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Bank Transfer Casinos 2020

Use your standard online banking account to make safe and secure casino deposits and withdrawals.

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Best Bank Transfer Casinos 2020

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Bank Transfer Casinos 2020

Bank transfers are among the most popular methods of moving money from one place to another, all around the world. There is little doubt about the safety and security involved in conducting a bank transfer (also known as a wire transfer or a credit transfer).

Listed below is a selection of our recommended Bank Transfer Casino options - operators who accept deposits and/or process withdrawals via bank transfer. Claim your bonus and play today!

Bank Transfer Casino Advantages

  • Used by individuals and big business
  • Extremely safe and secure
  • High deposit and withdrawal limits

Bank Transfer Casino Payments

bank transfer casinos

This is the option you need to choose on the payment pages.

To use a Bank Transfer Casino, all you are normally required to do is supply your bank with the account details of to the casino you have chosen to to play at. Most banks in the UK offer an online banking service which will make this simple for you - alternatively you can give them a call or visit your local branch.

The casino's bank transfer information is normally available within the ‘banking’ or ‘payments’ section of the casino’s website, under the ‘Bank Transfer’ option.

What Details Will I Need To Provide?

The Bank Transfer Casino in question will sometimes also require you to provide your bank account details such as sort code and account number, for verification purposes.

Depending on their systems, the Bank Transfer Casino may be able to simply find this out for themselves after your first deposit.

What Does It Cost?

Bank transfers between UK accounts are typically free, but this is something it would be worth checking. You don't want to make your first big cash out, only to find your bank has taken a large slice of the winnings!

It is also a good idea to check with the Bank Transfer Casino you play at, to see if there are any applicable fees that they tack on.

Bank Transfer Casino Payment Speed

Besides the innate safety of using bank transfers, the speed at which large amounts of money can be deposited is another reason why people around the world would not choose any other method by which to make big money transfers.

Having said this however, we must emphasise that transfer times are not always as fast as some other casino payment options. Instant Bank Transfer Casino payments do exist, but much more commonly for deposits than withdrawals.

If you need to be able to withdraw your winnings at a moment's notice, you may be better off withdrawing from your online casino using PayPal. This is a solid alternative as you can link your PayPal directly to your bank account and move money to it that way.

Bank Transfer Casino Deposit Guide

If you are getting confused by the process of making a deposit to your Bank Transfer Casino account, simply follow this simple step-by-step process. Some parts will of course vary depending on the casino you play at and the bank you use, but used as a general guide this should point you in the right direction.

  1. Log into your Bank Transfer Casino account and head to the payment page, which will often be located in your profile or 'My Account' areas.
  2. Choose 'Bank Transfer' as your payment method. The casino's bank details will often display alongside specific instructions for you to follow - do as these say, referring to the casino's help section if you get stuck.
  3. Assuming that you are using online banking, log into your bank's Internet banking service and select 'Make a payment'.
  4. Add the casino's bank details (double-check to make sure these are 100% correct) into the relevant fields and confirm the payment. You should be given a code which you can use to prove your payment.
  5. You should receive notification that the deposit has been received by the casino after a few days, unless it is an Instant Bank Transfer Casino.

If the idea of depositing money into a casino account has got you nervous, remember that there are free casino games online for you to play as well - including several here at CasinoGuide!

You can use these free games to get acquainted with the rules and strategy before diving into some of the real money casino games on offer.

Bank Transfer Casino Withdrawal Guide

So, you've just landed that big win on the Slots - or maybe your long-term Blackjack strategy has finally reaped enough rewards. Time to cash in those winnings! Here is how you can go about withdrawing that hard-won cash from your casino account.

  1. While signed into your Bank Transfer Casino account, access the 'Cash out' page.
  2. Specify that you want to make your withdrawal via bank transfer.
  3. Enter your bank details if they are not there already, specify the amount you'd like to withdraw, and confirm.
  4. Depending on the casino in question, your bank account will usually be credited within 5-7 days. If that's not fast enough, a PayPal Casino UK might be closer to what you're looking for.

Withdrawal Times, Compared With Credit Cards

When compared to other payment methods, such as credit cards for instance, transactions can take longer to process when using bank transfers. Typically you want to allow anything between 2-7 working days for bank transfer withdrawals to take effect.

When considering that other banking methods available at online casinos take a maximum of 2-3 days to process, this might prove a disadvantage. If you're not in a hurry though, there's little reason not to use the Bank Transfer Casino method.

How A Bank Transfer Works

instant bank transfer casino

With online banking, playing at a Bank Transfer Casino becomes much simpler and more convenient!

Bank transfers are transactions involving the exchange of money between two entities or individuals; more precisely, the bank accounts pertaining to those entities or individuals.

Information with regards to the parties involved in the transfer is always at hand through the parties’ respective banks and this is what makes using bank transfers a no-brainer for many people around the world.

Wire Transfers

But transfers may also take place through a cash office, without the use of a bank. In this case, safety is still the name of the game when using wire transfers due to the information that must be handed to the cash office by the parties involved.

Wire Transfers are extremely popular among online casinos and gamers, which is why this banking method available at the vast majority of online establishments.

Effecting a wire transfer does not require the same process at every financial institution. So, executing a wire transfer would require one to follow the specific protocol laid out by the bank or cash office of his/her choice. Having said that, the protocols that payees are normally required to follow to execute these types of transactions are fairly straightforward.

Customer Assistance

Seeking assistance for any question or complaint you may have is never an issue when using bank transfers, regardless of whether you are using a bank or cash office to do so.

This is because naturally, such transfers are conducted through your bank (or cash office) of choice, so gaining assistance is simply a matter of contacting the person you normally deal with at your own local bank or cash office.

Play At A Bank Transfer Casino Today!

Thanks to its high level of security, and the convenience of not needing an additional account, depositing and withdrawing credit to your casino account via bank transfer can be highly advantageous.

Not only that, but you have plenty of Bank Transfer Casino options to choose from - take your pick from our recommended list, grab your bonus, and sign up today!