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Looking for an easy-peasy game to play that won’t rack your brains with all its rules and strategy? Want to have some fun and win easy money at the same time? 

If your answer to either of those questions is yes, you should play Keno online today! It's definitely one of the most straightforward games that has ever graced the online casino world.

Here at CasinoGuide we explain not only how to play Keno online, but also provide a list of recommended best online Keno casino options. All online Keno casinos listed are ranked and reviewed, fully-licensed in the UK, and offer highly generous signup bonuses.

Online Keno Game Guide

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Play Keno at home without even needing to leave your sofa!

Although playing Keno online is quite different to playing it at a land-based casino, there are tremendous advantages to it.

Firstly, online Keno offers you the opportunity to relax after a day’s work without having to travel to a gambling club or casino.

Even more tantalisingly, when you play Keno online you will also get the opportunity to claim a fantastic signup bonus - which you can then use to play any online Keno casino game that you like.

As if that wasn't enough, the payouts for online Keno casino games are usually significantly higher than payouts from land-based casinos. You can win a huge sum of money without even having to leave your house when you play Keno at home!

How Can You Play Keno Online?

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Yes, you can play Keno online!

Similar to Bingo and lotto, the main aim of the game when you play Keno online is to predict the numbers which you think will be drawn by the random number generator (RNG) in order to win the pot of gold.

Follow the simple steps below to acquire an insight into how to play online Keno casino games today:

1 Register with one of our recommended online Keno casinos above
2 Choose your desired online Keno game. Double-check the rules of the game before you make a deposit as rules may sometimes vary 
3 Once you've opened the Keno casino game you must remember to only select numbers before the game commences and then wait
4 Choose 1 to 20 numbers (this can vary according to which Keno online game you’re playing) from 1-80
5 Specify how much you'd like to bet on each number.
6 Wait for the numbers to be drawn, and have fun!

In many respects, playing online Keno casino games is quite similar to playing online Bingo games. You can even opt to play more than one ticket at once while you play Keno online. Check out our best Keno strategy tips to boost your chances of winning!

Play Keno Online For Fun

Playing Keno Online

A fundamental part of the allure for online Keno casino games are their spontaneous and mysterious nature. You should bear in mind that the main objective when playing online Keno is to have fun when it comes to selecting your numbers. And remember that anything goes - there is no right or wrong way to pick them.

Your odds of winning can depend on the online Keno casino site you choose to play on. By choosing to play Keno online with one of our recommended casinos above, you are ensuring that you are getting the best odds for yourself, as well as a hefty and exclusive signup bonus!

As the gameplay of online Keno is somewhat similar to that of playing Bingo, you may be interested in our exclusive Betfair Bingo bonus codes which can give you a great headstart when you begin playing the game.

Online Keno Gameplay

Regarding the actual gameplay, picking a number of spots rather than just a couple will naturally help increase your chance of your numbers being drawn. However, keep in mind that the likelihood of hitting all the numbers you’ve picked will be less if you pick the maximum amount. Only pick a maximum amount of numbers if you’re feeling particularly lucky!

Intending to play more than one game of online Keno at once? That's great, but don't forget that online Keno is much faster-paced than real-life Keno UK casinos serve up. Don't leave yourself at the mercy of getting carried away by playing too many games at once.

Pace yourself and wait until you’re able to tell if luck is on your side so that you don't end up spending more than you intend to. You can always check out BeGambleAware if you feel it is becoming a problem for you.

If you’re interested in playing Keno online and need more guidance, you should take a look at CasinoGuide's best Keno strategy page, which will also advise you of the odds and payouts you are subject to when you play Keno online.

Online Keno Guide: Origins

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The game of Keno has a long and fascinating history associated with it.

Since its introduction by the Chinese, the casino game ‘Keno’ has managed to retain its popularity over the years due to its frill-free rules and entertaining nature. The game, which bears a strong resemblance to lotto, has continued to be played in casinos around the world.

Although the origins of Keno are debatable, the most widely believed story about how the game originally began draws from China around 200 BC. It is thought to have been invented in order to raise money to feed people in the local armies of an ancient city.

Eventually the game hit Western shores in the 19th century, and became popular due to the fact that the game offered great rewards for a smaller bet than usual, making it a quick way to double a person's money.

Read on for a more comprehensive explanation of where and how online Keno originated.

Keno History

Although the origin of Keno is heavily surrounded by mystery, Keno History can be traced back to thousands of years ago. As you'll notice by reading through the game's history, the game's fascinating past sheds light on the rules and strategy involved in playing the game.

