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NextGen Gaming Casinos: Slots Specialists

Nextgen Gaming games strike a delicate balance between Slots fundamentals and innovative new mechanics. Despite being a medium-sized company, they stand up against even the bigger names thanks to focusing exclusively on making Slots games.

Check out what NextGen Gaming has to offer by choosing from our list of the top NextGen Gaming casinos, compiled by the CasinoGuide experts. All are UK-licensed and mobile-compatible.

NextGen Gaming: A Well-Established Developer

NextGen Gaming has been around for quite a while; since 1999, in fact. This means that they were around for the first generation of online Slots.

It’s clear that they have learned a lot of lessons over the years, as they are able to deliver quality Slots games that keep you engaged from the first spin until the last. The company officially 'made it' in 2011 when they were bought out by gambling giants NYX Gaming.

Give NextGen Gaming a try if you want to experience an exciting Slots title from a developer that knows what they are doing. For over two decades, this company has been working in the casino industry producing successful titles.

Why Are NextGen Gaming Casino Games So Popular?

NextGen Gaming provides a wide range of casinos with their gaming software. They serve over 70 different casino websites with their high-quality software. This means they are providing their games to customers in 20 different languages.

With so many different Slots developers and so many various games on the market, it’s challenging to find a developer that is making interesting and fresh Slots games. NextGen Gaming has been in the business for so long that they have the necessary insight to bring unique new ideas to the table.

What Are NextGen Gaming Casino Games Known For?

Rewarding Maths

NextGen Gaming is a company that really likes to get into the mathematical details when designing their games. They make sure that the maths that powers their games adds to the gameplay experience and makes things more fun.

Licensed Games

Licensed Slots games add a whole new dimension to the experience, especially if they use a franchise you know and love. NextGen Gaming is a company that has multiple well known licenses; for example, they have a Slots game based around the ‘90s classic film 'The Mask'. 


If you are a fan of Slots games, then this is the developer for you. NextGen Gaming puts most of their effort into producing quality Slots games. This means they have some great titles available with some interesting and engaging gameplay mechanics.

NextGen Gaming Slots Games

NextGen Gaming is a developer that has chosen to focus on Slots titles. They’ve been making these kinds of games since 1999, so they have a very solid grasp on what makes a good game.

Not only do they like to design a quality audio-visual experience, but they also like to get under the hood of a game and mess with the mathematics. It doesn’t matter how good your game looks or sound if the numbers just don’t add up. A well-programmed Slots game will always keep the player engaged by keeping things exciting, and this is what NextGen Gaming aims to do with all of their titles.

They have a decent number of Slots games that are based on popular franchises and characters, such as King Kong, The Mask, and several DC heroes including Superman and Batman.

If you are interested in checking out some exciting Slots games from an experienced developer, check out our list of NextGen Gaming casinos. We vet the sites we recommend thoroughly to make sure you always get a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

Most Popular NextGen Gaming Games

Here's our selection of the top NextGen Gaming casino games, as compiled by the resident experts here at CasinoGuide.

The Wild 3

This Slots game uses the tried-and-tested Wild West theme to great effect. While there might be a lot of similar games on the market, this one keeps things interesting by having a unique mission system. There are eight unique missions and any new player will receive a number of them that they can complete to unlock additional bonus features.

nextgen casino games the wild 3

Gorilla Go Wilder

The best thing about this gorilla-based Slots game is the fact that it features new content as time goes on. This is probably the first Slots game that has expansion packs that are released as time goes on. This helps to keep the game fresh for much longer than a conventional Slots title.

nextgen casino games gorilla go wilder

Medusa Megaways™

This is a title to play if you are feeling lucky. Medusa Megaways™ is a very high volatility Slot. This means sometimes you will walk away from this kind of Slots game with nothing, but there is a chance you could win a very high amount of money. This is a game based on classic mythology, with a good number of interesting features.

nextgen casino games medusa megaways

NextGen Gaming Slots Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpot games are Slots games that involve a communal prize pool that is shared between every single player. Anyone playing the game can build up the jackpot and anyone playing the game has the chance to win it.

