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When you are purchasing a new item it makes sense to want to test it out first right? This is precisely what a no deposit casino is for. You are provided with a no deposit bonus in order to give a game a test run before investing your own money.

No deposit casinos are giving you the chance to ‘try before you buy’, so to speak, which is great for the player to enter new territory and scope out new no deposit casinos and games with no deposit bonuses with absolutely no risk involved.  

So use this very generous offer of free bonus cash to your advantage to have some fun branching out and trying new casino games at the no deposit casino of your choice, and maximise your winning money. 

For an even bigger bonus, you can try playing at a Payforit mobile casino - using this payment option is almost as popular as No Deposit Casinos because the minumum deposit amounts are so small.

What is a No Deposit Bonus?


In a nutshell, a no deposit bonus is free funds given to you by a no deposit casino so you can try out their games at no cost to you.

Remember to keep in mind that you can only register once at a particular casino, so if you don’t make the time to look around to find the best welcome bonus available you will lose your chance, so dig around a little bit for the best bonus offered that matches what you are looking for. 


No Deposit Bonus, Matched Bonus - What's the difference?


The essential difference between these two types of bonuses is that with a matched bonus you first have to deposit your own money, and then the casino matches the value of your deposit. A no deposit bonus, on the other hand, doesn’t require you to spend any of your own cash upon signing up, as the casino will give you a small bonus to use to start with instead.  

You won’t be required to use your own money until after you have used the bonus money and you decide you like the game and want to keep on playing. This way you can ease your way into a new game without being intimidated by spending your money on a game you are unfamiliar with. 


No Deposit Bonus Types  


There are two main types of no deposit bonuses you may come across, a cash upfront bonus or a time limit bonus.


Cash up front no deposit bonus


With this kind of bonus, you find the casino you want to register for, sign up, and you will receive a small amount, normally within the £20-£50 range, credited to your account for you to use whenever your heart desires. All you have to do is start playing to win cash.

This is a popular type of bonus at numerous online Bingo sites - some players can play for weeks after signing up without making a deposit!


Time limit bonus


Some casino sites will give you a short time frame to use their no deposit bonus. For example, you may be given £500 to use within a one-hour time limit. These bonuses tend to be higher than the cash up front option with no time frame.

This type of bonus is commonly utilised by Slots sites UK wide as a tantalising signup incentive.


Deposit bonuses


While no deposit bonuses are certainly nice, they are no match for the level of bonuses you can expect to receive when you do start putting some money into your online casino account.

The Skrill casino bonus is particularly well known, and if you sign up through CasinoGuide, you can also get access to our exclusive bonus deals of up to £3000!

Depositing isn't a long or arduous process either; instant eCheck casinos, for example, enable you to start playing almost immediately.

There is even such thing as a phone bill deposit casino available now - which enables you to easily top up via SMS!

No Deposit Casinos - Too good to be true?


no deposit casino bonus

Although it seems there must be a catch, there is none. Casinos take on the financial responsibility and give out small bonuses as a result of high level casino competition and player loyalty to casinos. By attempting to attract players through bonuses they are hoping that you will like their games and stick around for the long haul. 

Even though it may seem like a trick, see it as road testing a car before spending a lot of money purchasing it.

Casinos function in the same way – for them it is a small investment to attract new customers, and you, the player, are given the opportunity to test it out and learn the game before spending your own money to play.

Just make sure you read over the terms and conditions before signing up, each casino will have different conditions to avoid player abuse of the free cash given out. You only get one no deposit bonus, so think about what you want and take your pick of the bonuses available.  


How to access the No Deposit Bonus


More often than not there will be a code to use, and the funds will be credited to your account upon registration and use of the code.  You are given a unique code so that casinos can avoid players trying to access a no deposit bonus multiple times. As such, a no deposit bonus will be given out only once per player upon sign up.

Also make sure you understand the playthrough requirements and make yourself aware of any regulations to withdraw the winnings you may make by using the no deposit bonus. For example, you may be required to make a deposit of your own before being eligible to cash out any winnings that may have been incurred through playing with a no deposit bonus. 


How does a No Deposit Bonus work in practice?


Step 1

Start off by browsing casinos and the different games which offer no deposit bonuses. Read through the various terms and conditions and make sure you are aware of any requirements before signing up.


Step 2

When you decide which game you want to play, sign up to the casino to receive the no deposit bonus in your account. If you have any issues with accessing the bonus, you should look for the contact details of the casino customer service and let them know you would like to register for their no deposit bonus. Remember they are there to help you.


Step 3

Once you have the no deposit bonus comfortably waiting for you to play in your account, you can wager the amount you want on the game, for example £2 per spin, and start playing and learning how the game works so you can decide if this is a game you want to put your own money against in the future.


Step 4

At the end of the game, you either take out your prize money if you are eligible in the terms and conditions to do so immediately, or continue playing to maximise your winnings.

Claim your No Deposit Bonus today!


There is really no disadvantage to the no deposit bonus as you are not using your own money. So take a look at all the casino offerings on our site, read through the relevant information, sign up and start playing for free.

If you aren't sure which game you'd like to play, you can try some out right here on CasinoGuide - such as our free Blackjack game, and free roulette. Give it a go!

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