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Looking for top of the range Online Slots? If your answer is yes, then you should definitely browse through NetEnt Slots games.

NetEnt is a renowned provider of world class innovative casino games which has managed to build its trust over the years.

What's the difference between Online Slots and Online Video Slots? 


The company’s games incorporate high-quality graphics and realistic sounds which are definitely guaranteed to meet your iGambling expectations and perhaps even lead you to winning a life-changing sum of money! What more could you possibly want out of a casino game? If you’re interested in trying these games out, you’ll be able to find an Online Casino with NetEnt slots games online by browsing our list of best UK online casino options.

NetEnt Slots consist of an assortment of slot games which have been modified for the web. These include a mixture of traditional Slot machines as well as Video Slots that are based on the games which are typically found at land-based arcades. There’s a marked different between these two types of slot games.

Primarily, Online Slots are far simpler than Video Slots and are usually designed to be close to the digital replicas of Slot machines which are typically found in land-based casinos. Have a look at our Free Fruit Slots Game to get a clearer picture of what these games are. On the other hand, Video Slots are slots which incorporate a valuable source of entertainment through both Video and Slots.

The Video element of the Game provides a storyline for you to enjoy. If you’d like to get an idea of what the game consists of you should try out our Free Video Slots Game. Developers have designed the games in such a way as to recreate the mechanical elements of classic slot machines as close to the original versions of the games as possible. Hence, each and every one of NetEnt’s Slot games uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to draw symbols and winning combinations. 


NetEnt's variety of Online Slots 


The variety of NetEnt Slots is composed of a range of classic slots games as well as themed slots games which have all been developed in-house. Hence, they are completely unique and not exact replicas of slots you’ll find which have been created by other existing casino software companies. Provided that you’re looking to win big, you’ll be happy to know that some of the games are even connected to a progressive jackpot. A number of the NET Entertainment slots are amongst the most popular games which belong to the entire casino range. 

NetEnt are well known for pairing their Slots with free spins quite often, as free spins are one of the most reliable ways of ensuring engagement with the player.


Graphics and Sound 


Software developers have incorporated high quality graphics into their games which distinguish them from other slots games available on the net. In addition, the sounds used in NetEnt’s games are also quite realistic. 


NetEnt Slot Game Rules 


netent slots2In terms of rules, Slots games are far easier to learn than Video Slots. When it comes to Online Slots there are fewer Bonus games out there as well as special features that are available. Hence, if you’d like to be able to use certain features you should certainly opt to play Video Slots instead.  In the majority of cases, identical symbols which appear on the rolls will enable you to win a prize. However, some slots come with bonus symbols, top games and jackpots. Sometimes you may come across slots games which have slightly different or unique rules which are specific to that game.

We at CasinoGuide highly recommend that you take a look at the rules of the specific slots game you’ve chosen in order to learn how to play the game.  However, the rules of slots games are never too complex. An important thing to note is that you always choose the amount you’d like to bet before you press spin. 


What are your chances of Winning when playing Online Slots? 


If you’re making the transition from gambling at a land-based casino to gambling online, you’ll be glad to know that NetEnt Online Slots offer much better payout percetages to their players. Payouts usually vary according to the type of slots game that you’re playing on. Hence, we suggest you look into this before choosing to play a game. Furthermore, there are some of NetEnt Slots games which are linked to a progressive jackpot which thus has a profound influence on a Game’s Payout.


Slots Bonus Games and Jackpots


play netent slotsAlthough NetEnt offers classic slots games you’ll notice that its range isn’t very large and not all the slots available are equally challenging. However, the Bonus Games and Jackpots are played quite a lot perhaps due to the fact that the prizes that can be won are connected to the progressive jackpots.

Mega joker is the most played progressive game out of NetEnt’s range of games. However, Gold Rush which is also a progressive slots game is also quite popular but less so than Mega Joker. 

Despite the fact that Jackpot 6000 is quite similar to Mega Joker, this slot game does not have a Progressive Jackpot, however it does feature a very popular bonus game in the form of a toss double game. In addition, it also has a top game in which credits can be saved on a super meter. Provided that you’re lucky enough to get 3 Jackpot 6000 symbols in the top game, you’ll be ablre to receive a mystery reward that can be as high as 6000 credits.

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If you're looking seeking to have a superb gambling experience whilst playing Slots, you should opt to play NetEnt Slots. Their high-end graphics are sure to please you. Go on give them a try!

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