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Bitcoin Casinos: 2020 Guide

Play at one of our recommended Bitcoin casinos and enjoy the benefits:

✅ Licensed and regulated in the UK
✅ Speedy payments and low/no fees
✅ Provably fair gaming

Best Bitcoin Casinos 2020

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Why Play At Bitcoin Casinos?

Bitcoin payments are 'peer-to-peer'. This means the money goes from you to the casino and back again with no middleman involved. That's one of the reasons the transaction fees at Bitcoin casinos are much lower and the payments much faster.

When you buy Bitcoin, you are identified by a unique address, rather than by name. Because of this, Bitcoin is extremely popular for purchasing items anonymously. Decentralisation and anonymity are probably the two biggest reasons people adopt Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Casinos Reviewed

casinos that accept bitcoinBelow, we’ll discuss the key aspects of using Bitcoin to give you a better idea of how it compares with other payment options.

Payment Speeds - 5/5

Deposits are usually immediate and withdrawals are typically very fast as well.

Payment Limits - 4/5

The limits on Bitcoin payments aren't prohibitive to most players, but some online casinos are understandably wary of accepting very large sums in this way due to strict anti money laundering regulations.

Ease Of Use - 3/5

Bitcoin isn't something that you can easily pick up and use if you have no knowledge of it. However once you know what you're doing, it's relatively simple.

Security And Anonymity - 5/5

One of the main USPs of Bitcoin is that it's decentralised and can be used anonymously.

How We Rate Bitcoin Casinos

casinoguide how we rate

All of the Bitcoin casinos in our list above have been thoroughly checked and approved by our team of in-house experts. Here’s what they look for:

✅ Standout Features
Aside from offering Bitcoin as a payment option, what other things has the casino got going for it?

✅ Bonuses
Are signup bonuses available? Are these offered in denominations of Bitcoin?

✅ Games
Does the casino offer any of the special games only available at Bitcoin casinos, like Dice? What other games are on offer?

✅ Mobile Experience
How is the user experience when playing on a mobile device?

✅ Payment Options
Does the casino integrate well with Bitcoin wallets, and other payment solutions?

✅ Support and Security
How easy is it to get in touch with support, and what measures are taken to ensure games are fair and secure?

Do They Offer Provably Fair Gambling?

Provably Fair technology allows you to personally verify the fairness and accuracy of a game’s outcome. For example, you can see in black and white the process by which the outcome of spinning the Roulette wheel is generated.

This technique is used to ensure the transparency of Bitcoin casinos, and is accomplished by a set of digital steps that are called cryptographic hash functions:

  1. Secret seed is generated — This secret seed is random and is encrypted into a hash code. This is all done by the server.
  2. Secret seed is delivered — This hashed code of the secret seed is sent to your device.
  3. Random client seed is inputted — This random client seed is inputted by you (i.e. pressing the ‘Spin’ button).
  4. Seeds are mixed up — Both of the seeds are then mixed up by an encrypted function.
  5. Secret seed is revealed — This is done for client verification. You are able to check the secret seed.

This method is unique to Bitcoin casinos, but is hidden behind a more user-friendly interface. You certainly don’t need to know all of the technical terms in order to make sense of it.

Top 5 Bitcoin Casinos In The UK

  1. William Hill – play with a name you recognise from the high street for maximum peace of mind.
  2. Mansion Casino – one of the biggest online casino operations in the UK.
  3. 22 Bet – partake in some Bitcoin-funded sportsbetting if you fancy a break from the casino.
  4. Casino Joy – huge selection of games backed by a very solid setup.
  5. – enjoy all forms of online gambling with Bitcoin here. One of the first Bitcoin casinos UK players could enjoy.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

bitcoin casino bonusesIn order to encourage you to sign up make a deposit, many Bitcoin casinos will offer deposit bonuses. The amount varies, but it is typically a percentage of your first deposit.

For example if you deposited £100, a 200% match deposit would give you another £200 to play with, making £300 in total.

Some Bitcoin casinos even offer free Satoshis for signing up, making referrals, playing new games, and more.

Bitcoin Casino Bonus Terms

Even though some deposit bonuses may seem extremely attractive, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting.

Almost all deposit bonuses come with wagering requirements. These are fine if you just want to play, but will prevent you from withdrawing your bonus too soon.

