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As it is one of the more popular casino games due to having the lowest house edge of all casino games, many people are choosing to play Blackjack online - join them and experience the big-money thrills wherever and whenever it suits you!

Check out our list of the best online Blackjack casinos in the UK below, and break the house using all the tips, tricks and strategies in our extensive online Blackjack guide!

Why Play Blackjack Online 


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When you play blackjack online you have a unique advantage - having the tips and strategies on the screen, helping you learn to play strategically and maximise your winnings – something that is absolutely impossible to do in a live casino!

On a rainy evening, who wouldn’t prefer to stay home and play instead of having to get dressed up and spend money you could be playing and winning with? Also, let’s face it, there are also days we just want to be solitary and get lost in the moment of playing instead of having to socialise and make a whole event out of it. It happens to the best of us.

At CasinoGuide we have listed all the best casinos to play blackjack online which you can find on the side of the screen. We have done extensive research for you and have written comprehensive reviews so you can have a better idea of the different variations and bonuses on offer for blackjack to pick the best casino option.


Making a Deposit


If you are intending to make some big money winnings at your choice of online Blackjack casino, it pays to choose a casino that supports your preferred payment option.

A UK PayPal casino is always a solid choice when it comes to your payment method - PayPal is a highly respected and trustworthy platform for making and receiving payments, so online casinos supporting it as an option are automatically more trustworthy.

You can also find several Neteller online casinos, or if you prefer other payment options such as Mastercard or Visa, most of the casinos above support these as well.

Online Blackjack Games: The Basics


blackjack onlineThe first thing you have to know is that the central goal to this game is for the player to draw cards equalling as close to 21 as possible, but not higher than the dealer’s cards. The best cards you can have are two cards that equal 21 (a 10 and an ace), called a blackjack. 

There are different variations amongst the casinos, but the game is usually played with between one and eight 52-card deck of cards. The cards are always worth the same amount amongst the variations:

  • 2-10: Face value
  • Picture cards (Kings, Queens and Jacks): 10
  • Aces: 1 or 11

First you and the rest of the players place a bet. After all bets are placed you will get two cards and so will the dealer. Once players have been dealt their cards, the dealer plays according to the set rules of the game. However as a player you have a few options on how you want to proceed, depending on what cards you have been given.


Blackjack Step-By-Step


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  1. If you want to get closer to 21 then you can get another card, or more than one card. However if you go over 21 after hitting,  then you have ‘bust’ and you essentially lose you bet.
  2. Or you can stand. This is when you think to yourself “hold on a minute, my cards are pretty damn good. Please pretty please dealer have worse cards than me, please!”  and draw no more cards as you hold your breath hoping for the best. 
  3. Then you can double down. What you have to do if you select this option is double your original bet to receive only one more card, regardless of its value. However the regulations for this option vary from casino to casino, so check up on this beforehand. 
  4. You can choose to split if first two cards are of the same denomination. If you have two sevens, you make a bet of equal value to the first bet you made. The cards are separated, and dealer gives a second card on the first seven. You then play the hand out on the first seven, and then the dealer will hand another card out on the second seven and you play until you stand or bust.


Blackjack Games and Variations


Some variations of the game you may encounter could be the permission of double downs after splitting, the re-splitting of aces, double down limited to a hard 11 and hard 10, a dealer hitting on a soft 17, early surrenders or late surrenders. Check with each casino so you are sure of which variant of the game you are playing so you know what your options are within the gameplay.  


Blackjack Strategy and Tips


Blackjack strategy involves learning when you should be taking what action, whether to hit or stand. There are numerous strategies to learn to increase your odds and your knowledge of the game. Here at casinoguide we have put together an in-depth strategy guide for our players so you can advance your game, lower the house edge even more, and increase your odds of paying for that new car with your winnings.

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Get Online Blackjack Bonuses and Start Playing!


Here at CasinoGuide we have put together the best Blackjack bonuses found online for our players.

There are different kinds of bonuses with different advantages and disadvantages, so make sure to read through the terms and conditions of each casino carefully and use the bonus to your advantage to test out your blackjack skills and start playing to win.

We have done the hard work for you and have compiled all the best blackjack casinos, best bonuses, and strategies for you in one convenient location on our site.

All the information you need to play blackjack is right at your fingertips. Click through and read through all the information you need right here at CasinoGuide and start playing Blackjack in an instant!

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