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Wazdan Casinos: The Slots Giants

Wazdan has been creating exciting and imaginative games since 2010. What sets this developer apart from the others is the sheer number of unique features their games have. They mainly create Slots games, but they develop a lot of other games as well.

Wazdan casinos are great if you want to play games by a developer that goes the extra mile to make their games unique and interesting. Take your pick from our top-rated Wazdan casinos list below and try them out for yourself!

Wazdan Casinos: Unique Slots Games

The problem with Slots games is that so many of them are the same with a slightly different theme. Wazdan sets their games apart from the pack with some really interesting features.

For example, if you want to intensify your Slots experience, you can activate the ultra fast mode, which will speed up the game to a breakneck pace. There’s even an energy saving mode that can help your phone or tablet last longer when playing Wazdan Slots games.

Clearly, this is a developer that thinks about everything, not just gameplay, sound, and graphics. Even if you are a Slots veteran, Wazdan Slots games could still surprise you.

Why Are Wazdan Casino Games So Popular?

Wazdan is a developer that do all they can to improve the player experience. This goes well beyond just making good games; Wazdan tries to create a great gambling experience by taking everything the player wants into consideration.

For example, they have implemented a double screen mode that shows both the reels and the play tables at once. Wazdan was also one of the early implementers of HTML5 technology, so you are guaranteed a smooth gameplay experience no matter what platform you play the games on.

What Are Wazdan Casino Games Known For?

Unique Features

One of the most exciting things about this developer is their heavy focus in having features no one else has. For example, they have an ultra lite mode, which is geared towards people who have a slow internet connection. Not only are they focused on making games more fun, but they also implement features for the sake of convenience.


Wazdan is a developer that got onto the HTML5 bandwagon pretty early on. This is great news for players, as it allows them to enjoy Wazdan games no matter what platform they are playing on. Whether you are using a phone, tablet, or your desktop computer, you won’t have any issues with Wazdan games.

Slots Focused

If you are a fan of Slots games, this is a developer for you. While Wazdan does produce some other table games, their priorities clearly lie in making quality Slots titles.

Wazdan Slots Games

As a developer, Wazdan is mainly focused on Slots games. They have a lot of different themes that they use, and you’ve probably seen most of them before in other games. For example, they have Ancient Egyptian and space theme games, as well as the classic fruit reel games.

What really sets their Slots games apart are the special features the games have. For example, one of the best features you will find is the ability to set your own volatility levels on selected games. This is a pretty unique special feature and it really adds some interest to the game.

Most Popular Wazdan Games

Dragons Lucky 8

In Chinese culture, dragons and the number 8 are both considered to be symbols of luck. In Lucky Dragon 8, both of these elements are combined to create an action packed Slots game. Keeping with the theme, the win multiplier can trigger a maximum of 8 times.

wazdan casino games dragons lucky 8

Butterfly Lovers

This is another game that appeals to the Asian market. It is based on a romantic story that dates all the way back to the Chinese Jin Dynasty period. Watch out for the wild symbol, which can deliver some impressive wins.

wazdan casino games butterfly lovers

Lucky Fish

Lucky Fish is a Slots game that features some downright bizarre looking underwater creatures. If you are looking for a game with a fun, off the wall feel, give this game a try.

wazdan casino games lucky fish

Wazdan Slots Progressive Jackpots

In a progressive jackpot Slots game, everyone is contributing towards the jackpot. No matter where you are in the world, if you are playing, you are contributing. Naturally, this can result in some massive cash prizes.

Unlike several of their competing online casino software developers, Wazdan has yet to develop such a game, but there’s no saying what they might do in the future.

Wazdan Free Spins And Free Games

You can certainly find some casino site operators that offer free spins on Wazdan games. Since Wazdan is primarily a Slots developer, free spins are a great way for them to promote their games.

As always, don’t let yourself get caught out by the terms and conditions. Just like bonus credits, free spins are subject to things like wagering requirements. The smart thing to do is to take a look at the terms and conditions page on your site of choice and read the terms carefully. This will help to ensure you don’t run into any nasty surprises that could ruin your gambling experience.

Other Wazdan Casino Games

Wazdan is mostly interested in producing high-quality video Slots titles, but they have tried their talents in some other areas as well. For example, they have a number of different table games available. Wazdan has even produced a Bingo game.

Not only do they have Blackjack and Poker, they also have Roulette as well. Roulette is pure gambling excitement and it’s a great game to play if you don’t want to worry about any complicated gameplay mechanics or strategies.

Wazdan Live Casino Games

Playing table games with other people at a land-based casino is a great experience. Being with other people who are gambling as well really adds another dimension to the game. Not only are you playing, but you’re also having a social experience.

Live dealer games attempt to recreate this feeling from the comfort of your own home by having a real-life dealer run the game in front of a webcam. Unfortunately, Wazdan hasn’t developed a game like this yet.

Playing Wazdan Casino Games On Mobile

Wazdan is a developer that is incredibly mobile-friendly. Not only do they code their games in HTML5, but they also have some additional features that are a big help to mobile players. For example, there is the option for a 'lite mode', which makes the games use as little system resources as possible. This allows you to save your phone battery if you are running low on power.

Whatever device you choose to play with, you should experience smooth and lag-free gameplay. The only way you are going to encounter any problems when playing on a mobile platform is if your device is exceptionally old.

Overall, Wazdan is a fantastic developer to play on your favourite mobile devices. Whether you use Android or iOS, you are guaranteed a good experience.

Wazdan Casino Bonuses

Even the best developers and operators need to take measures to entice people into their games, and Wazdan is no exception. If you follow any of the links on our toplist to find Wazdan casino games, you will probably be offered a number of exciting bonuses.

For example, you might be offered bonus funds simply for signing up! Often, these bonus offers are no deposit bonuses, meaning you won’t need to put in any of your own funds to redeem them.

With these kind of promotions, it’s really important that you consult the terms and conditions before you start playing. You might hear people complaining from time to time that casino bonus offers are rip offs. Quite often, the people making these kind of complaints didn’t take the time to read the terms before they sat down to play.

You need to make sure you check what the wagering requirements are for any bonuses you choose to play with. This represents the amount of your own money you are required to deposit and wager before your bonus credits are made available for withdrawal. Failing to review the terms and conditions properly will certainly result in disappointment.

Choose From Our Wazdan Casinos List Today!

Wazdan is a great software developer for Slots and table games fans alike. Even the most experienced players will probably find some new mechanics they have never encountered before. For example, the ability to set your own volatility levels on Wazdan Slots games really does change the game.

If you want to give Wazdan a try for yourself, make sure you check out our carefully curated toplist. Make sure you don’t miss out on claiming your bonus offer!