Casinos accepting Apple Pay deposits

Apple Pay Casinos

Deposit money to your online casino account quickly and conveniently using your Apple device.

Apple Pay Casinos 2020

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Apple Pay Casinos

Fans of slim wallets and futuristic payments rejoice: online casinos have started to accept Apple Pay as a valid form of payment. This payment option is growing in popularity with players who prioritise convenience, speed and security when it comes to their online casino deposits.

Play safe and get a great sign up bonus by choosing from one of our recommended Apple Pay Casinos below!

Apple Pay Casino Advantages

  • Quick and easy deposits
  • Secure Touch ID authentication
  • Deposits processed instantly
  • Unmatched convenience
  • No passwords required

Apple Pay Casino UK: What is it?

Apple Pay is a relatively new digital wallet service from Apple. It allows its users to make digital payments using comparable apple devices, such as the iPhone, Apple Watch, the iPad, or even a Macintosh computer.

Apple Pay has been consistently gaining popularity in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. The main advantage to Apple Pay is that you no longer need to carry around and cash or credit cards, allowing you to streamline the amount of things you need to carry with you on a daily basis.

Apple Pay Casino UK: How it Works

As was mentioned before, you will need to have some sort of Apple device in order to use the Apple Pay application. You will also need to have a Visa bank card - there are plans to allow MasterCard holders access in the near future.

Whenever you make a transaction, the application generates a unique code. This means that neither Apple or the merchant you are buying from will have access to your account information. This impressive security feature makes Apple Pay ideal for use on online casino sites. In the event that you lose your device, it is very simple to remotely block the app just like you would be able to block a credit card.

casinos accepting apple pay

Apple Pay is being used more and more in the UK recently.

As you can see, Apple Pay casinos are extremely secure to play on - for example, as your private financial information remains private from the casino, you have no need to worry about anyone getting their hands on your card information and using it fraudulently.

Adding Funds

It is quite simple to fund your Apple Pay wallet. If you have ever bought anything online before, you should not have any trouble with it at all. Simply navigate to the settings tab on your phone, select the wallet option, and then select Apple Pay. From here, you will be able to select ‘add card’.

You will then be required to input the information from your credit card. After you have entered all of this information, the credit card will be linked to you Apple Pay account and you will be able to deposit funds into it. Once that is done, Apple Pay casino UK play is only a few taps away!

How To Set Up Apple Pay

The video below contains a brief explanation on how you can set up Apple Pay on your mobile device using one or more of your existing credit or debit cards.

Once you have completed this setup process, you will be free to avail yourself of the incredibly convenient payment option that is Apple Pay!

Casinos Accepting Apple Pay

Thanks to its encryption features and undoubted convenience, Apple Pay is quickly becoming popular – you can be confident that there are plenty of casinos accepting Apple Pay as a payment method. Apple Pay payments are processed in the same way as those from an e-wallet would be.

When you select Apple Pay as a payment method, it will open the application on your device. You will then be asked to verify your identity with either your password or fingerprint via touch ID. After you have done this, the payment will be sent through - it really is that simple. Apple Pay casinos are certainly breaking new ground when it comes to payment convenience.

apple pay compatibility

Apple Pay can be used on all kinds of Apple devices that offer Touch ID.

Advantages Of Using Apple Pay At UK Online Casinos

There are many benefits to using Apple Pay to finance your online casino gambling – these four in particular are reasons why CasinoGuide believes playing at Apple Pay Casinos is the way to go. The biggest reason for choosing it is the unparalleled security it offers.

It is possible that someone could get hold of your password. However, without cutting off your finger, there is no way that they are going to get hold of your fingerprint. Apple Pay is so secure that even if a hacker were able to compromise your device, they would still not be able to get access to your bank information. This is due to the way that the application encrypts your information. If you do not want to use the fingerprint technology for any reason, you can still use a conventional password.

Simple Efficiency

Apple Pay is an extremely efficient and convenient form of payment. When you use Apple Pay in an online casino, the funds will be credited into your account in that very instant, as long as you already have a card associated with your account.

If you do not have a card registered with your Apple Pay account, it is possible to add one very quickly, by following the instructions above.

As long as you have your Apple Pay account set up correctly, it really is as simple as pressing a button to get your funds onto the casino website.

It is also very quick to set up an account for the first time. Unlike other sign up processes, Apple Pay should have you ready to go in less than a few minutes. This is a big reason why Apple Pay casinos are so popular.


Another one of Apple Pay’s significant advantages is how secure it can be. When you want to make a deposit through the Apple Pay application, you have the option to verify the transaction with Touch ID. Touch ID is an intelligent piece of software which reads your unique fingerprint instead of using a more conventional form of security, such as a password.

The Touch ID system is a cornerstone of the application, so much so that the logo for the application is a representation of a fingerprint. The hardware required to use the Touch ID system is now standard on most iOS devices.

If you bought an Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad recently, you most likely have the necessary hardware to run this feature. Your fingerprint data is stored securely - it is not stored on Apple’s servers.

No Fees

You will also be glad to learn that Apple Pay does not charge its users in any way for using the service. The application itself is free - you just need to have a compatible device.

Also, Apple will not charge a percentage on any transaction, however large or small the transaction is. This is a huge boon for e-wallet fans as most others will charge a small fee to cover costs of using the service.

You will find that almost all Apply Pay casinos will not insist on you paying any sort of additional charge for using the Apple Pay application while topping up your account balance.

Apple Pay Casino UK Things To Consider

There are not many disadvantages to using the Apple Pay service over other payment options when gambling on online casinos. However, although there are many casinos accepting Apple Pay, there is currently no way of retrieving your funds from Apple Pay. This means that when you are ready to cash out, you will have to do it through another payment option. Since Apple Pay has not been around for very long, this could easily change in the near future.

You also need to have a more recent Apple device in order to run the application. When it comes to iPhones, for example, you will need to have an iPhone model that is an iPhone 5S or later. Any phone older than this will simply not be able to run the application due to the lack of Touch ID functionality. Obviously, this is a disadvantage which will be phased out over the years as older Apple products become obsolete. Most Apple users will have at least one product which is able to run the software.

At this time, there are less online casinos accepting Apple Pay when compared to other payment methods – but this is common with new technology. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you and found the casinos which do, and they are listed near the top of the page. As Apple Pay grows in ubiquity in the UK, we expect more and more casinos to offer this payment option. As more people start to get hold of phones which can run the software, it is likely that more and more casinos will start to offer Apple Pay as a payment option.

Finally, it’s important to remember that Apple Pay only works on Apple devices. This may seem obvious, but if you have a phone running Android, Windows, or BlackBerry software, you can’t use Apple Pay. But if you’re here on this page, it’s likely you have an Apple device already and this doesn’t apply to you.

Give Apple Pay Casinos A Chance

If you have an Apple product which is capable of running the Apple Pay software, you should certainly try out an Apple Pay Casino. Existing users enjoy the convenience and security, and now you can too.

If you are a seasoned gambler, the convenience and security offered by Apple Pay makes it a difficult program for you to ignore – sign up and grab your CasinoGuide exclusive bonus today!

Top Apple Pay Casinos