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Tremendously popular amongst casino fans of all ages, online slots are now available in the thousands for players to enjoy.

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Discover the joy of playing Slots online!

play slots online

With online Slots, the choice of games you can play is immense.

The choice of online Slots can be a little daunting due to the vast amount of options available to you. But you needn’t feel apprehensive – we have done the hard work for you!

Simply pick from the above list of Slots sites (UK Gambling Commission approved), grab your welcome bonus, and treat yourself to some quality time at a fantastic Slots casino UK players love to play at!

Online Slots with bonus offers

slots bonus offers

Playing Slots online, you will find yourself being offered many different kinds of bonuses.

If what you’re after is online Slots with bonuses, you have come to the right place. All of the recommended casinos above come with a highly generous Slots bonus - and some of them are even exclusive to CasinoGuide!

When choosing a Slots bonus, UK players have the unique advantage of deciding between a vast number of highly reputable online casinos like those listed above. Find the best Slots bonus UK casinos have to offer, right here, right now.

Best Slots games with bonus included

Some online casinos provide you with a large Slots bonus so that you can get a feel for using their site/app, and for which kinds of Slots games you like to play the most.

Most online Slots sites will allow you to use these bonuses on whichever Slots games you choose, but some will limit you to a preordained selection of games, designed to give you a good overview of the different options they provide.

Of course, once you start playing Slots for real money, they entire library of games will become available to you.

Slots welcome bonus

There are multiple different types of Slots bonus, and we will attempt to cover them all briefly here. The first, and most common, is the Slots welcome bonus. This is typically a small token gesture from the Slots websites to say thank you for joining their casino.

This is also sometimes known as a ‘Slots signup bonus’. Online casinos are hugely competitive, and will make almost any gesture in order to guarantee some level of customer loyalty from you. That is why they can afford to be so generous with their bonuses.

You can also expect to be rewarded for playing Slots online on your mobile phone - usually when you download casino apps after signing up, this will get you an additional bonus. Android casino slots are the gift that keeps on giving!

Slots with free spins

As well as the Slots welcome bonus, you will also find many Slots sites with free spins. Typically, this will be offered as a sweetener to Slots with sign up bonus offers – for example ‘£50 welcome bonus and 100 free spins’.

Playing Slots with free spins is a very effective way to welcome a new player into the online Slots experience; it allows you to enjoy the thrill of playing Slots online, with none of the risk. Check out some of our recommended casinos above, and you will find that many of them offer free spins just for signing up.

Slots bonus codes

Used more to tempt existing online Slots players back in, Slots bonus codes are typically sent directly to the inbox of the email account you specify when first signing up.

The value of each video slots bonus code varies greatly – for example if you have been a regular player over a long period of time, the online casino will likely reward you with more lucrative Slots bonus codes.

If you aren’t yet signed up, you can still get your bonus – but you won’t need any Slots bonus codes. Just head to the top of the page, pick the casino you like the look of, and click ‘Play Now’. Your bonus should be automatically applied once you sign up.

Slots with deposit bonus

slots deposit bonus UK

By far the most lucrative type of bonus is the online casino deposit bonus.

This is where the real money is! Online casinos love it when you make a deposit as it shows that you are ready and willing to start playing for real. If you are keen on getting the biggest bang for your buck, then an online Slots deposit bonus is what you need.

At CasinoGuide we pride ourselves on listing the online casinos offering only the very best Slots deposit bonus to their new customers. We display the biggest Slots deposit bonus UK casinos have to offer, so that you can get the most out of your online Slots experience.

How do I claim my Slots deposit bonus?

It couldn’t be easier. We’ve done all of the hard work for you by finding the best Slots with deposit bonus offers, now all you need to do is choose one!

At the top of the page is our list of the best casinos for online Slots – you can compare and contrast them by their reviews, mobile compatibility, and of course, the Slots bonus amount.

The best Slots sites UK casinos have to offer

When playing a Slots casino, UK players have the best of all worlds. A veritable vista of sign-up bonuses, deposit bonuses, free spins, and much more await you behind the doors of the Slots websites listed above.

