PayPal Casinos UK 2018

A trusted household name, PayPal can be used to withdraw winnings from, and make deposits to, online casinos. These are known as PayPal Casinos.

Looking for a new PayPal casino? Choose from the best PayPal casinos of 2018 ranked in the list below!

  •  Safety guaranteed
  •  Trusted and recognised worldwide
  •  Simple and secure
  •  Access account anywhere
  •  Good currency conversion rates

Play at an online casino with PayPal

PayPal is the most popular e-wallet in the world. It’s highly favoured amongst online casino enthusiasts, as it allows you to quickly and easily deposit and withdraw funds.

Using PayPal also means you needn't give your personal bank information to the online casinos you are playing at.

Thanks to these benefits, and the countless players making use of them, there are scores of casinos which offer PayPal as a payment option. These are colloquially known as PayPal Casinos.

PayPal Casino Bonuses

Furthermore, some online casinos offer additional bonuses dependent on the use of PayPal when making deposits. These bonuses usually range between 5% and 15%.

PayPal is commonly offered as both a deposit and a withdrawal method at top online casinos. There are also PayPal casino mobile options, offering the security and protection of PayPal when playing on the go. We will explore this in more detail further down the page.

What's an online casino PayPal deposit?

If you regularly pay for things online, you’ve probably already got a PayPal account. An American multinational company and global giant in the online payment services sector; PayPal is the largest company of its type in the world.

PayPal operates as both an intermediary and an eWallet. This means that it processes payments for online retailers, commercial service providers and of course, PayPal Casinos. But you can also store money in your PayPal account if you choose.

PayPal is by no means your only option, however. If you're not convinced by the benefits of playing at PayPal casinos, you can try one of the other online casino payment options.

Are PayPal Casinos Trustworthy?

Online casinos that accept PayPal are inherently trustworthy. PayPal has a long history, having been an established household name since 1998. PayPal went public with an IPO in 2002 and that same year was acquired by the ubiquitous Internet auction website eBay.

These days, PayPal operates in numerous languages serving 26 currencies in over 190 countries. It is no longer a subsidiary of eBay, having been established as an independent company in July 2015.

The multinational company employs nearly 16,000 people across the globe. Its net assets are valued at close to $30 billion with a total equity of $13.75 billion. That's a lot of PayPal Casino deposits!

How to set up a PayPal casino UK account

First thing's first; you'll need to have an operational PayPal account in order to proceed with playing at PayPal Casinos.

PayPal offers different membership categories; personal and business - choose the one that seems most appropriate for you. See the video below for a step-by-step guide on opening a personal PayPal account:

Making an online casino PayPal deposit is a pretty straightforward affair. You will first have to sign up with PayPal, which is a quick and easy process as you saw above. If you don't wish to sign up to PayPal but still want to use an eWallet, you may wish to try a Neteller casino or a Skrill casino instead.

The simplicity of transferring funds with PayPal is a big reason for its vast popularity. After you sign up, simply provide PayPal with a few personal details and link your account to your credit/debit card and/or personal bank account.

To link your personal bank account to PayPal, you will need your bank account number and sort code. These are usually found on your bank card. Once the bank account has been confirmed, your PayPal account can be funded directly by your bank account.

PayPal Casinos: Making Transactions

With everything set up on the PayPal side, all you have to do is make a deposit. Check out our PayPal Casinos list and sign up to your casino of choice.

At the deposit screen, choose PayPal from the list of options. Then enter your PayPal credentials, specify your deposit amount, and you're ready to play!

Making a withdrawal from your new PayPal casino should prove to be equally as easy. However please note that transfers from your personal banking account to your PayPal account may take up to two working days.


Making an online casino PayPal deposit

  •  ensure that your PayPal account is funded
  •  visit the cashier option at your chosen PayPal Casino
  •  select PayPal from the list of payment options
  •  enter the details to your PayPal account together with the amount you wish to deposit.


How to make a PayPal casino UK withdrawal

  •  go to the payments or cashier section of your chosen PayPal Casino
  •  select PayPal as a withdrawal option
  •  indicate the amount you wish to withdraw
  •  wait for the transaction to be processed fully.

So you see, playing online casinos with PayPal is a piece of cake. It takes a small amount of time to set up, but this is a one-time process. Once your PayPal Casino UK account is active, it’s child’s play.

If you’re choosing to use one of the many new PayPal casino options available, you should allow a few business days for transactions to be processed when using a casino with PayPal. It may take a couple of working days for funds to be transferred from your PayPal account to your bank account, and vice versa.

Making an online casino PayPal deposit can be instantaneous, especially if you’re a repeat user at a single casino. However, it isn't uncommon for transactions to take a 1-2 days to be processed, in case of withdrawals particularly.

PayPal Casinos vs. Other Payment Options

There are many reasons that you may choose to play at PayPal Casinos rather than one that accepts different payment options.

