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EcoPayz Casinos 2020

Make online casino deposits and withdrawals instantly with ecoPayz.

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EcoPayz Casinos 2020

EcoPayz online casinos are easy enough to find, not least because many online casino gamers in the UK already use it for their deposit and withdrawal requirements.

Choose a recommended EcoPayz Casino from our list above, claim your exclusive CasinoGuide bonus, and start playing today!

Finding EcoPayz Casinos

EcoPayz Casinos are not at all hard to find and many of them boast some of the best features in the online casino gaming sector. The benefits of the EcoPayz platform include:

  • Widespread reach among online casino gamers
  • Ease of use
  • Security features

...and much more which we’ll go into later in this article.

Choosing Your EcoPayz Casino

Needless to say, each EcoPayz Casino differs from the next. While some provide an excellent overall gaming experience, the same cannot be said of some others.

When selecting an EcoPayz Casino, make sure you choose the right one for you. Be sure to assess the most important criteria of each casino such as the security measures it boasts. Also be on the lookout for; its client support service, its game variety and focus, its speed of payment, its user-friendliness and most importantly, its reputation among online casino gamers.

You can do this by checking out our EcoPayz Casino reviews. Our reviews have been written with the specific aim of helping you compare online casinos on these merits.

EcoPayz Casino Exclusive Rewards

There are several rewards and promotions to keep an eye out for when choosing between EcoPayz Casinos. These include not only direct rewards, coming from EcoPayz itself, but also indirect rewards, coming from EcoPayz Casinos, and even rewards from EcoPayz partners MasterCard.

Rewards exist for using almost all casino payment options, so don't be afraid to shop around!

Casino Rewards

There are many online casinos that will reward their patrons for banking with EcoPayz. They usually do so by offering a 5% - 15% bonus, when you choose to affect a deposit via EcoPayz. These deals are somewhat rare, but they are out there.

If you can find an EcoPayz Casino that will offer such bonuses, this will serve to enhance your bankroll and possibly, your winnings too.

EcoPayz Rewards

There are in-house offers and promotions coming from EcoPayz itself. Firstly, there’s Club EcoPayz, through which you can benefit in the form of comp points simply by using your EcoPayz account (this is not exclusive to casino deposits).

The EcoPayz points that you earn can then be exchanged for cash gifts or prizes - once enough have been accumulated, that is.

MasterCard Rewards

Finally, since EcoPayz is a MasterCard partner, users of the EcoCard may benefit from MasterCard’s famous rewards programmes too. And that’s not even including the additional monthly promotions frequently put up by EcoPayz. You can even find specific MasterCard casinos if you prefer.

Once you register an EcoPayz account, you will be kept updated with all the latest monthly offers and promotions available to EcoPayz users.

EcoPayz Casinos: Making Deposits

Once you have a topped-up Silver EcoPayz online account in your name, making deposits and withdrawals at EcoPayz Casinos is an absolute cinch! Simply access the cashier or payments page at your EcoPayz Casino of choice and select EcoPayz as your payment option. If you can't find it, make sure you are looking under the e-wallet section as opposed to the credit cards section.

Conveniently, you will not have to provide any personal or banking details. The only information you are asked by the casino to provide is the amount you wish to deposit into your EcoPayz Casino account. You will then be re-directed to the EcoPayz website, where you simply need to follow the on-screen instructions to make the payment via your ecoAccount, EcoCard or ecoVirtualcard.

The vast majority of EcoPayz Casinos will not charge users any fees to affect deposits into their online casino account using this method. But always check in advance if this is a concern for you.

EcoPayz Casino Withdrawals

Many EcoPayz Casinos allow both deposits and withdrawals using EcoPayz. Users ought to note however, that withdrawals from online casinos are only possible through the EcoCard or the ecoAccount, since the ecoVirtualcard is a disposable (single-time-use) payment feature.

Making a withdrawal from an EcoPayz Casino is just as easy as making a deposit. Through the cashier option or payments page at your chosen EcoPayz Casino, select EcoPayz as your cash-out option. Then simply specify the amount you wish to withdraw and wait for the transaction to be processed.

EcoPayz Casino Payment Speeds

One of the advantages of banking at EcoPayz Casinos is the waiting time involved for processing transactions. When depositing into an online casino account, the funds are made available instantly. This means that you can start playing your favourite casino games mere minutes after affecting a deposit. 

Withdrawals are also speedy - with most EcoPayz Casinos you should expect to wait a maximum of 48hrs for the withdrawn funds to appear in your ecoAccount. Although this may not sound fast, when compared with some other methods, a 2-day maximum is very impressive.

Some EcoPayz Casinos will even process withdrawals instantly, but these are few and far between. The vast majority of EcoPayz Casinos do not charge any fees on withdrawals made via EcoPayz. Great news for your bottom line!

EcoPayz Overview

ecopayz casinos logo

The EcoPayz logo.

EcoPayz is an online money transferring and payment platform, falling unmistakably within the e-wallet category of payment methods. It boasts millions of users of around 160 different nationalities and provides its payment service in 45 different currencies.

It was first launched in the year 2000, in the United Kingdom, under its widely known brand name EcoCard, but has recently re-branded in order for the brand to encapsulate the variety in the payment service’s diverse product offering. The EcoCard brand still exists, alongside its peer brands ecoAccount and ecoVirtualcard, each of which will be elaborated on in this review.