What is more, you can play with total peace of mind; all of our recommended Slots online casinos are fully licensed by the Gambling Commission – the UK Government regulator for every Slots casino UK residents play at.

Choosing between Slots websites

We’re here to make your gambling life easier – which is why we provide thorough reviews, compatibility information, and exclusive bonuses on all of the Slots websites we list.

Playing Slots online is supposed to be a fun and simple distraction from every day life; it’s not complicated or tricky, nor does it require hours of practice. Just click (or tap, if you’re on mobile), and play!

Play Slots for real money!

Over a hundred years since his invention first hit the saloons of San Francisco, Charles Fey’s Slots legacy continues to live on like he could have never imagined.

The prophecies that were preached by the San Francisco saloon and restaurant owners have indeed come true, as Slots games continue to reel in money for numerous kinds of Slots casino – UK and worldwide, online and offline.

This is perhaps in light of the fact that the innovative invention has since been adapted to suit a whole new market of gamblers, those who play Slots for real money online! 

Tips to remember when playing Slots games for real money

1 Contrary to popular belief, if an online Slots machine gives you a big payout you shouldn’t rush away; it might pay out again.
2 Learn about and take a chance on Progressive Jackpots for potentially huge wins!
3 Always know your limits, and know when to walk away! Play for fun, not for profit, and you’re a winner every time.
4 Slot machines use random number generators in order to strike symbols. If you find a way of cracking the game and securing a jackpot in your favour, you may be some kind of genius!

Slots games UK players can choose from

A vast number of Slots websites exist nowadays, all boasting their own huge libraries of online Slots games, with themes ranging from the classic fruits and bars, to movie themed versions, and more.

However, there is more to knowing which Slots games to play than simply picking the theme. When selecting the right type of Slots games, UK players can have the possibility of winning small payouts or larger payouts depending on which game type they choose. The variations of Slots online include:

Classic Online Slots

Love classic 3-reeled online Slots games?  If you’re answer is yes, then you’re definitely in for a fun treat as nowadays many retro fruit and 7s Slots games can be found at the online casinos listed above.

Due to the fact that these were the first to be introduced to the online gaming scene there are presently quite a number of them which offer anywhere between 1- 8 paylines, and sometimes even bonus games or free spins.

Video Slots / Multi-Line Slots

Animated multi 5-reeled video Slots are perfect for keen online Slots players as they offer wonderful new themes and fantastic entertainment. The symbols of the game are usually related to the overall theme of the video Slots and the paylines are normally more generous than other types of online Slots.

Having evolved from 3-reeled Slots, video Slots have turned the excitement level a notch up as they offer a wider range of bonuses, compelling storylines as well as side games.

3D Slots

If you like video Slots, then just wait until you experience the upgraded version of video slots in 3D! This variation of online Slots game has combined classic video Slots with gripping adventure games.

Therefore, playing 3D video Slots will ultimately allow you to enjoy a video and casino game simultaneously. The end result will surely be able to give you both the psychological satisfaction of completing the saga game as well as possibly winning a huge amount of money. What could be better?

Progressive or Jackpot Slots

Generally these types of slots are the same as video Slots with the simple difference that they have an added bonus pot thrown in. A progressive jackpot is collected over time as players continually place their bets.

Typically, a percentage of each bet goes into a bonus pot which could be won by any player who chooses to play at maximum bet. The amount that can often run into the millions so if you’re looking to win a hefty sum of money and don’t mind betting big, give playing a progressive slots game a shot!

Mega Spin Slots

If you’re looking for a new kind of Slots experience, mega spin slots can give you that bit of edge you’re craving.

When you play online Slots of this type, you can enjoy 9 chaotic Slots games simultaneously – the flashing lights and Slots music can be intoxicating, and you don’t even need to set foot in your local casino.

Slots and Bingo

If there are two online games that go beautifully hand in hand, it has to be Slots and Bingo. Both games are enjoyed almost universally, thanks to their virtue of being great to just ‘pick up and play’. You can either play online Bingo as a complement to online Slots, or on its own.