Firstly, using a PayPal account to make payments is inherently more convenient than using, for example, credit cards. There's no need to move from wherever you are sitting, or rummage around in your wallet or purse.

You simply enter your PayPal password to make payments. And if you've already used PayPal on that computer and saved your details, you may not even need to do that!

PayPal Casinos are also often preferred to mobile methods such as Payforit, as they allow you to deposit and withdraw money in larger quantities. Plus you can keep track of it all simply by logging into your PayPal account.

When compared with other e-wallets, PayPal generally come out on top thanks to their huge brand recognition. Players feel more comfortable with PayPal Casinos because they know that their payments are being handled by a trustworthy and well-known company.

What can I play at PayPal Casinos?

Playing at a PayPal casino on mobile or a new PayPal casino on your laptop? The choice of games that you can play is as varied as at any other type of online casino.

Online Blackjack is always a very popular option at PayPal Casinos. This is mainly due to its low house edge, and how easy it is to pick up and play. Not to mention the plethora of Blackjack promotions that most PayPal Casinos make available.

If you play at one of the online casinos that accept PayPal listed above, you can enjoy Blackjack on your mobile, tablet, home computer, or even all three!

Video Poker and Roulette are also favourites of those who like to make an online casino PayPal deposit. And just like with Blackjack, Roulette online casinos can be accessed and played on mobile devices too.

PayPal casino mobile options

paypal casinos mobile

Take care of all your PayPal casino deposits and withdrawals through your mobile device!

All of the online casinos featured in our PayPal casino UK list are fully mobile compatible. The same can be said of PayPal's website, although you can also download the app if you prefer.

Are reading this on your mobile phone right now? You are just a few steps away from being able to make an online casino PayPal deposit!

Mobile PayPal casinos are especially convenient. You can deposit and withdraw funds from your account by simply pressing a few buttons on your phone. Better than rummaging around looking for your credit card, which can be particularly awkward and risky in public.

Plus, we've all had those moments. Lying on the bed or sofa at home, needing to make a payment for something, but not wanting to move from our comfortable position. With mobile PayPal Casinos, you don't need to!

Gamble Online With PayPal Casinos: customer support

paypal casinos customer support

PayPal has a very active user base and a thorough FAQ which supplement their customer support service.

When partaking in online gambling with PayPal, you can make transactions safe in the knowledge that the PayPal customer support team is there for you.

PayPal offers client support via its official website via a number of avenues, including:

  • International phone support
  • Email via the PayPal website
  • 'Contact PayPal' portal on the official website
  • Comprehensive FAQ

PayPal’s official website also hosts an index of searchable help topics. You can use this to find your answer without contacting customer service.

PayPal Casino UK Deposits Are safe and secure

You don’t become a multinational corporation worth billions in the financial services industry unless you’re completely safe and secure. PayPal have built a rock solid reputation for this. That's why so many people choose to play at PayPal Casinos every day.

PayPal’s popularity as an online gambling payment option is largely thanks to its relative anonymity. PayPal Casinos allow you to play without revealing sensitive banking information to any third parties - other than PayPal itself.

That serves as a big plus with some online casino players, who are understandably concerned with the safety of their money transfers with online casinos.

With PayPal Casinos, added peace of mind comes from dealing with an established, tried and tested payment service. You can rest assured that playing online casinos with PayPal is as safe as it’s going to get.

PayPal Casinos FAQ

We have tried to make this page as thorough as possible, in its information about the various PayPal Casino UK options you have.

But in case we missed something or you're just looking for a quick and easy answer, here's some of our more frequently asked questions about PayPal Casinos.

Do I need to set up a PayPal account in order to make use of casinos that accept PayPal?

Assuming that you intend to make a casino deposit with PayPal, then yes - having a PayPal account is an essential prerequisite of this. You can find out more about setting up a PayPal account in the section above.

How much does it cost to set up a PayPal account?

PayPal accounts are completely free to set up. PayPal makes its money mainly through transaction fees, which are typically a small percentage of transactions valued over a certain amount.

Are casino PayPal deposits universally available?

Not every online casino is able to offer PayPal as a payment option for deposits and withdrawals. PayPal impose some tough restrictions on any casino that does use them in order to protect their customers and their brand. The PayPal Casinos listed above have all shown they can meet these requirements.

What is the maximum amount I can make in a PayPal Casino deposit?

The exact amount will depend on your choice of online casino. However, due to the innate security and authenticity of using PayPal, and the fact that your account is linked to your physical bank, these limits are higher than many other online casino payment methods.

Choose A PayPal Casino today!

PayPal is an established, well-known name in the finance industry with a reputation to keep. You are in safe hands when making PayPal casino deposits and withdrawals.

If you have a PayPal account already, it's a no-brainer. Choose from our list of the best PayPal Casinos, grab your welcome bonus, and play now!

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