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About CasinoGuide

Want to know more about who is behind CasinoGuide? What we stand for? And why it is so important to us to create the largest, and most comprehensive free gambling guide online? We’ve covered all the juicy details for you right here, including how you can reach out to us!

Who Are CasinoGuide?

CasinoGuide has been delivering top-notch and totally free online casino reviews and guidance since 2009! We pride ourselves on bringing together industry experts who test, play, research, and review every aspect of the online gaming experience, creating unbiased casino guides from industry insiders.

If you have a media enquiry, please visit our new Press Room.

For over a decade we’ve been striving to ensure that our readers get the best online casino experience possible. We do this by listing safe and secure casinos to play on, with our recommendations backed up by facts. As a result, CasinoGuide has become one of the best and most trusted online casino directories in the UK.

CasinoGuide Certificate Of Trust


You may find our Certificate Of Trust towards the bottom of the page at selected online casinos which have shown themselves to be exemplary in all six of the above areas. If you believe this logo is appearing on a site which doesn't warrant it, please feel free to get in touch and let us know.

What We Do

Our mission here at CasinoGuide is simple: to be The Complete Online Casino Guide. We work to achieve this every day, by delivering insight and expertise on gaming strategy, casinos, bonuses and much more. And in doing so we are helping transform new and experienced players alike into all-round better gamblers who are more informed about the online casino industry.

Comprehensive Casino Reviews You Can Trust

Our highly structured casino reviews are data-driven to give you an exclusive peek behind the scenes, a detailed assessment of a casino, that can save you time and money as you head straight to the best sites. Or use our onsite casino search filter to select the criteria that you want in a casino and instantly see the best options.

All our reviews are laid out in an easy to understand and clear way, presenting data alongside our own expert opinion, enabling you to easily identify the sites that stock the games that you love, have the best bonus offers, and fit your casino preferences like a glove, or to experiment and find something new.

Essential Game and Strategy Guides

Reading our detailed strategy guides on each game (or just your game of choice) will ensure that you are as well-equipped as you could be to make a big splash at the online casino you choose to play at! Featuring Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, and much more, this section of the site is definitely worth a visit and is written by experienced players with potentially money-saving tips to share! Our guides contain expert advice, insider tips, detailed strategy and everything to take you from novice to expert!  

Casino Payment Guides

As well our essential gaming guides and casino reviews we also cover casino staples like payment options. After all, the main reason we play is to win, so it’s important to know the benefits and drawbacks of casino payment methods!

The Best and the Biggest Casino Bonuses

We’ve taken an in-depth look at the most common casino bonuses, how they stack up and what you need to be aware of before opting in. This is essential reading for every player- so don’t miss it if you want to get more casino credits and bonus deals! 

Software Guides

Do you know your NetEnt Slots from Microgaming, who offers a more competitive RTP, and where to find the most innovative new games like Megaways™ Slots? Often, players will fall in love with one or more types of casino software, because each offers their own unique playing experience. Bet types, graphic style, availability of Progressive Jackpots and live dealer games, game concepts, and attitude to market innovations – there’s a lot that can divide and define the dozens of casino software developers out there! That’s why we’ve taken an in-depth look at what each casino software studio has in store for you and list the best online casinos offering games from that particular developer, making it easier to get the information you need instantly.

Responsible Gambling and Player Assistance

We’ve talked about money and gaming a lot here already, but what we haven’t yet mentioned is responsible gambling. As an influencer and contributing member of the gambling industry, it is our duty to inform our readers about responsible and problem gambling.

This is essential reading as every player needs to know the dangers involved in gambling and the assistance they can access if they feel their online gambling behaviour is negatively impacting their life (which, by the way, it never should).

But staying safe online is about prevention as well as reactionary measures, for example, did you know it’s good practice to always monitor the way you play by using your casino account to track your deposits and playing habits? Visit our responsible gambling guide and stay on top of your game and find out what measures and tools are available to you.