They may also limit you to certain types of games to use your Bitcoin casino bonus on. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of your Bitcoin casino bonuses thoroughly.

Making Deposits And Withdrawals At Bitcoin Casinos

bitcoin casino paymentsWith Bitcoin casinos, you don’t have to have a credit card or bank account tied to your online casino account. All transactions can go through your Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin casino deposits and withdrawals are usually processed very quickly. However, the length of time can vary depending on the amount of money you’re dealing with.

Most casinos that allow deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin use a third-party payment solution to facilitate this, such as GoCoin or BitPay. You may need to create an account with the relevant payment provider, and fees may be applicable.

Bitcoin Casinos = Short Waiting Times

Smaller transactions at Bitcoin casinos are almost instantaneous, assuming you already have a Bitcoin wallet set up. For larger amounts of money, it can take 2-10 hours for the entire transaction to be completed. Still much faster than most other payment options!

So why the longer wait time when dealing with larger amounts? Although the transactions themselves are processed very quickly, the security measures of the Bitcoin casino may cause slight delays.

With a maximum wait time of less than half a day, withdrawals at Bitcoin casinos are highly superior to most other methods in terms of speed. When you consider bank transfers can often take 1-3 working days to be sent out, waiting 10 hours seems a minor inconvenience in comparison.

Bitcoin Casinos Minimum Deposit

When you play on Bitcoin casinos, the minimum deposit will typically be an amount equal to approximately £10. When signing up at Bitcoin casinos, always check the terms and conditions carefully before making a deposit. This should tell you all you need to know about minimum deposit amounts. This goes for all kinds of cryptocurrency casinos.

Remember that the value of a single Bitcoin can vary drastically. For example, in 2017 it jumped from £830 up to over £15,000! This is why most payments you’ll make while playing at casinos that accept Bitcoin will be in mBTC instead of whole Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Casino Games on Your Mobile Phone

Even if you usually play on your laptop or home computer, mobile casinos offer great flexibility. By taking your Bitcoin casino with you in your pocket, you can play while on the go! Using your Bitcoins, you’re able to play whichever online casino games you like, whenever you like.

Some Bitcoin Casinos offer a mobile app for you to use as well. But if you don’t like downloading apps, you can just access your casino from your mobile or tablet’s browser. Unless your phone is very old, it should be compatible. There are even some alternative casino payment options specifically designed for mobile players.

What Is Bitcoin?

bitcoin logoBitcoin is a type of decentralised digital currency, known as a cryptocurrency. It is particularly popular in digital exchanges, as it relies on nearly unbreakable encryption techniques. Bitcoins are user-generated and can transferred from one party to another by use of a cryptocurrency wallet.

Bitcoin was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. This is almost certainly a pseudonym; it is speculated that this is an alias of a programmer or a group of programmers who wished to stay anonymous.

The Rise Of Bitcoin

Until 2016, Bitcoin was mainly the preserve of tech-savvy and revolutionary types - therefore these were the only people playing at Bitcoin casinos. The online, decentralised system and peer-to-peer payments ware naturally appealing to these demographics.

However with the value of Bitcoin spiking by over 1400% in 2017, more and more people have become interested in the cryptocurrency.

A Brief Explanation Of How Bitcoin Works

There's a lot of websites and videos on the Internet that claim to explain how Bitcoin works. Unfortunately, most fail to adequately do so and only add to the confusion.

This is one video which we think manages to add a little clarity. Hopefully the clear diagrams and descriptions made in real-life terms should prove easier to understand!

Bitcoin Casinos: Common Units

Bitcoin currently comes three main units: Bitcoin (BTC), milli-Bitcoin (mBTC), and micro-Bitcoin (uBTC).

The BTC is a whole unit, the mBTC is a thousandth of a Bitcoin, and the uBTC is a millionth of a Bitcoin. Other units that are commonly seen include the dBTC (one-tenth of a Bitcoin) and the cBTC (one-hundredth of a Bitcoin).

When you gamble on Bitcoin casinos, you’ll mostly see the unit of mBTC being used - unless you're a big high roller who likes throwing whole Bitcoins around.

Bitcoin Units Table

Bitcoin UnitBitcoin ValueValue if 1BTC = £10,000
(one bitcoin)
(one tenth of a Bitcoin)
(one hundredth of a Bitcoin)
(one thousandth of a Bitcoin)
(one millionth of a Bitcoin)
(one hundred millionth of a Bitcoin)
0.00000001Less than £0.01

A Satoshi is the smallest possible unit of Bitcoin, named after the cryptocurrency's creator. Each Bitcoin is divisible to the 8th decimal place, and no further.

