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Gamification Casinos: The Best Of Both Worlds

Casino operators are always looking for new ways to entice new players and to keep their existing players playing for longer. One of the latest trends in online gambling is casinos using gamification, can seriously augment your experience while playing.

Best Online Casinos With Gamification – August, 2020

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Why Play At An Online Casino With Gamification?

More engaging playing experience

The main reason you would want to play on a gamification casino is because it creates a much more involved and fun playing experience.

Everything you do can contribute to leveling up your character or earning extra bonuses and rewards – which are usually tailored to your preferences.

Earn extra bonuses and rewards

In the context of online casinos with gamification, you might have a character who you can level up by earning experience points, just like you would in an RPG game such as World of Warcraft. Generally, you would earn these experience points by simply playing your usual casino games.

At these kinds of gamification casinos, you can usually use these points to claim rewards or level up your character (or ‘avatar’) and customise its appearance.

Compete against other players

Gamified casinos are also a great place to play if you have a competitive side. Many of these casinos have leaderboards where you can try to get the best of people from around the world.

Imagine having your biggest Slots win immortalised in the casino leaderboard as a constant reminder of your victory!

How To Identify The Best Casinos With Gamification

Considering online casinos with gamification are unique in their own ways, there’s no single way to identify the best one. Instead, you should take your time to explore each casino’s mechanics to figure out if it’s the best one for your personal tastes.

For our part, we make sure to cover every aspect of the online casino experience in our comprehensive reviews. Every review contains all the critical information you need to make your decision regarding which gamification casino you want to play at.

Gamification Over Time

Gamification as a concept has existed as far back as the 1900s. With that being said, it only started to become what we know it as today around the 1980s, and the term itself has only recently begun to make its way into general use.

The earliest widely recognised example of gamification was the renowned McDonald’s Monopoly game, which obviously still exists today. There were also many academic articles talking about the concept; people were particularly interested in using gamification as a learning tool.

By the 1990s, computers were becoming a more viable technology and schools were starting to utilise them. At this point, a lot of the research into learning through gamification was put into practice.

By the 2000s, gamification started to diversify. The world's first gamification consulting firm was set up and soon after, a gamification platform was created that allowed people to create their own gamified content.

By 2010, the term ‘gamification’ started to be more commonly used. Shortly after that, in 2011, the very first gamification summit was held in San Francisco. The event attracted almost 400 attendees.

At this point, corporations started to realise the value of gamification. In the past, the focus had been primarily on education. While gamification is still used for this purpose, it is also now used a lot to help entertainment platforms make money.

Once the potential of gamification had been realised, many online casinos in the UK started to implement these kind of features into their websites.

Gamification In Online Casinos

So what exactly is gamification in online casinos? Basically, it involves making the experience of using or browsing a casino’s website or app similar to that of playing a game, usually a video game or a board game. Many gamified websites are inspired by RPG games, which makes sense as playing at an online casino is a mostly solo pursuit.

You might have the chance to create an avatar and level them up. Sometimes, leveling up might give you new abilities, or it might give you the option to customise your character. As you level up, your character might become a lot more impressive looking with fancy-looking armour or weapons.

In many instances of gamification, your avatar exists within and travels around a fictional world with its own map and even a storyline. Advancing the plot will generally involve completing tasks by playing casino games, thereby leveling up your character.

Some gamification casinos even have PvP (player vs player) options. You can compete for the top slot on a leaderboard or you might even be able to play each other head to head.

It’s hard to define exactly what a gamified site is going to be like because there are so many different options available. Like with a video game, the only real limit is the creativity of the developer.

Types Of Online Casino Gamification

There is no one single kind of gamification, and no two gamification casinos are exactly the same. New online casinos with gamification are launching all the time. This means that if you don’t like the way a particular casino does it, you can usually find another one with mechanics and concepts that better suit your preference.


This is one of the more common mechanics that you are going to see in gamified casinos. You create your own character as you would in an RPG video game, then level them up and/or earn points by playing games and completing objectives. These points then contribute to leaderboard scores, rewards, and customisations – depending on the casino.

Quite often, RPG video games are based around questing. In a gamification casino setting, you might be given a task or a mission to complete – for example: getting 5 payouts on Starburst or win 10 hands of Poker. Completing these challenges then earns you further rewards.

