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Scratch Cards Online - Complete Guide

Scratch Cards are a great distraction if you are looking for something simple, exciting and fun. They are very easy to play and offer a big instant win to lucky players.

It is not so surprising, therefore, that now you can play Scratch Cards anywhere with an Internet connection. The top prize is just one virtual scratch away!

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Online Scratch Card UK: Low Cost Fun

Many people in the UK like to play online Scratch Card games. They are often sold in convenience shops, meaning that you don’t have to go somewhere like a casino in order to play.

The main draw is the low cost and the fact that you can win instantly. This provides quick gratification, quite different to waiting for numbers to be drawn as you would in a lottery.

The majority of the Scratch Cards you can buy in the shops have been manufactured by one of 2 companies. These are: Scientific Games Corporation (who are the original creators of the game) and Pollard Banknote.

Some players do not realise the terms that come with bigger ‘jackpot’ wins on online Scratch Cards. The most important of these being that you may not be paid the full amount instantly. Instead, you will be paid the amount over the course of a few years.

Why Online Scratch Card Games Are Better

There have been several instances of a series of Scratchcards still being widely available when all available prizes have already been redeemed.

This is somewhat unavoidable as it is very difficult for the manufacturers of the cards to account for the location of their product.

Fortunately, playing with online Scratchcards does not carry this risk. When an online Scratchcard game has given out all of its prizes, the website will simply stop offering that particular type of card.

This means that you can play online Scratch Card games without having to worry if the prizes you seek still exist. You wouldn't want to play online Scratchcards without being certain of receiving your prize when you win!

Online Scratchcard Origins

Online Scratch Cards are simply on-screen versions of the physical Scratch Card you can buy at your local shop. A Scratch Card is a small card which is used to gamble.

When you play, the surface of the card is scratched off, revealing numbers or symbols underneath. If you get certain combinations of these, you will win a prize.

Mass production of Scratch Cards became viable in 1974. This is when the American company Scientific Games Corporation produced the first ever computer generated lottery game.

This laid down the foundations for the creation of Scratch Cards as we know them today. The first cards were quite simple, but years later, manufacturers started to add popular graphics to their products. This was done in order to make them appeal to a wider audience.

Play Scratch Cards Online

scratch cards online

The online Scratch Cards you play on will look a little like this.

An online Scratchcard is significantly more exciting than its paper predecessors. The technology involved in making them a reality opens up a lot of new possibilities. 

For example, an online Scratch Card features exciting graphics and sound effects. As a result, online Scratchcard games have become more and more exciting. It is now possible to play online Scratch Card games featuring popular characters, such as Rocky and King Kong. 

This naturally results in a much more engaging and satisfying experience. Hardly surprising, then, the last decade has seen an increasing number of gamblers deciding to play Scratch Cards online.

Plus, as stated above, the issue of ‘dead’ Scratchcard sets from which all of the possible winners have been claimed is no longer an issue. In these cases the online Scratch Card would simply be removed from the website.

Are Online Scratch Card Games Rigged?

You might be concerned that online Scratchcard software could rig the odds against you without you being aware. However, if you gamble on a reputable website like those listed above, you have nothing to fear.

The odds are tightly regulated, and completely fair. Plus, the coding of the software is inspected by a neutral third party.

This means that it is impossible for the odds to be manipulated. This offers extra peace of mind to those who play online Scratch Card games as opposed to the more traditional physical versions.

Regulated Scratch Cards Online

Largely that is thanks to being licensed by the Government. The Gambling Commission is the UK Government regulator which licenses all of the casinos listed here on CasinoGuide. They are also responsible for ensuing fair play and safe practices are used by operators on all their online casino games.

Many UK casinos offering Scratch Cards online have also sought out gaming licenses from other bodies. Which is why you will find some regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner.

When deciding whether an online casino is trustworthy, the Gambling Commission logo is enough. But a gaming license from another organisation can't hurt!

Online Scratch Card: UK Player’s Favourites

As previously stated, there is an increasing number of people choosing to play Scratch Cards online. You may find that you are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a website to play on!

Many sites will offer you bonuses for choosing them, so you should choose the site you use carefully. There are many reputable websites that you can head to when you are itching for an online Scratchcard fix.

Many times, you can find other online casino games in addition to the online Scratchcards as well. The sites can sometimes offer a welcome bonus well into the hundreds of Pounds.

Some generous sites even offer that every third card you scratch is guaranteed to be a winner. Some will also provide you with a number of Scratch Cards for free when you first join the site.

Play Online Scratch Card UK Games For The Jackpot

Some people who play online Scratchcard games are primarily interested in getting the biggest jackpot wins possible. Generally, online Scratchcard sites will prominently advertise the possible jackpot amounts, so be on the lookout.

Some sites can offer huge potential jackpots with figures like £100,000 at a time. Others may offer more conservative figures, like £10,000 jackpots.

Is winning big the main thing you are interested in when you’re playing online Scratch Card UK games? Then make sure you give this consideration when you are looking for a site to play on.

You will almost certainly have a device which can be used to play online Scratch Card games. An iPhone or Android phone will work perfectly, plus you can always use your home PC or tablet computer.

Online Scratch Cards: ‘No Deposit’ Offers

after scratch

Could you be this lucky?

A no deposit offer is almost exactly what it sounds like. The casino will give you a small amount of free cash with which you can play Scratch Cards online.

They offer this because many players are initially reluctant to make a real deposit on a new site. Generally, online Scratchcard sites will offer between £5 to £20 worth of free credit.

There are many sites where you can play online Scratch Card games for free with a no deposit offer. However, most online Scratchcard sites won't allow you to cash out the free credit until you have won it back several times over. This is known as a wagering requirement.

Instead, you can use the free credit to get a feel for the site. Once you're happy, you can choose to play online Scratch Card games there using your real money.

Play Scratch Cards Online Today!

Playing Scratch Cards online is infinitely more rewarding than playing traditional scratch cards. You can potentially have hours of fun due to the unique media experience that each game can offer you.

Choose from our list of sites with the best online Scratch Cards bonus offers, claim yours, and try it today!

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