Complaint Resolution

As player advocates and casino experts, we can also offer assistance in contacting your casino if you have a grievance- to help you get the full story. We can’t promise to solve the situation, but our influence can have a positive effect, assisting communication between both parties, and explaining the outcome of decisions made or next steps you can take.

Why Do We Do All This?

The casino industry is booming, globally, and as with many soaring industries that have migrated online, there’s now a wealth of providers, influences, information, bonuses, and services out there. Whilst this brings the freedom to play to everyone, opening doors and tables, doing away with dress codes and travel; it also creates a bustling and ever-growing industry that can be confusing.

“Guiding Your Online Casino Experience”

It is in this context that CasinoGuide provides an authoritative, honest and independent guide to help you make more informed gaming choices. Lighting the way through honesty, reliability of information, and the use of credible data. Because we want you to have more fun, avoid the mediocre, and win more by knowing how to play - it’s that simple.

How We Pay The Bills

CasinoGuide is fully independent of any and all online casinos. However, we do earn a referral fee if you decide to join an online casino using a link from our site. This enables us to pay our writers, keep our domain live and continually improve the service we offer here. Thanks to our business model, CasinoGuide has always and remains to be a free resource.

The Casinos Review Process: Players are Our Priority

CasinoGuide has a 6-point methodology for reviewing online casinos, that differentiates us from other review sites. Every-step in our methodology is crucial and we follow it to a T to ensure our reviews have the same easy to follow format so you can find the information you need instantly. All our reviews are honest and fact-based, - we take pride in only recommending the best online casinos for you!

  1. Bonuses and Promotions
    Joining the exploding online casino scene means opening yourself to some very competitive bonus offers, promotions and welcome deals. At CasinoGuide we scour the net, collecting the casinos that give away the best bonus deals for players. Whether it’s a no deposit deal that gets you spinning for free, or a doubled down a deposit that puts an extra 0 on your bankroll. We find you the best and the biggest bonuses, but also tell you what to look out for to ensure you can claim your prizes and withdraw your winnings later on.
  2. Design and Mobile Compatibility
    Often overlooked, yet a cornerstone of online gaming; site design and mobile compatibility come in on top at CasinoGuide. The best casino sites are surprisingly just like their brick and mortar counter-parts; well laid-out, easy to navigate, exciting, inviting, and interactive. But they must also be mobile compatible. With more than 40% of UK players, logging in via their phones, casinos must have mobile platforms available.
  3. Games Variety and Quality
    Without high-quality and plentiful game choices, an online casino is little more than an empty site. A casino is only as good as it’s games, and we only recommend the best. Searching high and low to show you the most impressive games lobbies that comprehensively cover the casino floor, offering choice and options galore. As part of our casino reviews, you’ll be able to delve into which software developers are providing the games at each casino and also filter casinos by your favourite provider.
  4. Payment Options
    Convenient, secure, quick, and fee-free are our top criteria for casino payment methods, without a good mix of these criteria, we won’t recommend a casino. As part of our review process we establish which payment options are offered by which casinos and display it clearly for you. It’s easy to organise casinos based on any criteria using our on-site casino search filter to find casinos with your e-wallet, card, phone or crypto payment preference.
  5. Customer Support
    Getting hold of the casino you play with when you need them is crucial to a good gaming experience. Our reviews will tell you exactly how reliable a casino’s support service is and how you can get hold of them when you need to.
  6. Security and Fairness
    This is non-negotiable. A casino needs to be licenced in the markets they offer their services and third-party tested to get the stamp of recommendation for CasinoGuide. Fair play is not up for discussion at this site and throughout all our site articles and reviews, player security is an unwavering theme, which is why we cover responsible gambling in such detail as well as our comprehensive gambling licensing guide. Knowledge is power - the more relevant and reliable information you have, the better.

We’ll start and finish every review by spelling out exactly what that casino does best, their stand-out features that differentiate them in the crowded casino market, and any other information you need to know before deciding whether to sign up.

