal as a principal payment option, and for good reason. Its brand-trust, security and user-friendliness are almost unmatched.

A solid alternative to using PayPal is by making and taking payments via credit card or bank transfer. Or, you can also find a Neteller casino online if that is the payment method you would prefer.

Most of the best online Roulette UK casinos offer at least one of these payment options. So you know that with them, playing online roulette = real money!

Online Roulette, Real Money Winnings

Winning real money is always a thrill. The same is true. whether you are playing real money Roulette, or any other kind of table game or competition.

But there is a particularly special experience that comes when you play Roulette online. Perhaps it is brought on by the tension as you watch the ball bouncing around on the spinning online Roulette wheel, before settling in the pocket you nominated.

It’s little wonder that the game of Roulette has fascinated gamblers worldwide for hundreds of years! And this promises to continue. It is expected that online Roulette will feature heavily in new Virtual Casino games as that trend begins to gain traction.

Can You Play Roulette Online For Real Money?

All of the Roulette online casinos in our list above offer you the ability to play online Roulette for real money.

Just remember that although playing for real money is thrilling and fun, you need to keep an eye on your limits. Stay in control while you are playing, so that you don’t cause a problem for yourself.

Want to try out online Roulette without committing money just yet? You can play our free Roulette game here on CasinoGuide, along with several other free casino games.

roulette online

It is possible to win big by playing online Roulette!

Online Roulette Systems: Quick Guide

People started to play European Roulette at the turn of the 19th century. Since then, mathematicians and gamblers alike have been searching for the perfect Roulette system that can consistently return wins to its player.

Despite Roulette being undeniably a game of luck, there are people who believe these 'systems' will bring them fortunes. They can also each be called an online Roulette system, as the logic remains the same when you play Roulette online.

The Paroli Betting System

The term ‘Paroli’ is derived from the Latin term ‘par’ which means 'one that is equal'. It’s known as a positive progressive betting system - Roulette and Baccarat players deem it risky but effective.

The aim when using this type of betting system is to obtain three successive wins in a row. Crucially, you must double your bet after every win - again, risky but effective.

What's the logic behind the Paroli Betting system?

The main thought behind the Paroli betting system draws on the belief that wins and losses tend to come about in streaks. A player can maximise his profits by betting more during the winning streaks and less when he is experiencing a losing streak.

Online Roulette enthusiasts seem to believe that this system is far more stable and consistent than negative betting progressions. For more on this particular online Roulette system, check out our dedicated Roulette Strategy page.

The Parlay Betting System

The Parlay Roulette system lacks strategy and any sort of mathematical calculations. After winning a roll, the trick is to then bet your winnings, plus your original bet amount. You can continue as long as you like, but try to stop before you lose!

For example: you bet £10 on a roll with 2:1 odds, and win £20. The next roll, you bet that £20, plus the original £10 - so £30. If you win that roll at 2:1, you will have won £60, then you add the £30 to that... And so on. This online Roulette system provides great entertainment and a shot at attaining larger winnings quickly.

Now you know the secrets to success, why not give it a try? Choose from our recommended casinos providing the best online Roulette UK providers can offer, and collect your casino bonus today!

Online Roulette Bonus

One of the best things about playing at Roulette online casinos has to be the extravagantly large bonuses available to you. Most online casinos will pay handsomely to have you as a customer, but only if you make them!

For example, click Play Now on one of the casinos in our list above. You will be entitled to a much more generous online Roulette bonus for signing up than if you go directly to the casino.

Online casinos know that the savvy customers always compare their options before making a decision. And a large bonus just for registering and making a deposit is a great way to win potential players over.

How Big Are The Bonuses At Online Roulette Casinos?

The size of an online Roulette bonus varies a great deal. It can range from as little as a £5 Roulette online free bonus to as much as £3000 sign up and deposit bonus in some cases.

From the list at the top of this page, you can see exactly how much you stand to receive from each casino. Remember, each of these come with their own set of terms and wagering requirements.

As a general rule, online casinos value repeat business very highly. So the more you play, the more bonuses you potentially receive.

Online Live Roulette UK

Playing Roulette online live involves matching you with a real person on the other side of a camera. This 'live dealer' is employed by the online casino, and interact with you while spinning a real Roulette wheel for you to see.

Many people find playing Roulette online live much more entertaining than the classic online Roulette experience. It's easy to understand why - online live Roulette is just like the real thing, except in the comfort of your home!

Online live Roulette UK dealers are highly professional and courteous. The live dealers are typically young men and women who are happy to chat with you while you play. This really delivers an element of human interaction that can be missed from other kinds of online gambling.

Check out our dedicated live Roulette page for more information!