No prior knowledge, practice or skill is required in order to have fun playing Slots and Bingo – making it the perfect distraction for anyone who lacks the time or simply doesn’t want to play more complex online casino games such as Roulette and Blackjack. With that said, if you want to learn, you can play Roulette for fun without risking any real money right here on CasinoGuide.

Bingo Slots Bonus

Almost all online Bingo sites offer something in the way of Slots games, but not all Slots websites offer Bingo. If being able to play both is essential to you, then you can:

  • Sign up at a Slots online casino and a Bingo website, or;
  • Just sign up at a Bingo site and get your fill of online Slots there

Just be aware that the choices of Slots games will likely be smaller at an online Bingo site, than at a one of the dedicated Slots sites UK casinos have to offer.

Play Slots – pay by phone bill

slots pay by phone bill

Adding funds to your account can be as simple as sending a text.

Making a Slots deposit by phone bill is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to add funds to your online casino account.

That’s right – with online slots you can pay by phone bill, making the process of playing Slots games for real money easier than ever. To make a Slots deposit by phone is simple; just look for the option when you are signing up at your choice of online casino.

The option may be worded slightly differently depending on the different Slots websites – but it will be something like ‘Slots pay by SMS’, ‘Slots deposit by mobile’, or ‘Slots with phone bill deposit’.

With Slots, pay by mobile phone for total convenience

It is even possible to top up your online slots casino account just by sending a text from your mobile phone, when you play at a Payforit casino. This is a particular type of phone bill payment, handled by the highly secure and popular Payforit platform.

When it comes to collecting your winnings however, you won’t be able to use the same method. Each casino has its own withdrawal methods, but most will be happy to pay your winnings into your PayPal account, bank account, or simply send a cheque.

Slots & PayPal

When the fun is done, and you are ready to cash out all the money you have won, the Slots websites above will present you with a variety of options.

At CasinoGuide, we highly recommend PayPal casinos online that accept this highly trusted and secure payment platform. If PayPal isn't your thing, Neteller casinos are a highly credible alternative worth trying.

Benefits of playing Slots with PayPal

One of the best things about playing Slots with PayPal is how easy the payment is to process, and how quickly it typically happens.

PayPal is a highly secure and respected online wallet, which should give you the peace of mind that even after you’re done playing Slots, PayPal has got you covered.

You can manage your PayPal wallet online through any PC or tablet, or simply download their app onto your smartphone to keep right up to date with your payments. It really couldn’t be simpler.

History of Slots games

slots for real money

The original Slots machines looked a little like this.

Charles Fey, the man considered to be the father of slot machines, invented the first simple machine in the United States in 1887, which incorporated a lever and coin slot. His inspiration to create this machine was perhaps its poker based predecessor, the ‘trade stimulator’ which dispensed cigars or free drinks tokens to winners.

What set his device apart from this machine was the fact that Fey’s slot machine was the first gambling machine to give out money.

According to the book, Slot Machine Mania by Dwight E. Crevelt, the San Francisco Chronicle had reported that Fey managed to impress excited saloon and restaurant owners in the city through his demonstration of how the three reeled ‘Liberty Bell’ slot machine worked, on April 14th of the same year. The intrigued observers predicted that the flashy invention would make a lot of money in the future.

The Introduction of Slots games at the casino

Many years later, in 1946, slot machines were introduced in Las Vegas casinos by a man named Bugsy Siegal, who initially installed the machines to serve as a distraction for wives and girlfriends of players participating in table games, such as poker and blackjack.

As time has gone by, continuous advances in technology have also caused these machines to develop into 5-reeled slots, which cumulatively often account for about 80% of a typical casino’s profits. Take a look at our History of Slots page for more information on the origins of this famous game.

Play Slots Online Today

Online slots games have taken the world by storm in recent years making a vaster selection of slots available online for you to enjoy.

If you’re interested in playing, Casino Guide can help you out in selecting the right online slots casino for you - just choose from one of our recommended casinos at the top of the page and benefit from a huge bonus just for signing up!

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