Going Beyond Online Casinos and Gaming Guides

At CasinoGuide, listing online casinos and gaming guides for UK players is our speciality. But we aren't limited to content strictly related to online casinos - we also explore related topics. For example, if you're looking to find a land-based casino, perhaps one close to where you live, you can find your local casinos in the UK today.

If you're a high roller and wanting to visit casinos in more exotic locations, then casino junkets are the perfect way to do that. And if you aren't sure what to wear, you can check our casino dress code guide. Just want to play some easy card games at home? Our five fun Christmas games for families page is sure to keep everyone entertained!

Are you interested in how many of the football teams you cheer on every week are supported by the gambling industry? Take a look at our in-depth report on gambling sponsors in football. Finally, we are aware of the growing trend in competitive online gaming and the new forms of gambling that have sprung up around it. On our esports page, you'll find a comprehensive overview of this new phenomenon, including comparisons with and implications for casino gaming.

CasinoGuide in The Community

It’s our readers who have made us what we are, by loading up our site, supporting our content and joining in the conversation we’ve been able to become a big player in the online casino community- and that’s now letting expand into the offline world too.

We’re super excited to present the CasinoGuide community, home of our monthly giveaways, sponsorships, and more! Want to tell us about an event or inquire about sponsorship? Find out more about CasinoGuide in the Community.

Meet The Team Behind CasinoGuide

CasinoGuide brings together an exciting and creative bundle of expertise in the form of writers, gambling experts, designers and marketing gurus who work tirelessly to deliver you guys the latest news, reviews and gaming guides from the casino industry. Meet the team:

Alex Tester | Project Manager

Alex manages the site from day-to-day, crafting the content design, and structuring the site in perfect tune with players’ wants, needs, and the latest industry developments. He studied in the UK before setting out to travel the world, eventually ending up in Europe's online gambling capital - Malta. Here he began to explore the professional world of online gambling and marketing and has been at the helm of CasinoGuide since 2016.

Chris Campan | SEO

Chris is an expert in finding bugs and achieving top rankings. He makes sure that the site is performing well, all of its content is crawled and indexed by search engines and delivers the best user experience to our users.

Chris is a true expat with almost than 10 years of living abroad experience, and fluent in 4 international languages. He brags with a master’s in Innovation from one of the top 100 universities in the world and one of Denmark’s finest institutions. He’s been helping shape up CasinoGuide since 2018, and looking forward to what the future has to offer.

Dávid Buzás | Developer

David is the man who makes everything on CasinoGuide work as it should. He is the architect behind our unmatched online casino filter, makes the site load fast, and much more besides.

Alex Coza | Designer

The gorgeous, colourful, original images you can see on CasinoGuide are down to Alex's fantastic design work. We also have him to thank for our logo and colour scheme.

Lauren Harrison | Content Writer

Lauren is a regular contributor here at CasinoGuide - writing everything from in-depth research pieces to comprehensive casino reviews, and everything in between. With extensive experience and knowledge in the field, she has been an invaluable asset to the team since joining in 2019.

We Want to Hear from You

Whether you’ve spotted a mistake on our site, or just want to share some particularly exciting news, get in touch, reach out and let’s start chatting!

  • Work With Us
    We’re always on the lookout for hot new talent so if you’ve got a passion for online gaming and need to share it with the world you could be the perfect fit for us. We’re don’t just take casino experts; we’re also interested in hearing from aspiring writers, video producers, online casino players, streamers, and more – if you’ve got something to offer, we want to hear from you!
  • Get Reviewed: Online Casinos
    Are you an online casino looking to get reviewed and featured on CasinoGuide? Get in contact with Alex Tester at hello(at)casinoguide.co.uk to start the conversation.
  • Join the Discussion: Players, Readers and CasinoGuide Fans
    You’re our readers - we want to know what you think and what matters to you most so that we can make CasinoGuide the best it can possibly be.

Our postal address is: Rock Intention Malta Limited, 5th Floor, 114 The Strand, Gzira, GZR1027, Malta. You can also use the contact form just below, or email us directly on hello(at)casinoguide.co.uk. If you prefer to use social media, we can also be found on Twitter and Reddit.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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