Much more than just a well-connected developer

Relax Gaming Casinos: Working With Big Industry Names

Relax Gaming has 2 distinct aims. Firstly, they develop online casino games, including variations of Slots, Poker etc. Secondly, they also act as a distribution network for other developers, which helps developers get their games into other jurisdictions mroe easily.

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Relax Gaming Casinos: A Worldwide Presence

Relax Gaming is an interesting company because they are more than just a developer. They describe themselves as a business-to-business supplier within the online gambling industry. They produce some of their own games at their in-house studio and they also give other casino game development studios access to their extensive distribution network.

Relax Gaming has offices around the world, which allows them to distribute games in a wide variety of countries. The games produced by Relax Gaming themselves are pretty good and they release new titles fairly often. Their aim is to produce between 8 to 10 new titles every year.

Visually, their games look pretty impressive and they usually have some interesting mechanics as well.

Why Are Relax Gaming Casino Games So Popular?

Even if you haven't heard of Relax Gaming or played any of their games, there’s a good chance you’ve played a game that’s part of their distribution network.

Bringing your games into different countries can be a challenge for developers and it really helps to work with a company that knows the local laws and regulations. If it wasn’t for Relax Gaming, many developers would struggle to release their games within certain jurisdictions.

What Are Relax Gaming Casino Games Known For?

Games Distribution

Relax Gaming is not only a developer; they also distribute games on behalf of other developers. 

Offices Across Europe

Relax Gaming titles are available all across Europe. They have offices in various European countries, allowing them to make their games available in a variety of jurisdictions.

Work With Big Names

You might not have heard of Relax Gaming, but you have certainly heard of some of the developers they work with. For example, they distribute games for NetEnt and Microgaming.

Relax Gaming Slots Games

While they don’t develop too many games, they still manage to produce some Slots titles that can stand up to the competition. As far as overarching themes go, Relax Gaming does seem rather partial to making Slots games with a fantasy aesthetic.

With that said, they do seem like a developer that likes to try out new ideas. For example, they have a game called Zombie Circus, which features a circus comprised entirely of zombies; that’s a pretty unique concept.

Since they are also responsible for a distribution network, they are not totally committed to games development. They aim to release a decent number of titles every year and when they do, they often try to do something a bit different. Graphically, their games look fairly good and they run smoothly, whether you play them on mobile or on a desktop PC.

Most Popular Relax Gaming Games

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Money Train

This game features a Wild West theme, specifically focusing on the classic “train robbery” trope. This is a highly volatile Slots game, so this one is all about the bonus rounds!

relax gaming casino games money train

Zombie Circus

While many of their games are based around more tried-and-tested concepts, this one is fairly unique. This is a fairly simple Slots game, but it’s still a whole lot of fun to play.

relax gaming casino games zombie circus

Ignite the Night

With it’s remote paradise island setting, this is a Slots game that really lives up to the name of the developer. Don’t expect to relax too much though; the generous bonus features are sure to keep you excited throughout your play session.

relax gaming casino games ignite the night

Relax Gaming Slots Progressive Jackpots

While Relax Gaming does not produce any of their own progressive Slots games, they are responsible for the distribution of some developers that do. For example, they work with Microgaming, which makes one of the most well-known and recognisable progressive Slots games in the world: Mega Moolah.

If you don’t know how a progressive Slots game works, it’s quite simple. There is a mega jackpot that’s linked up to every other player in the world. Everyone who is playing the game is contributing to that jackpot.

Eventually, one player will be lucky enough to win the whole thing. It’s no exaggeration to say this could be a life-changing amount of money. The current all-time record win on a progressive jackpot Slot game is held by Mega Moolah, with a staggering €18,915,872.81!

Relax Gaming Free Spins And Free Games

As with the bonus offers, Relax Gaming likes to allow the developers they represent to make their own policies regarding free spins. This means there are no definitive rules about Relax Gaming free spins.

In many of their games, you have the ability to earn free spins through in-game mechanics. These free spins are different to promotional free spins, as they need to be used there and then, in that specific game.

Other Relax Gaming Casino Games

Not only does the Relax Gaming in-house studio produce Slots games, but they also produce some other casino games. They have created both a Blackjack and Roulette title. Additionally, they also have a Bingo gaming network.

Relax Gaming doesn’t really make many variations on their table games; they’ve just made some basic versions using the rudimentary versions of the rules. With that said, if table games are your thing, Relax Gaming has developers in their distribution network that make countless casino games.

Relax Gaming Live Casino Games

While Relax Gaming themselves don’t produce any live dealer titles, they do distribute the games of some of the biggest developers in live dealer gaming. For example, they represent Microgaming, which is responsible for a huge number of the live dealer titles out there.

The aim of a live dealer game is to replicate the feeling of being in a real land-based casino. After all, when you are playing table games like Roulette, a big part of the fun is taking in the atmosphere and interacting with the dealer and the other players.

Live dealer games allow you to do just that. The dealer will run the game by using a webcam and you will have the opportunity to chat with both the dealer and the other players at the table using an in-game chat functionality.

Playing Relax Gaming Casino Games On Mobile

In their own games, Relax Gaming like to use HTML5. This is great news for mobile gamers, as it means you can play their games without any hassle or compatibility issues.

HTML5 is a coding language made for the modern era; apps coded in HTML5 will work on almost any device nowadays. The other developers Relax Gaming work with are also very likely to use HTML5.

If you want to play Relax Gaming titles on mobile, all you’ll need to do is use your favourite internet browser to go to a casino that hosts their game. You will find that their games look great and run without any lag or stuttering.

Relax Gaming isn’t a company that has developed an app, but with games coded excellently in HTML5, you really don’t need them. These titles will run perfectly without the need to install any additional software onto your phone. This is actually quite convenient because you don’t need to fill up your phones storage and use up your phone’s processing power on an app.

Relax Gaming Casino Bonuses

Since Relax Gaming works with so many different developers, they don’t really have a fixed system for dealing with bonuses. Instead, they allow the developers they represent to choose their own bonus strategies. This might include bonus offers like no deposit, welcome, or reload bonuses.

As always, you should make sure you read the terms and conditions whenever you utilise a bonus offer of any kind. You shouldn’t necessarily base the bonus offers you chose on the ones with the most cash or spins. This is because the true value of a bonus is determined by the terms and conditions you will need to meet if you want to withdraw your money.

Free credit generally isn’t going to have and real world value until you reach something called the wagering requirement. A wagering requirement is the amount of money you will need to wager from your own funds before you will have the ability to withdraw your winnings.

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While Relax Gaming might not be the most prolific developer out there, they certainly have some great games that are worth your time.

Game development isn’t their main focus, but they do have a good number of Slots games that have sharp visuals and interesting gameplay mechanics. They also help a large number of developers release their games in various different localities.

If you are interested in seeing what this developer has to offer, take a look at the Relax Gaming casinos we have selected for you on our toplist. Be sure to claim your welcome bonus when you first register your account!