  1. EcoPayz became an authorised and fully regulated electronic payments provider in 2008 and a year later, teamed up with MasterCard to expand its product line and circulate physical plastic cards.
  2. 2009 was another year of expansion for EcoPayz, as it also launched its first mobile application on the iOS platform, further augmenting its reach and streamlining its service.
  3. EcoPayz’s customer service provision was enhanced further in 2010, when the company began offering around-the-clock client support in a variety of languages through multiple means.
  4. The company’s aforementioned re-branding exercise came in 2013, which accompanied the launch of the EcoPayz mobile platform to further cement the payment service’s foothold in the global digital payments sector.
  5. In 2014, EcoPayz completed its rebranding exercise with the launch of the aforementioned ecoAccount and ecoVirtualcard products as well as its Android and Windows applications for mobile devices.

Ecopayz now operates out of Horsham, England and with over a decade of experience under its belt, is today known as one of the pioneers of the digital wallet business.

How EcoPayz Works

ecopayz casinos ecocard

An EcoPayz 'virtual card' and the standard EcoCard.

Like any archetypal e-wallet/digital wallet, using EcoPayz requires you to firstly register an EcoPayz online account in your name. The principal benefit of this to the user is being able to make and receive secure payments online, without exchanging personal information or banking details with the online merchant (in this case a casino).

Creating an account with EcoPayz is free of charge and may be done at the EcoPayz official website. Ecopayz user accounts come in a variety of 'ecoAccount' levels, including:

  • Classic
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • VIP

Classic ecoAccount

The process involved when opening a Classic ecoAccount is extremely brief and straightforward and following email verification, you are able to start affecting transactions over the EcoPayz platform right away. However, the only transactions you may affect with a Classic ecoAccount are funding the ecoAccount, and transferring funds to online merchants accepting EcoPayz transactions.

Although this account is enough to make use of an EcoPayz Casino, in order to enjoy all that EcoPayz has to offer, we suggest upgrading the ecoAccount to the Silver variety from the get-go.

Silver ecoAccount

With an EcoPayz Silver ecoAccount, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Affect peer-to-peer money transfers across the EcoPayz global network of users
  • Withdraw money from an ecoAccount to a regular bank account
  • Affect transactions in multiple currencies
  • Apply for a physical EcoCard from MasterCard
  • Use an ecoVirtualcard to affect secure virtual card payments online.

Applying for a Silver ecoAccount does require a slightly longer registration procedure - you need to supply EcoPayz with certain documents for client identification. But this is worth it, for the peace of mind provided by extra safety and security.

Adding Funds

Once you have an ecoAccount in your name, you need to fund your EcoPayz wallet in order to start affecting money transfers to and from online EcoPayz merchants, such as EcoPayz Casinos. This can be done in a multitude of ways, including via:

  • Credit card/debit card
  • Internet banking
  • Direct bank transfers
  • Pre-paid cards
  • Other e-wallets

The processing time for deposits and the associated deposit fees will depend on the your location and the chosen deposit method.


The EcoCard, which may be acquired through a Silver ecoAccount (or higher), is a MasterCard debit card. This debit card not only allows users to affect online transactions as they would with a regular debit card, but it also enables them to shop at brick and mortar stores via Point of Sale (POS) machines, as well as withdraw money from their ecoAccount at ATMs displaying the MasterCard logo.

The ecoVirtualcard on the other hand, is a virtual, single-time-use MasterCard number that may be used just like a debit card to affect online payments. Using it is a highly effective method of fraud prevention.

EcoPayz Casino Security

EcoPayz Casinos are among the safest on the web. This is because EcoPayz, being an e-wallet, allows players to bank at online casinos without revealing any of their personal details or banking information to their EcoPayz Online Casino of choice. But there are other security features that make EcoPayz a safe banking option.

ecopayz psiPSI-Pay and SSL

Firstly, EcoPayz is registered under PSI-Pay Ltd, under which all transactions are processed. PSI-Pay Ltd is licensed and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and uses the latest in Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology in order to ensure that any information exchanged between yourself and EcoPayz cannot be intercepted and read.

ecopayz psiThawte Certification

Secondly, the EcoPayz website is certified by Thawte, which serves to ensure peace of mind as to the safety of any personal information entrusted to EcoPayz. This requires, for example, EcoPayz to keep all its client information on physically separate, secure hardware which is protected using state of the art firewall systems and kept disconnected from the Internet.

A good way to identify the best EcoPayz Casinos in to look into the security features they offer. The best casinos will always publish their privacy policies that guarantee anonymity for customers and should not exchange information with third parties for commercial purposes.

Also, the best EcoPayz Casinos will have similar security protocols and measures in place as listed above. This means that they would use SSL encryption technology and the latest firewalls to protect their clients’ information, as well as keep sensitive client information on separate, protected servers.

Client Support with EcoPayz Online Casinos

Those playing at EcoPayz  Casinos will have no issues in accessing any support they may need. EcoPayz provides all its clients with direct client support through its official website support page.

If you are an existing EcoPayz client, to access support you can either fill in a contact form with your query, or use the 24-hour EcoPayz client support team live chat available on the site. The EcoPayz support pages also sports a comprehensive list of FAQs.

Choose An EcoPayz Casino Today!

There are several reasons to choose EcoPayz casinos. To summarize all of the above, EcoPayz is a quick, user-friendly, secure way to make and receive payments over the internet. EcoPayz offers a full range of online money transferring services and it does so at a relatively low cost to its users.

Take your pick from our list of recommended EcoPayz casinos, claim your exclusive CasinoGuide bonus, and start playing today!