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Roulette Strategy

Learn to play smart and develop your Roulette strategy to give yourself the best chance of winning. Even though Roulette is a game of pure chance, that hasn't stopped several mathematical and statistical geniuses throughout history from trying their very best to crack the code of this enigmatic game.

Read on for our in-depth guide to the various different Roulette strategies you can employ while you play, both online and offline.

Roulette Wheel Strategy: Choose Your Game Carefully

Roulette Strategy

There are a number of Roulette strategies that you can employ when playing online.

Most good online casinos offer both European and American Roulette. However, if you opt to play Roulette online, it is wise to choose European Roulette over its American Roulette cousin, as the house edge is comparatively lower.

This, of course, is due to the fact that the European variant of the game only incorporates a single zero rather than a zero compartment as well as a double zero. Nonetheless, the fact is no matter which version you choose to play the payout will always be exactly the same, but you have twice the chance of winning when playing European Roulette.

Roulette Strategy That Works: Play With A Bonus!

Before you go ahead and start playing at Roulette online casinos, you should always try to acquire a bonus. Although most casinos will give you an initial sign up bonus, you should take advantage of any other bonuses which are offered on playing specific games.

You will earn bonus money on each spin that is made which in essence reduces the house edge somewhat and boosts the chance of you being able to walk away with a large profit. Nonetheless, you aren’t required to bet a lot of money away to gamble for real, so don’t overwhelm yourself by making huge bets at a bonus casino.

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Which Is The Best Roulette Strategy?

There are many Roulette strategies you can choose to use when playing Roulette, but you must keep in mind that there is unfortunately no foolproof Roulette system that will guarantee you a win every time.

Nonetheless, using a Roulette strategy can sometimes increase your chances of coming away from the table with a profit. Read on, and decide which the best Roulette strategy ever is, in your own opinion.

The Martingale Roulette System

This Roulette strategy involves continually increasing your bets after you make a loss, until you finally win. This Roulette strategy is normally used on Red or Black but it can also be applied across the table provided that you see that you’re in fact progressing correctly.

The main idea of it is that by doubling your bet after every loss, you'd be able to always win enough to cover all your past losses with the added value of one unit. It is a high-risk strategy however.

The Paroli Roulette System

This Roulette strategy is a betting system which is the direct opposite of the Martingale Roulette System as it is a positive progression system, where you increase your bets after you win.

Scroll down for a full and in-depth explanation of the Paroli Roulette strategy if you’d like to find out about this betting system.

The D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

This is quite a safe Roulette strategy to use which is based on even chance bets and works on the basis that you should always win approximately the same as you lose when betting on 50/50 bets such as Red-Black, Odd-Even and 1-18/19-36.

For example, if you toss a coin 100 times, it is likely that the number of heads and tails are approximately the same. This mathematical approach upon which the D’Alembert Roulette strategy is based makes it unsuitable to be used on bets involving Dozens/Columns and the inside bets.

Fibonacci Roulette System

This is a Roulette strategy that incorporates a slower rate of progression than the Martingale. Due to the fact that it's a negative progression system, any bet increases that are made are required to be after any losses.

Essentially, if you opt to use the Fibonacci Roulette strategy, you’re attempting to win back any losses you’ve made over multiple spins instead of just one. Scroll down for more information about the Fibonacci strategy.

Reverse Fibonacci

This is the opposite of Fibonacci Roulette strategy. The Reverse Fibonacci strategy relies on positive progression, rather than negative progression. This means that increases in bets are always made after a win.

You can find out more about the Reverse Fibonacci strategy further down the page. At CasinoGuide, we prefer this system as it carries less risk of big losses than the classic Fibonacci strategy does.

Labouchère Roulette System

The Labouchère strategy is frequently referred to as the cancellation method due to the fact that you are required to construct your own betting line' and eliminate numbers off it as you win. However, it is more complex than most other strategies you’ll read about, so you might want to grab a pen and paper.

Essentially, you start with a sequence of numbers of your own choosing. The first bet you make is the sum of the first and last number. If you win, you scratch off these numbers and do the same again. If you lose, you place the sum of the first and last number at the end of the sequence, so that it is now the last number, and repeat.

It's a fascinating system, and a complicated one at that. But done properly, and with a little bit of luck, it can work out to be quite rewarding.

Paroli Roulette Strategy

Fans of this Roulette Strategy will claim the sheer beauty of this strategy is that you are not required to make huge bets from the start in order to win big money.

The first thing you need to know about the Paroli Roulette Strategy is that you have to choose inside bets, even though it is more conventional to choose outside bets. Examples of outside bets are red/black, even/odd or 1-18/19-36. Then follow this pattern:

  1. Make a bet that you can afford to make again if needed.
  2. If you lose, place the exact bet again.
  3. If you win, bet your initial amount plus your win amount on the next throw. This is defined as the 'first progression'.
  4. Repeat as appropriate.

We recommend that you make a decision in advance regarding how many progressions you’d like before you stop playing the game and collect your winnings. Obviously, the more progressions you successfully make, the more money you will potentially be able to win.