This means there is potential for a massive win. It’s safe to say that a progressive jackpot game could offer an astounding amount of money. Unfortunately, NextGen Gaming doesn’t produce any of this type of game.

With that said, they do have some Slots games with reputations for big wins. Many of their titles are considered to be very high volatility, meaning they don’t pay out often, but when they do, the payout could be huge. One example of a game that is known for its big payouts is Jackpot Jester 2000.

NextGen Gaming Free Spins And Free Games

Since NextGen Gaming games are available at a variety of different casinos, it’s up to those providers if they want to provide free spins offers. Free spins are a popular gameplay mechanic in NextGen Gaming games, but you should be aware that you won’t be able to take any of these spins outside of the game.

When you redeem free spins, you always need to make sure you read and review the terms and conditions. Many free spins offers will require you to meet a certain wagering requirement, so make sure you understand the details to avoid disappointment.

Other NextGen Gaming Casino Games

Since NextGen Gaming is primarily a Slots gaming company, they don’t produce any 'classic' casino table games, such as Blackjack and Roulette.

It’s nice to have a variety of games available, but coding table games is quite different to making Slots games. Sometimes, developers spread themselves too thin by making several different types of games. NextGen Gaming likes to focus on delivering nothing but engaging Slots titles.

NextGen Gaming Live Casino Games

Live dealer games are the perfect way to experience the atmosphere of a real casino from the comfort of your own home. A live dealer game is generally set up using a webcam, with a human running the game in front of it. There is a chat box, giving other players the chance to interact with each other and the dealer.

Again, since NextGen Gaming is a company that focuses purely on Slots games, don’t expect to find any live dealer games here. Evolution casinos offer the best range of live dealer games in the business. If you're looking for a casino that does both, scroll to the top of the page and use our filter to select Casino Features > Live Dealer Games. This will show you all the casinos offering both NextGen games and live casino games.

Playing NextGen Gaming Casino Games On Mobile

If you want to keep up with the modern casino market, you need to have games that work well on all mobile platforms. Thankfully, NextGen Gaming is a developer that doesn’t really have any issues there. You shouldn’t encounter any major issues, no matter what platform you choose to play on.

Whether you want to play on a desktop PC, a mobile phone, or a tablet, you should have a good experience on any NextGen Gaming casino.

NextGen Gaming Casino Bonuses

As you would probably expect, you can expect to find plenty of bonus offers with NextGen Gaming casino games. Online casinos want to have the biggest amount of players using their service that they possibly can.

One way they work towards this goal is by providing big bonus offers to new and existing customers. This might be in the form of a welcome bonus, meaning you are awarded free credit to go towards playing your first games on the site.

You might also receive bonus funds in the form of a no deposit bonus. With this kind of bonus, you won’t even need to deposit any of your own money to claim it. You might also get a match bonus, which means the casino will match the amount you deposit and give you a certain amount of bonus credit.

While these offers might seem extraordinarily generous, it’s important that you take the time to read the terms and conditions associated with them. One of the most important concepts you will encounter is the wagering requirement. This is the amount of money you will need to deposit into your account and then wager if you want to be able to withdraw your bonus funds.

Make sure you take some time to read over the bonus offers when you start playing. If you don’t read them properly, you might get a nasty surprise when you attempt to withdraw your winnings. Remember to consider the terms when you are gauging how good of an offer a bonus is.

Choose From Our NextGen Gaming Casinos List Today!

Overall, NextGen Gaming is a great Slots developer. If you are looking for something other than Slots, then you probably want to look elsewhere. But if you are a Slots player looking for a new challenge, they are a great choice.

If this sounds like the kind of developer you would like to check out, then take a look at our expert-recommended top NextGen Gaming casinos. Make sure you claim your bonus when you register your account for the first time!