Map / Story

Many RPGs are story-focused, and some gamified casinos operate this way as well. These casinos make their site into an immersive story-based experience. For this purpose, a gamification casino will create a fantasy world for you to inhabit.

In order to advance in the story, you will need to level up your character and play casino games. This kind of casino might also include an interactive map to represent the game world. Often, you will move around the map by playing games and completing challenges.

Tournaments and Leaderboards

A great way to add some interest to any casino site is to add a competitive element. Of course, it’s great to win money, but being able to beat other players is a joy in itself. Maybe you think you are one of the best players in the world of a particular game?

At this kind of gamification casino, you will have the chance to prove it to everyone. Sometimes, winning a tournament will give you special benefits at a gamified casino, like having a symbol (or ‘flair’) to put next to your name signifying that you are a tournament winner.


Businesses like to reward loyalty from their customers and gamification casinos provide the perfect platform from which to do this, while also encouraging players to play more.

When you are a playing at an online casino with a loyalty program, you should expect to be offered some tempting bonus offers, priority support from customer service and entry into exclusive prize draws.

In-Game Currency

You might unlock new equipment for your avatar by levelling up or you might also get it by earning in-game currency. Many gamification casinos have an ‘in-game’ currency that can be used to unlock certain items, bonuses, or rewards.

Generally, this currency can’t be converted into real cash, unless you are able to use it to win a bet.


If you feel like getting competitive, there are plenty of online casinos with gamification that offer PvP modes. PvP stands for ‘player vs player’, meaning you can compete with other players from around the world on certain games. This can be done in tournaments, or even head-to-head.

For example, you could compete with someone to see who can get the biggest win on a certain game within a time limit, or enter a large-scale Blackjack or Poker tournament.

Does It Work The Same On Mobile?

In the past, mobile compatibility was an issue and you couldn’t always play on your favourite games on a mobile device. These days, there is hardly ever an issue.

The mobile market has quickly come to dominate the online casino gaming scene. There are now so many potential customers playing exclusively on mobile platforms that it would be very foolish for a site to ignore them.

Whatever device you choose to play on, you should have a good experience with gamification casinos.

Why Do Online Casinos Offer Gamification?

The main reason online casinos offer gamification on their sites is because it means the players will have more fun. Online casino players like games, that much is obvious. Gamification simply adds another layer of gaming on top of what you are already playing.

When you have fun playing a Slots game, you not only stand to win money on a payout, but you are also leveling your character, earning in-game currency, or advancing a story.

Casinos always want to try new things to entice more players to their sites and to get existing players to stay on their site for longer. And for new online casinos, it provides a great USP (unique selling point) to encourage players to try out their brand. Gamification has been getting some great results in this regard, so you can expect to see more casinos adopting this concept in the future.

Is Online Casino Gamification Better Than A Bonus?

As you might be aware, bonus offers are quite often not as good as they seem. This is especially true when it comes to welcome bonus offers.

Generally, these offers are subject to wagering requirements. This means you need to bet a certain amount of your own money before you are able to ‘unlock’ any of the winnings derived from the bonus for withdrawal.

On the other hand, gamification casino mechanics are not always about the money. Sometimes, you might earn free spins, but as we have discussed, there are other benefits to be gained which can increase your enjoyment. Gamification casino features essentially make it more fun to play, and fun doesn’t come with terms and conditions.

The Future Of Gamification Casinos

Virtual Reality

You can use now a virtual reality headset to play all kinds of games. Virtually reality offers an unparalleled sense of immersion. You feel a connection with your character in a way that you never could when using a simple screen.

Many casino sites are already experimenting with virtual reality to create virtual casino spaces. Expect to see more from this technology in the future.


We are only starting to see the beginnings of story-based casinos. As time goes on, the writers are going to get more ambitious and as a result, better, more engaging stories are going to be told.

Social Media

Many casino sites already have solid integration with their sites and social networks such as Facebook. As time goes on, you can expect the integration between your gamification casino account and your social media accounts to get more sophisticated. This will allow you to share your wins with your friends more easily.

Play At An Online Casino With Gamification Today

If you are looking for a way to add some extra enjoyment to your gambling, gamification casinos are the obvious choice.

Take your pick from our recommended online casinos with gamification and immerse yourself in a whole new kind of online casino play.

Top Online Casinos With Gamification

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