Paroli Roulette Strategy Example

Before you try the Paroli Roulette Strategy for yourself, let's run through an example scenario.

  • You choose to bet one chip on Red and win.
  • Then you leave your bet on the same Red, but also place another bet on the Red, leaving you with two chips on it. This will count as the first progression of the game.
  • If you win again, during the next round you’ll leave a total of four chips on the inside betting area. If lady luck is truly on your side and you win once more, you should leave 8 chips on the betting area.
  • You can continue to do this for as long as you like until you’re happy with the amount you’ve won. You may wish to withdraw your progressions from the table and begin again with 1 chip, saving the rest of your winnings.
  • Remember, it's important to know when to stop, rather than lose all your money.

Unfortunately, in between these progressions, you may sometimes lose. Since Roulette is a game primarily based on luck, don’t keep wagering a high number of progressions unless you’re feeling particularly lucky.

Nonetheless, if you do lose a few rounds whilst playing the Paroli Roulette Strategy you should still only be losing a relatively small amount of money - because your initial bet was only 1 chip and you play with your winnings thereafter.

Paroli Roulette Strategy vs. The Martingale Strategy

If you opt to use the popular Martingale Strategy, you’ll know that it’s based on doubling the bet after each and every loss. Thus, this means that if you’re on a losing streak you’ll have to bet double every time you lose.

This, in essence, means that you as a player will lose a mammoth amount of money in a blink of an eye if you aren’t careful.

If you consider yourself to be a rookie when it comes to playing Roulette, you’ll be happy to know that the Paroli Roulette Strategy is far less risky than the Martingale Strategy as it is a positive progression system - you double your bet after you win, not after you lose.

Fibonacci Strategy

One of the most interesting and effective ones you’ll come across is called the Fibonacci Strategy. Like the Paroli Roulette Strategy, it’s much safer than the Martingale system and there’s still a good chance of you winning back your money together with some great profit if you execute the strategy well.

The Fibonacci Strategy is based on the mathematical theory of the same name; the Fibonacci Sequence. This is a string of numbers where each number is equal to the sum of the previous two numbers (except in the case of the first number). For example:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89...

This sequence is characterised by the formula below:

N3 = N1 + N2

And can also be expressed through a spiral.

Fibonacci Strategy

If you choose to use this negative progression strategy you should note that you don’t necessarily have to start with 1, as long as you still add the previous numbers in the sequence together. Starting at 1 is much less risky than starting with a higher number though!

Using the Fibonacci Roulette Betting System

The Fibonacci Roulette System is an even chance betting system which can be used on Red or Black, Even or Odd and compartments which are numbered 1-18 or 19-36. Most who decide to use the Fibonacci Strategy opt to start with 1 equalling 1 unit. Hence, you’d bet £1 and advance your bets through the Fibonacci Sequence.

Following the Fibonacci System

  1. If you opt to use this system the first thing you should decide is how much 1 unit will be. Since the Fibonacci Strategy is a negative progression system, we would recommend that you start off that you start with an initial unit that’s equivalent to £1.
  2. The next bet you’ll make after this is 1 unit (which in our example = £1) again.
  3. You then bet £2, after that £3, £5 and so on. Unfortunately, due to the fact that it’s a negative progressive system you’ll find that you won’t make as much of a profit if you win. Hence, you might want to use the Reverse Fibonacci Strategy, which is a positive betting system, meaning you progress your bet after a win instead of a loss.

Positives vs. Negatives of the Fibonacci System

A positive aspect of the Fibonacci Strategy is that it allows you to control your bets in a unique way, and quickly reclaim your losses. However, using this betting system will rarely enable you to generate much of a profit.

Furthermore, there’s no insurance to cover you if you’re on a losing streak, and the Fibonacci Strategy also demands a larger bankroll than most - one for the high rollers perhaps.

Does Fibonacci Roulette Betting System work?

In essence, the Fibonacci Strategy is best appreciated as a mathematical concept. Since this system is a negative progression system your chances of actually winning and generating a profit are lower since you’re increasing your bets after every loss you make rather than after every win.

In addition to this, you’ll also find that many casinos place restrictions on how much you’re able to bet. This is known as a betting limit. Thus, if you’re advancing through the Fibonacci Strategy betting sequence, you could find that you sometimes won’t be able to follow it completely.

If you want to use a Fibonacci Strategy, we recommend the Reverse Fibonacci Strategy as it is a positive progression system that requires you to increase your bet when you win, which increases your chances of actually gaining a profit.

Use Roulette Strategy To Win!

Online Roulette comes across to many as one of the simplest games to learn. It’s available to play through a no download version as well as through a downloadable version. Before you start playing for real money we at CasinoGuide highly recommend that you take some time to play Roulette for fun and choose a strategy to implement.

However, if you’ve been playing this renowned casino game for years at brick and mortar casinos and want to start playing from the comfort of your own home, you should definitely have a look at our recommended Roulette online casinos list today to get the chance to win a fantastic sum of money.

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