Roulette History

The sense of mystery and curiosity that offline and online Roulette evokes has intrigued experienced and beginner players alike. In days gone by, large crowds of casino players would dress to impress in their most stylish and elegant attire to play.

Nowadays of course, many choose to play online Roulette from the comfort of their own homes rather than visit a land-based casino to play. The evolution of Roulette from a traditional casino game to a modern online casino game is fascinating.

Roulette Origins

Starting from the beginning, the first and most obvious question is; who invented Roulette?

Although we don't have a definite answer to this, there are many possibilities. The most popular theory is that it was invented by Blaise Pascal, an academic scientist from France. Some believe that it was created by a French monk to brighten up life at the monastery.

Still others think that a group of French Dominican monks came up with the idea of Roulette. Supposedly they based it on an old Tibetan game, in which 37 animal statuettes were arranged into a mystical square number of 666. 

Blaise Pascal: The Father of Roulette?

During the 17th century, the perpetual motion machine was invented by a French student of probability named Blaise Pascal. After a few changes in its layout and design were made, the first Roulette wheel was born. 

Reports from this era state that Roulette was first sighted in a Paris casino, where it became a favourite amongst the players there. Early iterations of the Roulette wheel had pockets labelled 1-36 with a single 0 pocket.

Francois Blanc

However, many casinos thought that this created a very unfavourable house edge. So an owner of a Monte Carlo casino named Francois Blanc, together with his brother, became the first to another 0 to some of their Roulette wheels. This was done in order to increase the house edge and boost the game's profits.

Skipping ahead to 1873, this was the year in which Joseph Jaggers managed to cheat over $325,000 from a malfunctioning Roulette wheel in a Monte Carlo Casino. The 1800s were good to high rolling Roulette players, as nearly two decades later in 1891 Charles Wells managed to ‘break the bank’ playing Roulette in the same district.

Roulette Spreads From France

The 1800s is also the century in which Roulette fever eventually spread outside France and made its debut in the rest of Europe and America. Some Roulette wheels incorporated a single zero, which favoured casino patrons, while others included a double zero, increasing the house edge. 

Games using Roulette wheels with a double zero are now commonly referred to as 'American Roulette'. Those using wheels that retain the original single zero are known as 'European Roulette' or just 'Roulette'.

French Roulette also exists, and is considered to be the oldest form of Roulette. It was invented before the first zero was added to the Roulette wheel - giving the house an edge for the first time. French Roulette is very similar to European Roulette - the main difference being layout of the betting fields.

Roulette in Popular Culture

Roulette has been featured in numerous books over the years, ranging from crime novels to adventure books. Nonetheless, it wasn’t until moving films become a cultural phenomenon around the globe that Roulette reached its peak.

The 1942 film Casablanca was the very first moving picture to feature Roulette. This paved the way to it being shown more commonly on the silver screen. Roulette was featured in multiple Western films in the 1970s such as the 'Support Your Local Gunfighter' and 'The Sting'.

Seeing Roulette played in movies and TV is now commonplace, thanks to the glamour and excitement associated with the game. Online Craps is also growing in popularity, for much the same reason.

Online Roulette Casinos: FAQ

Here are some of the questions many prospective online Roulette players ask. If you have a question of your own that you want answered, just contact us!

Is Online Roulette Safe?

Yes, it is. Concern for your private and personal information such as credit card details, PayPal login, and other sensitive data is of paramount importance. Roulette casinos utilise some of the most secure data encryption methods when receiving your personal information. Teams also work around the clock to proactively protect your data from external threats.

Can I Play European Roulette?

Most online Roulette sites offer you the opportunity to play European Roulette. The game which includes just one ‘0’ has a lower house edge than its American counterpart. CasinoGuide recommends that you opt to play European Roulette if you are still a beginner. Many professional players choose to play European Roulette in order to give themselves a better chance at winning when playing at online Roulette casinos.

Can I Play Roulette With Phone Credit?

Thanks to payment providers like Boku and Payforit, being able to play Roulette with phone credit is now a reality! Now available on all major UK mobile networks, these revolutionary payment methods make the process of adding funds to your account incredibly simple.

Is Online Roulette Fixed?

No, it isn't. The online Roulette casinos above are all fully licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission. This is the UK Government body charged with ensuring that all gambling that takes place is fair and legal. Knowing this, you can play at any of the online casinos featured on CasinoGuide with total peace of mind. UK online casinos are among the safest in the world.

Which Is The Best Online Roulette UK Casino?

All of the online Roulette casinos in our list has its own pros and cons. But you can be sure that the each offer fantastic bonuses for signing up and playing.

Simply choose your favourite and spin the wheel today!