MasterCard Online Casinos Review


MasterCard online Casinos Review

MasterCard is certainly in no need of any introductions; it’s probably the most popular name in financial card services in the world next to Visa, its principal competitor when it comes to bank cards. And it’s certainly popular when it comes to the online casino market too, with many MasterCard online casinos available to the player as a banking option, many as both a deposit and withdrawal method.

Best MasterCard Casinos

There’s something for everyone with MasterCard


There are endless MasterCard online casinos to choose from, with many also offering bonuses and promotions that are specifically linked to the use of MasterCard. MasterCard Incorporated is an American Multinational Company established back in 1966 – it was known as Master Charge back then – and since 2006, became a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. We’re talking about a true colossus here and to put that into perspective, the company registered annual revenues of approximately $9.5 billion US in 2014.

MasterCard does not issue cards directly to users, but offers a range of card services through thousands of licensed financial institutions around the world. This range consists of the MasterCard credit card, debit card, gift card and pre-paid card.

The MasterCard credit card is the most popular of the lot and its acceptance is extremely widespread among online casinos. Like any other credit card, the MasterCard credit card offers users a credit facility which they may use as they see fit. For some, the credit card is the way forward sue to its less stringent barriers and the extra funds available to users.

The MasterCard debit card is very similar to MasterCard’s sister card Maestro and is also widely accepted at online casinos. This doesn’t offer a credit facility, so users’ spending is restricted to the balance in their bank account. This is a preferred option for many who fear overspending at online casinos.

The MasterCard gift card and pre-paid card are very similar to each other in that the only difference between them is that while the gift card, as the name suggests, is normally gifted to the user by a third party, the pre-paid card is normally topped up with funds by the user. Both of these cards offer the user the facility to determine a precise, separate budget for online gaming and none offer the user a line of credit.

MasterCard Online Casinos - How it Works


Regardless of which type of MasterCard you opt for, the process by which to bank at online casinos is going to be more or less the same. When registering an account at an online casino, part of the process will require you to determine your banking method. Choose MasterCard from the list of banking options provided by the casino and this will require you to enter your card details in designated fields.

These would normally consist of the number on the front of the card, the CVC number at the back of the card, the card’s expiry date, the cardholder’s name and billing address, etc. Supplying the casino with this information shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes and is only required once. Once this is done, simply determine the amount you’d like to deposit into your casino account and that’s pretty much it. It’s child’s play really; just like shopping at any other online store. Your regular card charges will apply, so be sure to keep that in mind before making any deposits.

How long will MasterCard transactions take?


Transfer times are not really an issue at MasterCard online casinos. Deposits should be processed in a matter of minutes and should have the user playing his/her favourite casino game in no time at all. Withdrawals are always going to take a little longer to complete than deposits, but even here, using MasterCard is a relatively quick process.

Users should allow for anything between one and five working days for them to see any withdrawn funds appear in their personal account. This would depend on their geographical location and the particular casino they choose to play at.

Client support when using MasterCard


As stated earlier in this review, MasterCard doesn’t issue cards directly to users. Instead, it uses licensees to do so. These card issuers, which are normally local banks, are your best bet for any client support you would require. People normally have an established relationship with their local bank, and such institutions are always ready to step up to the plate when a cardholder requires assistance.

So it’s always recommendable to seek client support with the card issuer should you need it. Having said that, MasterCard does offer direct client support, the information to which is all on MasterCard’s official website. They offer FAQs, a ‘contact us’ e-mail portal and telephone numbers that users may call too.

Why not bank with the MasterCard?


We have no problem with recommending using MasterCard online casinos. It’s got everything going for it; a strong brand with international clout, the best safety and security features, one of the quickest transaction times in the business, widespread recognition and acceptance among online casinos, several bonuses tied to its use and much, much more. There’s absolutely no reason for us to advise against the use of MasterCard.

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