No Download Casinos 2018 Guide

Nowadays, you’ll be able to find many No Download Casino sites which offer you the option of playing casino games without needing to download any software whatsoever.

Indeed, if you opt to use a No Download Casino, which are also sometimes known as Browser Casinos, you'll find that many games are now available to play in the highly versatile HTML5 format.

The games can be played on virtually any of your favourite Internet browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and even on mobile devices.

Instant Casinos in Your Browser

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Play on the web browser of your choice!

No Download Casinos have been specifically designed to allow you to play their fun and thrilling casino games on any computer, including multiple iterations of Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems. They are also all mobile compatible too, enabling you to play on your phone, as well as iPad, Android or Windows tablets.

The vast majority of Slots websites, for example, would be classified as a No Download Casino, because all you need to do is log into the site and start playing. This is why they are sometimes also known as Browser Casinos. Formerly something of a rarity, almost all real money casinos operating online fall into this category nowadays.

Being registered at a No Download Casino gives you the advantage of being able to log into casino sites from absolutely anywhere in the world.  If you’d like to find a No Download Casino to play at straight away, you can choose from our recommended Browser Casinos listed above - all have been rated and reviewed for your convenience.

No Download Casino Differences

Some casinos, even No Download Casinos, offer you the option to download some online casino software in order to obtain the full range of games and software functions offered by that particular casino. If a software download is offered, this is usually the best way to experience what the casino has to offer.

However, if you're more of an Instant Casinos kind of person, or are using an older computer, you might benefit from using No Download Casinos as the heavy processing is handled at the server end or in your browser itself- by comparison, downloading software can potentially slow down your entire computer.

In the past it has been common for casino software platforms to be developed exclusively for Windows PCs. Hence, if you’re using a Mac or Linux computer, you may not have the option to download the casino’s software - meaning a No Download Casino is the way to go for you.

However, over the past few years there has been a tremendous shift in preferences shown by computer users. Thus, most new online casinos UK wide are now opting to design software which is able to run on Mac and Linux, in addition to Windows.

Nonetheless, the best option for most online casino players is a No Download Casino which enables you to play on the casino site itself. This is particularly as you can then play on your mobile device and collect a mobile casino bonus as well. If this is very important to you, our list of recommended mobile casinos may be of help.

Casino No Download Benefits

If you’re opting to play games without downloading any software, a No Download Casino is definitely the way to go. For starters, all that’s needed to enjoy a game is a standard web browser such as Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to load up and play your preferred online casino game.

This give you the Instant Casinos experience, and means that you can play Blackjack, online Roulette, Slots, Baccarat, Video Poker among many other games, wherever you are and whatever device you are using. As long as you have a working Internet connection of course!

You can also kick back and relax with a nice game of Bingo at one of our recommended Bingo sites (claim yourself a tidy bonus while you're at it). Or enjoy some human company while you play by opting for a live casino online.

How do Instant Casinos work?

Once you’ve signed up at your chosen No Download Casino site from our list above, your account will become available to log into from any Internet connected device. What is more, all transactions will be safely encrypted.

Playing at a No Download Casino is more fun when you are using a strong Internet connection, as you will be able to load games faster, facilitating a more seamless online casino experience.

Although download casinos offer you the advantage of being able to play a wider variety of casino games (even including Video Poker), you will eventually need to download updates which can be time-consuming.

This of course, can simply be avoided by using a No Download Casino instead. Take your pick from our list above and get started!

No Download Casinos on Your Mobile

mobile browser casinos

You can play at a No Download Casino on your mobile phone!

If you like to play casino games on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be glad to hear that the vast majority of No Download Casinos offer a mobile app or even a mobile website which you can play on. Even here on CasinoGuide, you can play Roulette for fun, no money involved. 

You may even find that most mobile casinos are offering better No Download Casinos than other casino providers who only offer compatibility with desktop computers and laptops.

On the other hand, if you’re an iPhone or iPad fan it is worth bearing in mind that the software restrictions on these types of devices can make some games unplayable - fortunately most games now run on the universally-compatible HTML5 platform. You do also have the option of downloading the casino application from the App Store once you have signed up.

Find The Best No Download Casino!

Choosing the best No Download Casino needn’t be a tedious task. Nowadays, most online casinos offer a great experience to those playing in-browser which strongly resemble their full downloadable software.

Obviously some have a few more features than others - such as a wider variety of games, bigger bonuses and promotions, and so on. All the information you need can be found in our list above, including thorough, in-depth reviews of each No Download Casino. Choose your favourite, collect your bonus, and play today!

Recommended No Download Casinos

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