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InstaDebit Casinos are more prevalent than ever, particularly since InstaDebit started catering for clients from over 30 different countries. It is a popular payment option with online casino players, as InstaDebit merely acts as an intermediary, rather than actually holding your money like an e-wallet does.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, take your pick from our recommended Instadebit Casinos, grab your bonus, and start playing today!

Please note: we are still working to review the InstaDebit Casinos that are available in the UK. In the meantime, feel free to choose from our list of recommended online casinos.

How InstaDebit Casinos Work

instadebit casino why

Why do so many online casino players prefer InstaDebit?

Although InstaDebit is, for lack of a better term, an e-wallet, the InstaDebit official website rightly states that that it is not an e-wallet as funds cannot be directly deposited into your InstaDebit account from your bank account. 

First and foremost, InstaDebit is a means by which to affect online money transfers without revealing one’s personal information and financial details to the merchant to whom one is transferring funds. So how is it different from an e-wallet?

E-wallets, such as PayPal, require you to transfer money from your bank account into a separate account, before using that money to affect money transfers to third parties. E-wallets then make their money by charging a small fee on your transactions.

Why Use Instadebit Casinos?

That's where InstaDebit is different; you don’t need to affect transfers from your bank account into your InstaDebit account, and moreover - InstaDebit doesn’t impose charges!

In fact, perhaps the greatest sales pitch for InstaDebit Online Casinos is the fact that InstaDebit is one of the few payment methods available to online casino players for which setting up an account is absolutely free and which does not impose any fees or charges on the customer.

There are no fees imposed on players by InstaDebit when transferring funds to merchants, since all the associated costs are handled by the latter - this is why there are typically less casinos accepting InstaDebit than there are accepting its competitors.

Instadebit as an Intermediary

So, if InstaDebit does not require funds to be transferred to an InstaDebit account, how does it work? Well, in short, InstaDebit acts as an intermediary between your bank account and internet merchants. Paysafecard casino sites operate in a similar way.

But here's the good part - InstaDebit allows you to make money transfers to third parties over the Internet while remaining anonymous to and retaining your bank details from those third parties.

When using InstaDebit for making an online money transfer, the information you enter consists exclusively of your InstaDebit username and password. InstaDebit will then authorise a money transfer to be made from your attached bank account to the merchant in question.

Choosing An InstaDebit Casino

This gives those who opt for InstaDebit Casinos have an array of options to choose from in terms of the online establishments that will offer them the best online gaming experience.

Many InstaDebit Casinos also offer the payment service as an option for making both deposits and withdrawals. This further enhances InstaDebit’s appeal, as many players insist on the convenience of using a single payment method for the sake of convenience.

There are of course more payment methods that offer the ability to both deposit and withdraw. Take a look at our comprehensive guide to all casino payment options to find out more.

InstaDebit Casino Rewards

When selecting an InstaDebit Casino, make sure you inquire as to whether your chosen casino offers exclusive deposit bonuses to InstaDebit users.

There are plenty of online casinos that offer exclusive deposit bonuses (up to 15%) for InstaDebit users, so once you have the chance to do so, make sure you go ahead and increase your bankroll over and above what you’ve deposited!

Who Uses InstaDebit Casinos?

Prior to the enactment of the 2008 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in the United States, InstaDebit Casinos were far more prevalent than they are today. This is because the payment company used to service the American market and was a very popular option among American and Canadian internet users.

But this is not to say that InstaDebit Casinos are hard to come across. Today, with the money transfer service being available to people within 32 countries, and having such a solid reputation for anonymity, safety, speed and ease of use, the number of InstaDebit Casinos on the web is considerable and rising.

Choosing An InstaDebit Casino

This gives those who opt for InstaDebit Casinos an array of options to choose from in terms of the online establishments that will offer them the best online gaming experience.

Not only are InstaDebit Online Casinos prevalent, but many of them also offer the payment service as an option for making both deposits and withdrawals. This further enhances InstaDebit’s appeal, as many players insist on the convenience of banking with a single banking option.

InstaDebit Casinos: Transferring Funds

To transfer funds to an InstaDebit Casino, you must first set up an InstaDebit account. This consists of a free, quick and very straightforward process. Simply visit InstaDebit’s official website and click on the ‘sign up’ button available at the top of any of the website’s pages.

You will then be prompted to enter your personal and banking information, following which, you may start using InstaDebit to affect money transfers to third party merchants over the internet. The registration process should only take a few minutes to conclude.

Making Deposits

Once you’ve got an InstaDebit account set up, making a deposit into your InstaDebit Casino account is an extremely simple matter.

Simply access the payments or cashier section, select InstaDebit from the list of banking options, specify the amount and enter your InstaDebit username and password. InstaDebit will then facilitate your deposit from your bank account into your casino account.

Making Withdrawals

Withdrawals work in pretty much the same way. Through the payments area at your chosen InstaDebit Casino, select InstaDebit as a withdrawal option, enter the amount you wish to withdraw, type in your InstaDebit username and password, and confirm.

Your winnings will be transferred via direct bank transfer from the casino account to your personal bank account. It’s that simple!

InstaDebit Casino Payment Speeds

Transfer times are yet another appealing feature for InstaDebit Casino players. With InstaDebit, deposits are instantaneous, which means that following a deposit affected through InstaDebit, you can get started on playing your favourite casino games in no time at all.

The related funds will appear in your bank account’s actual balance for a couple of days, but will not appear in your available balance and you won't be able to spend it by mistake.

Withdrawing winnings via InstaDebit is also a quick process. Although you can expect to wait 1-2 days for cashed out funds to appear into your bank account, this is very speedy compared to many other e-wallets or direct bank transfer methods, some of which take 7-10 days!

InstaDebit Customer Support

instadebit casino support

InstaDebit support can be reached on a variety of channels.

Gaining customer support is never a problem for InstaDebit users, which is another reason to choose InstaDebit Online Casinos. InstaDebit provides direct client support through its official website.

Here, not only does InstaDebit provide a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions which clients may read to gain information regarding frequently encountered issues, but it also provides avenues for direct client support through email, a toll-free telephone line as well as a live chat service. The latter is a big plus as far as payment services are concerned.

It’s not every day that one encounters a live chat customer support facility provided by a payment service! Those who choose InstaDebit Online Casinos have the benefit of gaining live chat client support.

Choose An InstaDebit Casino Today!

InstaDebit is as safe a payment option as it gets - it’s extremely fast, easy to use, convenient, can entitle you to exclusive bonuses at several casinos, and its customer support is second to none. Best of all, it’s completely free to use!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for an InstaDebit account and pick the best InstaDebit Casino from our recommended list today!

Recommended InstaDebit Casinos

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