As their value is so small, Satoshis are often used by Bitcoin casinos as a no deposit bonus. This enables you to get started even if you don't have any Bitcoins yet.

How To Acquire Bitcoins

bitcoin imgObviously, if you are intending to play at Bitcoin casinos, you're going to need some bitcoins in your wallet first of all.

There are two ways that you can add funds to your Bitcoin wallet:

  • You can buy bitcoins – either from an exchange or from individuals who have bitcoins to sell.
  • Or you can mine them yourself - this is much more complex and requires a lot of technical knowledge.

Bitcoin is popular with a lot of people because of its inherent privacy. You can buy bitcoins anonymously; the only information you have to provide is an email address. That said, it is possible to purchase bitcoins using debit cards, credit cards, and other common payment methods.

The exchange rate for GBP (or any other currency) to Bitcoin constantly fluctuates and is extremely volatile. Try to keep a close eye on the exchange rates and buy your bitcoins when they are in your favour. That way, you can play more Bitcoin casino games for your money!

Storing Your Bankroll

Your Bitcoin is stored in what is called a Bitcoin wallet. These wallets come in four forms:

  • Online Bitcoin wallets – similar to an e-wallet like PayPal
  • Bitcoin hardware wallets – physical devices for securely storing your bitcoins
  • Software wallets – like online Bitcoin wallets, but downloaded to your phone or other device
  • Paper wallets – these are private keys printed out from an offline computer.

Almost all Bitcoin casino reviews agree that hardware wallets are the most secure type of Bitcoin wallet. However, online wallets are the easiest type to use, especially if you’re not particularly tech savvy.

All four types of Bitcoin wallet can at first seem hard to use. But it's just a matter of taking your time and familiarising yourself with the interface.

If you use a hardware or software wallet to store your Bitcoin, you’ll need to download and install the software onto your computer. The other two types of Bitcoin wallet we previously mentioned don’t require you to download anything else.

Bitcoin Casinos FAQ

What Is A Bitcoin Casino?

For the purposes of this article, a Bitcoin casino is simply an online casino which accepts Bitcoin for incoming deposits or outgoing withdrawals.

Which Are The Best Casinos Accepting Bitcoin?

The top Bitcoin casinos as rated by our experts can be found in the list at the top of this page.

How Do Bitcoin Casinos Work?

Bitcoin casinos work in much the same way as other kinds of online casinos. The main difference being they accept payments made with Bitcoin.

Are Bitcoin Casinos Legal?

In the UK, the Gambling Act of 2005 made real-money gambling legal if it was done with a licensed operator. If you are a UK resident, then you are fully within your rights to play at licensed Bitcoin casinos like those listed above.

Are Bitcoin Casinos Regulated?

Are the Bitcoin casinos UK players access regulated? Well, yes and no. Not all are regulated, but those in our list above are extremely well-regulated – we only recommend casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

Are Bitcoin Casino Games Secure?

As mentioned above, the use of Bitcoins is very secure. There are many encryption techniques and failsafes which prevent unauthorised people accessing your online wallet. It is also wise to ensure you are playing at Bitcoin casinos which are reputable and trustworthy.

How Long Do Bitcoin Casino Deposits Take?

It depends on the online casino and whether you have already verified your identity, but typically deposits made with Bitcoin are completed in under 10 minutes, and sometimes even immediately.

How To Cash Out From A Bitcoin Casino?

While logged in, visit the page where you can check your current balance. There should be a button there for making withdrawals or payouts. Click this, select Bitcoin as your payment method and follow the instructions.

How Much Is 1 Bitcoin Worth When Playing At Online Casinos?

Throughout 2019, the value of 1 bitcoin ranged from just under £3,000 to just over £10,000 – it’s a highly volatile currency. At the time of writing, 1 bitcoin is worth approximately £8,000.

Play At A Bitcoin Casino Today!

Jump aboard the Bitcoin gravytrain and have some online casino fun at the same time! Its inherent security and anonymity make Bitcoin the ideal casino payment method.

Head over to one of our recommended Bitcoin casinos below and collect an impressive bonus for signing up and making a deposit!