According to widely-held belief, the game first emerged in China - however, its name takes its roots from the French or Latin Language. Read on to delve into the captivating history of online Keno.

Keno's Chinese Origins

Keno history can be traced back to China. The original version of Keno was very different than it is today and used symbols instead of 80 numbers. Seemingly, the game ‘Keno’ evolved out of an ancient Chinese game called ‘the White Pigeon’. This particular name was coined because of the fact that white doves were used to relay messages about the winning combinations and names of people who lived in the Chinese countryside.

In its primitive state, the game first emerged under Cheung Leung’s regime during the Han Dynasty approximately 3000 years ago. Keno was based on an ancient poem that was written by Zhou Xingsi, which was recited to Chinese children by their parents in order to teach them how to read and write. The poem was composed of 1000 characters and divided into 250 phrases that were made up of 4 symbols each.

Leung chose 120 characters from this poem and developed 8 subdivisions out of these. The goal of the game was to guess the contents of a subdivision and if they were able to the player would win a sum of money to go towards their food. The grand prize back then was 10 taels, the Chinese currency of that time.

As legend has it, the Chinese ruler’s invention was largely favoured by the ancient city’s citizens who really enjoyed playing the game. Thus, Keno helped in generating funds in an already over-taxed society of people who were suffering from inadequate conditions and starvation. In addition, it is also rumoured to have provided funds to help build the Great Wall of China.

Keno's Journey to America

During the middle of the 19th century, the much-loved ‘White Pigeon’ game hit the shores of San Francisco due to the immigration of Chinese sailors and railroad workers. It is perhaps at this point that Keno history progressed the most.

At first the game was known as the underground Chinese lottery, and very few Americans seemed to know how to play it. Yet, when the 20th century rolled around, the original Chinese characters were replaced with numbers in order to attract more American players.

In the early 20th century, ‘The White Pigeon Game’ was given a whole new lease of life when it was renamed ‘Keno’ which draws from a corruption of the French term 'quine' meaning a group of five.

Horse Race Keno

Keno history in the U.S. can be traced back to the early 1930s. During this time legislation was enacted which banned all forms of gambling in the State of Nevada in America. Hence, since Keno was thought to be a form of lottery and there were many lovers of the game at the time, this eventually led Keno operators to step in.

In order to disguise the game and keep the spirit alive, the game was promptly renamed from 'Keno' to ‘Horse Race Keno’ due to the fact that horse racing was already legal. Keno operators at the time attempted to reinvent the game in a way, and tied the 80 numbers on the Keno card to horse races. Each draw that was made was called a race, when playing this version of Keno.

However, once lotteries were made legal, operators changed the name back to Keno and the game’s name hasn’t been changed since.

Modern Keno 

In today’s day and age, Keno history continues to evolve. Today, the much adored casino game is offered by many casinos and lottery companies around the globe, including the United Kingdom.

Keno has remained popular in East Asia and America, but has also travelled to other continents such as South America as well as Australia. Traditionally, the game employs the use of a circular glass enclosure called a ‘bubble’ which contains 80 balls that are used to establish results by picking balls/ drawing numbers.

The game possesses a relative house advantage of 25 percent which is considerably high, however, allows players to enjoy playing more than one card at a time.

Online Keno

Online Keno has been adapted into a version of the original Keno game which is now available to play on the Internet. The speed of the game is profoundly faster than regular Keno which is played at land-based casinos; in fact the pace of the game has even been said to be as quick as a slot machine.

Hence, if you decide to play online Keno you should make sure that you do not play too many games at once as you might  end up getting confused. The minimum bets you can use in Keno online are also much lower than when playing real-life Keno games, which gives you the great advantage of investing your money in the game at a slower rate if you feel compelled to do so.

If you’ve never played Keno online before and would like to attempt to play it online, have a go at playing our free Keno game above. However, if you’ve already gotten the hang of it you can opt to play at a real money casino instead. Take a look at our best online Keno casino list to find the right site for you today!

Now that you've taken a look at Keno history, you know that the game has provided spectacular entertainment to the masses over thousands of years. Keno's laid back nature, which hardly involves any strategy whatsoever, due to the fact that it's almost like a lottery certainly adds to its appeal. So why not give it a try?

Play Keno Online Today!

Easy and convenient, playing Keno online guarantees you hours and hours of entertainment. It’s simple to play and certainly gives you more bounce for the ounce than playing it at a land-based casino with its signup bonuses and promotions.

Take your pick from our recommended online Keno casino options above, collect your free bonus, and give it a try today!

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