A company with passionate developers who play Slots too

Quickspin Casinos: A Complete Focus on Slots

If you are ready to see what Quickspin has to offer, choose from our list of expert-reviewed Quickspin casinos below. You can also read on further through our comprehensive guide to Quickspin and their games.

Quickspin Casinos: Developers Who Are Slots Enthusiasts Themselves

In some casino software companies, the developers are not even Slots players themselves. When a team lacks passion in this way, it can be quite difficult to put together a game that Slots players are going to love.

Quickspin is a company that is full of dedicated Slots fans. This means that every member of their staff can give genuine, helpful feedback about the games. This helps to ensure they release quality titles every time. The Quickspin philosophy is to produce only the games that they themselves would want to play.

Quickspin tries to keep to a fairly specific release schedule. They aim to release at least 13 new Slots titles every year. With that said, they always have at least 30 different game concepts going at a time and they always have at least 6 prototype versions of potential games.

This isn’t a developer that just releases everything they produce with no quality control. They only actually release a small number of the games they come up with.

Why Are Quickspin Casino Games So Popular?

Quickspin arguably offers one of the richest selections of Slots titles out there on the web today. They might not have the most games, and they might not be the biggest developers, but they put a lot of thought and care into their creations.

It’s easy to see that these Slots games are a labour of love rather than something that is just a means of turning a profit. Quickspin tries to create more than just an audio-visual experience. When they put together the assets for a game, they are creating something that will mesh together to create an incredible atmosphere.

What Are Quickspin Casino Games Known For?

Slots Focus

One of the main things this developer is known for is their quality Slots titles. Quickspin is staffed by passionate developers who are enthusiastic about making Slots, and love playing them as well - so they really take the time needed to create a great Slots experience.

Game Diversity

Another good thing about Quickspin is the diversity of their library. Whenever they make a game, they try and give it a unique theme, meaning you will find games to suit almost any taste and mood, ranging from low to very high volatility.

Mobile Compatible

Quickspin is also known for working well on mobile devices. They do have a very small number of games that don’t work on a mobile phone or tablet, but you will find the vast majority of their titles are totally compatible with your mobile devices.

Quickspin Slots Games

Quickspin is a company that focuses exclusively on making Slots titles. They are staffed by people who love to play the game and that is why they spend their time creating top-quality video Slots titles.

They don’t really have any specific themes that they rely on like some developers do. Some push out as many titles as they can by making slight variations on the same theme. Quickspin, on the other hand, tries to give every game a unique concept and atmosphere. You can really tell that they spend a lot of time getting the assets and the gameplay right.

This developer doesn’t have any licensed games; instead, they focus completely on producing totally original titles. Quickspin has some seriously talented artists working for them, so it’s great to see them getting free reign to work on some original designs.

Most Popular Quickspin Games

Hall of the Mountain King

The idea behind this game is somewhat unconventional; it’s based around the classical piece of music “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg. Not only is the theme unique and interesting, but it also has some great bonus features, such as the ability to stack wild symbols.

quickspin casino games hall of the mountain king

Dragon Chase

This is a 3×5 reel Slot with 20 bet lines and is based around an Asian theme. Operators can choose to run either the normal version of the game or a progressive jackpots version.

quickspin casino games dragon chase

Prime Zone

This is a Slots game specifically made to appeal to the classic fans. The game invokes the feeling of gambling on an old-school Slots machine in Vegas.

quickspin casino games prime zone

Quickspin Slots Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots games work a bit differently to a normal game of Slots. Normally, when you play Slots games, you are only contributing towards your own jackpot; the game you are playing is completely self-contained.

But progressive jackpots turn this whole concept on its head. Whenever you play one of these games, you and everyone else in the world who is playing is contributing towards the jackpot. This means progressive jackpots games can provide some serious payouts.

As of right now, Quickspin has just one progressive jackpot game: Dragon Chase.

Quickspin Free Spins And Free Games

On our toplist, you will find a number of different casinos with Quickspin games. Many of these casinos are prepared to offer free spins, which allows you to experience these great titles without spending any money.

You will also find that you can win free spins as a part of the gameplay mechanics. If you choose to take up a casino on one of these free spins promos, you should bear in mind that there may be significant terms and conditions associated with them. Make sure you read up on exactly what you need to do to withdraw your bonus winnings; this will help to ensure you don’t end up disappointed.

Other Quickspin Casino Games

Some developers offer more than just Slots games. For example, you might find developers that make electronic versions of various table games such as Roulette or Blackjack. You might also find developers that make things like electronic scratchcards.

Quickspin doesn’t make anything except high-quality Slots titles. if you are interested in any of these other games, you should check out another developer. If, however, you want some great Slots games with fantastic atmospheres, then Quickspin is the company for you.

Quickspin Live Casino Games

The big downside with electronic table games is that they don’t really replicate the feeling of actually being at the table. Winning at electronic Roulette is fun, but it lacks the excitement of winning big while surrounded by your fellow gamblers and a dealer.

Live dealer games address this problem by trying to recreate the atmosphere of a real casino as closely as possible. A real dealer runs the game in front of a webcam and players have the opportunity to interact with them through a chatbox, as well as each other.

As of right now, Quickspin doesn’t make any games like this. However you can easily filter our list of recommendations above to show only the Quickspin casinos which also contain games by a live casino game developer. All you need to do is click Casino Features > Live Dealer Games!

Playing Quickspin Casino Games On Mobile

Mobile compatibility is an essential part of casino development. If your games don’t work on smartphones and tablets, then your development studio probably won’t get far.

The good news is that Quickspin is a company that takes mobile compatibility seriously. The vast majority of their games will function perfectly on either a desktop computer, mobile phone, or computer.

Choose From Our Quickspin Casinos List Today!

If you are a Slots fan who is looking for another developer to keep you entertained, it’s well worth giving Quickspin a chance. You won’t find any variety of genre here: Quickspin is a company that develops Slots games exclusively. This means they are able to focus on producing high-quality games that create amazing atmospheres.

You won’t need to worry about mobile compatibility for the most part; there are a small number of games that don’t work on mobile, but the majority do.

Quickspin is a developer that doesn’t really rely on gimmicks or recycled mechanics. They try to create a fresh experience with every game they ever produce. If you are interested in seeing what this developer has to offer, sign up at one of our expert-recommended casinos. Don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus offer!