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Visa Electron Casinos 2020

Your Visa Electron card can be used to make deposits and withdrawals at our recommended casinos below.

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Best Visa Electron Casinos 2020

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Visa Electron Casinos 2020

The biggest difference between the Visa Debit and Visa Electron is that while the Visa Debit may sometimes be attached to an account that can become overdrawn, the Visa Electron cannot.

Therein lies the appeal for online casino players, and this is why there are now several Visa Electron Casinos for you to choose from.

Pick one from our recommended Visa Electron Casino list below, claim your bonus, and play today!

Visa Electron Casinos: Overview

Visa Electron Casinos authentication

Every Visa Electron Casino deposit is subject to two-factor authentication, making it highly secure.

Since the Visa Electron card may be used to affect payments online, it is a convenient choice for banking at online casinos. Casinos offering this payment option are colloquially referred to as Visa Electron Casinos.

In fact, there are several Visa Electron Casinos that will not only accept the Visa Electron as a payment method, but also offer additional deposit bonuses (normally ranging from 10% - 15%) as a reward for using it.

Never Accidentally Overspend Again

The fact that every Visa Electron transaction requires electronic authorisation makes it a very safe and secure card to use. And since the account it is tied to can never be overdrawn, you are automatically protected from spending beyond your means.

This feature is one of the main reasons that Visa Electron Casinos are such a popular choice among casino enthusiasts.

Pre-Paid Cards

An even safer Visa Electron product is the Visa Electron pre-paid card. This is a bank card in which the user may deposit funds to use at his/her disposal, but which is not tied to a bank account in the user’s name.

This takes the card’s safety aspects one step further, but do bear in mind that most Visa Electron Casinos do not normally allow withdrawals using pre-paid cards.

Visa Electron Casino Benefits

What sets the Visa Electron apart from other Visa cards is the requirement to have electronic verification or authorisation of every transaction, as it is affected.

Serving as the principal competitor to MasterCard’s Maestro card, Visa Electron card holders may access cash through ATMs displaying the Visa Electron logo, or make purchases through EPOS (Electronic Points Of Sale) and online.

Transaction Speeds

Visa Electron Casinos are also popular because it is a relatively fast payment method when compared to others that are frequently used at online casinos.

Deposits are more often than not processed instantly, meaning that when you make deposits at a Visa Electron Casino you will be able to get on with playing your favourite casino games within a matter of minutes.

For withdrawals, you should allow 1-5 working days for the funds to arrive into the account linked to your Visa Electron account. This payment processing speed will vary from one casino to another, but it is one of the fastest that you can get without using an e-wallet.

If you need speedy withdrawals above all else, check out the options on our PayPal Casino UK list.

Visa Electron Casino Deposits

Making deposits and withdrawals at a Visa Electron Casino does not require you to be a computer whiz - on the contrary, it’s a breeze. Even so, if you find yourself getting stuck - this guide should help.

All casinos will have slightly different processes, but the general procedure should be very similar wherever you decide to play.

  1. Log into your Visa Electron Casino account and navigate to the cashier or payment page. Pointer: if you can't find it, look near your Profile or Account.
  2. Choose the 'Visa Electron' payment option, and enter your card information including the 16 digit code on the face of the card, as well as a three digit security code (CVC) at the back of the card.
  3. Specify the amount you would like to deposit, and confirm this amount after double-checking it is entered correctly.
  4. The Visa Electron Casino deposit should be processed almost instantaneously. Do not, under any circumstances, divulge your Visa Electron card's PIN.

Visa Electron Casino Withdrawals

While the number of Visa Electron Casinos that accept withdrawals using a Visa Electron is not nearly as high as those accepting deposits exclusively, they are out there - as you can see for yourself in our list above.

Assuming that you choose to play at a Visa Electron Casino which does allow you to cash out using your Visa Electron card, it’s simply a matter of heading to the Payments page again, selecting Visa Electron as your payment option, indicating the amount you wish to withdraw and confirming.

Visa Electron Casino Bonuses And Rewards

As stated earlier, there are plenty of Visa Electron Casinos online that offer additional deposit bonuses tied to the use of your Visa Electron card. Standard Visa casinos sometimes offer similar incentives.

These bonuses, when you find them, usually range between 10-15% of the deposit amount and therefore have the potential to significantly boost your deposits and in turn, your Visa Electron Casino account balance.

As always, CasinoGuide recommends that you take careful note of the terms and conditions attached to these bonuses, which are always available on the website of your chosen Visa Electron Casino - just click their logo in the list above to go there.

Visa Electron Client Support

Visa Electron Casinos support

It is advisable to contact your card issuer in case of any problems, rather than Visa themselves.

As with the Visa Debit card, the Visa Electron is not actually issued by Visa itself. Visa uses third-party financial institutions that carry the Visa name and distribute Visa’s products, including the Visa Electron. These third-parties have to pass stringent tests to be allowed to carry the Visa name.

Therefore, while you may access support directly through Visa’s official website, which provides a host of options in this regard, it is almost always more effective to seek any needed support from the bank which supplied your card. These are typically more well-equipped to providing you with the support you need.

Visa Electron Security

When it comes to safety and security, it doesn’t get much better than Visa Electron. The fact that the card cannot become overdrawn provides the kind of peace of mind that cannot be provided through the use of other cards, particularly to players who struggle with sticking to their limits.

The extra verification that is required with each transaction may cost a little more in terms of time, but provides an invaluable extra layer of security that no card thief can bypass.

With so many non-frequent online casino players being apprehensive of the safety involved when making deposits and playing online, it is no wonder that Visa Electron Casinos are such a popular choice.

Choose A Visa Electron Casino Today

Visa Electron is a perfectly viable payment option when playing at online casinos. It’s relatively fast, widely accepted, available for both deposits and withdrawals, provides added safety through two-factor authentication and most of all, carries the highly revered Visa brand name.

So if you’re looking for a safe and easy option to play for real money at an online casino, choose one of our recommended Visa Electron Casinos, claim your exclusive CasinoGuide bonus, and play today!