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Play Roulette For Fun With Our Free Roulette Game

Our free Roulette game is an HTML5 version of the ever-popular table casino game, which is built on the premise that speed and accessibility trump the need for flashy visuals and other bells and whistles when wanting to play Roulette for fun. In fact, the first time you partake in free Roulette play you might be taken back by the look of its opening screen.

A simple shot of the Roulette bets fills the screen with the title, sound and play buttons superimposed on it. But you know what they say about judging things by their cover - and the same is true when you play Roulette for fun!

When you hit the PLAY button, our free Roulette game suddenly reveals itself to be a fully-featured Roulette table that is very realistic in its look and mechanics.

Our free Roulette game uses a European style wheel, which means that it has a single zero, and numbers 1 through 36.

Play Roulette For Fun - No Money Required!

free roulette game for fun

Practice your Roulette strategies on our free Roulette game today!

The free Roulette game online table is entirely interactive, which means that every number or area on the table is clickable. The game highlights the portions of the grid that are selected when you hover over them with your mouse pointer, showing you exactly what you’re wagering on.

Our game is intended for people who want to play Roulette for fun (no money) but still possesses plenty of intuitive features, such the ability to wager on multiple adjacent numbers simply by pointing where the squares touch each other. You can also stake wagers on entire columns, colour and number types, and specific areas of the grid by clicking on the appropriate areas.

On the left side of the screen, you also have buttons that let you place complex types of bets such as neighbouring numbers on the wheel, orphelins, and tier bets, allowing you to exercise the appropriate amount of control while you play Roulette for fun.

Free Roulette: Play Today

play roulette for fun no money

Our free Roulette game is simple to play. For a refresher on the rules, you can take a look at our Roulette game guide.

To play Roulette for fun online, begin by selecting the chip value you would like to wager with and then select the number or group of numbers you want to stake that money on. You can click as many times as you want to stack the chips until you reach your desired bet amount.

When you're ready, click the 'Spin' button in the bottom right corner and the free Roulette game wheel will start spinning.

Once the ball settles and the wheel stops, the number it stops at will appear on the screen, along with the amount you have won (although as you are playing Roulette for fun, no money is actually earned). Winning numbers are recorded to the right of the betting screen, which allows you to check at a glance which numbers are hot or cold.

If you are here to play Roulette for fun, but still fancy a grounding in basic Roulette strategy, take a quick look through our free Roulette online guide. Information concerning more advanced strategies such as Paroli and Fibonacci is also available in the Roulette strategy guide right here on CasinoGuide.

Why play free Roulette for fun?

There are several reasons why you may choose or prefer to play free Roulette online for fun, as opposed to playing for real money online.

Perhaps you want to experience the buzz that comes when you play Roulette for fun without risking any hard-earned cash, or maybe you want to use our free Roulette game as practice before taking on the real thing at a real money online casino.

Playing free online Roulette games for fun is also a great way to learn the rules of Roulette if you are a beginner, although if you want to learn American Roulette you're in the wrong place - the free Roulette game on this page only allows you to play European Roulette online for fun.

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Free Roulette - Mobile Compatible

play roulette for fun on mobile

Our free Roulette game is compatible with the vast majority of mobile devices.

If you happen to be visiting CasinoGuide on your mobile device, such as an iPhone, iPad, or indeed any other type of phone or tablet, then don't worry - we haven't forgotten you!

The free Roulette game at the top of this page is created using HTML5 rather than Flash, which means that it can be played on almost any device you care to name.

Lots of people don't have time to sit at a computer and play, so we felt that it was important to make our free Roulette mobile compatible for people who want to play Roulette for fun while on the go!

If you are on mobile and want to win real money playing Roulette, you can try one of our recommended pay by phone bill casino options, or one of our approved mobile casino UK providers.

Play Roulette For Fun Today!

All in all, our free Roulette game is fun and easy to play. This isn’t just some watered-down version of the more polished Roulette titles you’d find online; your free Roulette play will have a variety of betting options available that make it appealing to novices and experts alike.

Since the game is available for those who want to play Roulette for fun, no money is ever at risk when you play our free Roulette game. However, free Roulette makes for a great way to play your favourite table game on any browser or device you own. 

And when you're ready to win some real money, choose from our list of the top Roulette casinos at the top of the page and grab yourself an exclusive bonus into the bargain!

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