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Exquisitely designed and easy to play with high entertainment value, IGT casino games are some of the best around. Take your pick from our IGT casinos below and grab your bonus today!

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Best IGT Casinos

If you are looking for exquisitely designed and easy to play casino games, IGT casinos are the casinos for you. IGT casinos are providers of some of the most fun and easy to play casino games out there.

Many other casino games providers are designing their games so that they are increasingly complicated. IGT casino games, on the other hand, are straightforward to play and at the same time are just as fun to play as casino games designed by any other providers.

If you're an online Slots connoisseur, IGT casinos choice of Slots games are second to none. Take your pick from our IGT casinos below and grab your IGT UK casino bonus today!

IGT Casinos: Online Slots and Sportsbook

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IGT Casinos are one of the most trusted within the online casino world

IGT casino games rank among the most played casino games worldwide and their popularity is ever increasing. IGT casinos are primarily known for their fantastic array of Slots games.

Dozens of casinos pride themselves on their Slots libraries these days. But one of our jobs here at CasinoGuide is to separate the best from the average and we can assure you that IGT casinos truly have some of the best online Slots game available.

In addition to their remarkable Slots library, IGT casinos have a sports-book which rivals that of any sports-book provider out there. Choosing IGT as your sports betting provider will be a decision you won’t regret as they offer you the opportunity to bet on hundreds of different sports.

IGT Casinos: From Brick And Mortar To Online

There are no other companies in the casino business that have the reputation that IGT do when it comes to brick-and-mortar casinos – this is undisputed. It is for this reason IGT casinos command such respect from all within both the offline and online casino world.

Choosing to play at IGT casinos means that you are picking arguably the most trusted casino software provider out there. The developers at IGT know their stuff and will continue to strive and work hard within the world of online casinos until they become the very best provider out there.

Of course, feel free to choose and compare by heading over to our dedicated casino software provider page!

Why Are IGT Casino Games So Popular?

When playing at IGT casinos, players will no doubt notice the extremely high quality sounds and graphics of all their games.

A great deal of care and detail has gone into the games when you play at an IGT casino. Remember, the developers that create the games are all massive casino fans themselves so they won’t take any short cuts when it comes to making the best looking, sounding and playing games possible.

IGTs Slots games, especially, are a joy to behold but don’t think that this means their other games are a let-down. The table games at IGT casinos are as impressive as at any other casino out there.

Slots at IGT casinos are of the highest quality and are among the simplest to play. Although mastering them tends to be tricky, it just takes a lot of practice and effort - never forget, all the best things in life come with a bit of hard work! If you put in enough hard work, perhaps you will manage to win a life changing sum of money!

IGT Casino Bonuses

Competition for players among online casinos is absolutely fierce at the moment. Online casinos are fighting tooth and nail to have you as a customer. It is for this reason why IGT casinos will offer you some truly fantastic bonuses in return for you signing up to one of their casinos.

You will be offered numerous bonuses for signing up to an IGT casino. These bonuses include: no deposit bonuses, deposit match bonuses and free spins, among others. No deposit bonuses, especially, offer you the chance to win money without even having to to make a deposit!

Even better than no deposit bonuses, IGT casinos will match your deposit, usually up to £200 and sometimes beyond. These bonuses are without a doubt more lucrative than the usual no deposit bonuses because very rarely are you actually able to withdraw a no deposit bonus.

So look for the IGT casino which will offer you the largest deposit match bonus and start playing today!

IGT Casino Free Spins

IGT casinos often pair their online Slots games with free spins. All Slots players love to have free spins so it is a great way for IGT casinos to interact with you and give you something that you want.

When you become a regular player you should also expect to receive IGT casino bonus codes which can unlock free spins for you to use.

So sign up now and take advantage of the fantastic casino sign up bonuses that IGT casinos will offer you!

IGT Casinos: Slots Games

Slots are probably the most popular type of casino game played by UK players and it is no surprise. Online Slots are developed using state of the art game design technology and tools that rival video games for the level of sounds and graphics.

However, it is primarily the jackpots on offer that keep casino Slots players coming back for more. There have been hundreds if not thousands of Slots players who have become millionaires, this could just as easily be you.

Most Popular IGT Casino Games

Four of IGTs most popular Slots games include:

  • Wheel of Fortune: Hollywood Edition
  • Wolf Run
  • Battleship
  • Elvis Top 20

IGT even have a Slots game based on the hit TV series Breaking Bad!

Take a look at the video below and check out one of IGTs Slots games in action:

IGT Casinos: Slots Progressive Jackpots

When it comes to Slots, all of the biggest casinos will offer you the chance to win big. The best way to win large amounts of money is by competing in progressive jackpots. For those of you who don’t know, progressive jackpots are Slots jackpots which get progressively bigger the longer the jackpot remains unclaimed.

When you hear about a Slots player winning hundreds of thousands of pounds from a £1 bet you can bet that they have won a progressive jackpot. Indeed, if you want to try and win big, IGT casinos offer fantastic value on their Slots jackpots as do NetEnt casinos. The choice is yours!

For many IGT casino progressive jackpots, the risk to reward ratio is fantastic. You could play an extremely low stake Slots game, 20p per spin for example, whilst the progressive jackpot total could number into the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands. So for a 20p spin you could win life changing money!

IGT Casinos: Free Spins And Free Games

It is often likely that when you sign up to an IGT casino you will be given the opportunity to play on some of their free games. It is equally possible that you will be awarded free spins just by being a regular player.

No casino player in the world would say no to free things and that is exactly what IGT casinos are offering you.

So what are you waiting for, sign up now and receive freebies ASAP!

Other IGT Casino Games

Of course, online Slots are not the only casino games that IGT casinos have available to you. The usual casino games including Blackjack, Roulette and Poker are all available. As are more niche casino games; the likes of Pontoon and Keno.

Casinos which showcase games developed by IGT always have a rich library games for you to play on. IGT casinos also use the latest developments in technology in order to bring you live dealers for your favourite casino table games.

IGT Live Casino Games

Live online dealers are a new phenomenon that have only been around for a short amount of time. Live casino games bring you the feel of a real casino to your computer screen. If choice is important to you, which we are sure it is, Playtech casinos will also offer you fun and exciting times via their live casinos. 

Live dealers make the experience of playing online casino games much more enjoyable. If you like being pampered or if you like to have another person to interact with, then these are the casinos for you. There is no better feeling then celebrating a big casino win with somebody, you could even strike up a friendship with your casino dealer if you play often enough!

Playing IGT Casino Games On Your Mobile

As online casino players, it is important that you have the option of playing your favourite casino games via your mobile phone. If it’s the case that you enjoy playing online casino games via your mobile phone, IGT casinos are be right up your alley.

The majority of IGT casinos that we have included on our recommended casinos list at the top of this page will have their own apps that you can easily download onto your phone. This means that all your gambling needs will always just be a tap of your phone away.

Don’t forget, all it takes is one spin of the slot machine for you to win a life changing sum of money!

IGT Mobile Casinos

Play IGT casinos on the go today!

Choose From Our IGT Casinos List Today!

IGT casinos are easily amongst the best casinos right now in the online casino world. An IGT casino is a great starting point for new players as well as experienced ones as they have a large variety of games as well as a sportsbook for you to play and bet on.

Don’t forget IGT Slots are perhaps the most exciting and unique online Slots out there. So you should certainly try them out and see for yourself just how exceptional they are!

IGT casinos will also provide you with fantastic sign up bonuses which you can claim right here right now. Simply scroll up to the top of this page and pick your IGT casino of choice. Sign up and claim your bonus today!