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Prizes or the promise of them is what drives us to play. The potential pot of gold at the end of the reels, bonus rounds bulked up by multipliers and extra spins, symbols that grow, expand and stick delivering glorious golden coin wins - whatever the feature, we want to trigger it. 

And now there’s a way to play Slots and qualify straight through to the bonus rounds. Triggering them on demand. Forget about Scatters, they’ve become redundant, but only if you’re willing to pay much higher stakes to play. Welcome to Feature Drop Slots.

What are Feature Buy Slots And How Do They Work?

feature buy slots white rabbitFeature Buy / Feature Drop Slots are Slot Machines where you can pay a large fee at any time to effectively cheat, take a shortcut, and go straight to the bountiful bonus round and highest paying prizes of a Slot. This works very simply by offering you an in-game feature purchase. The cost to qualify depends on the Slot in question, but you can be sure that you’ll have to dig deep with the standard being 25-100x your stake.

But the main question is, does it cost more to purchase the feature drop than leaving it up to luck and the reels?

Let's take a look. Usually, to qualify naturally for a bonus round while playing online Slots you would need to collect 3+ Scatter symbols and earn your way to the Free Spins with this taking anywhere from 1-1000 spins, but typically you can expect a hit rate of around 1/100. Depending on your luck and bet size this could be an expensive or relatively cheap strategy depending on when the Free Spins are triggered, whereas the Feature Buy function usually costs around 100x your bet to buy and guarantees you instant access to the bonus round.

The fact that it costs 100x your stake roughly reflects the likelihood of you hitting FS every 1/100 times naturally. All in all, naturally you could trigger Free Spins on spin number 23, and you would've saved money in comparison to the using the Feature Drop, but alternatively, you may not trigger the round until spin 177- and then it would’ve been cheaper for you to opt for the Feature Drop, especially if it is one that costs under 100x your stake. Additionally, spinning naturally leads to coin wins along the way, whilst the feature drop only presents the chance to make wins during the bonus round.

Feature Buy Banned By UKGC

Sadly for fans of Feature Buy Slots, the UK Gambling Commission took the decision to ban this game mechanic in late 2019. As a result, all UK-licensed online casinos were required to remove such games from their libraries, or disable the feature from the game.

Failure to do so has thus far only resulted in warnings, but the UKGC will not hesitate to issue fines or worse sanctions if they find any operator in breach of this ban.

The ruling is unfortunate for players who enjoyed skipping the spins and jumping straight into the bonus action. It has also been especially hard on certain Slots developers, who hard-coded the feature into their games or even built the entire game concept around it.

Why Were Feature Buy Slots Banned?

As Feature Buy Slots allow you to bet very large sums (up to £2000 per round in some cases), the Gambling Commission felt this to be a necessary measure in order to prevent players letting their gambling spiral out of control.

A similar measure was taken in 2018 when the maximum bet on FOBTs (fixed odds betting machines) was reduced from £100 to £2. The UKGC has consistently reiterated its intention to reduce problem gambling and encourage social responsibility in the industry.

History of Feature Buy Slots

feature buy slots white rabbit reelsFeature Buy Slots were created by Big Time Gaming, who have since licensed the concept out to other casino software brands like Blueprint Gaming, Push Gaming, Betsoft and Yggdrasil. There are currently around 15+ Feature Buy Slots available and they are also some of the best new slots of the market!

The first-ever Feature Buy Slot was the astronomically popular White Rabbit from BTG. This is still one of the hottest games available to play currently. Released in 2017, White Rabbit Slot is also a Megaways™ Slot with up to 16,807 ways to win and two sets of reels, one for the base game, and one for free spins, both using reel modifiers to create a different amount of ways to win per spin! If you’re not up to date on this awesome new feature - another BTG Gaming Concept that is driving players wild - catch up on Megaways™ Slots here. You’ll find that many Feature Buy Slots developed by BTG are also Megaways™ Slots, creating double the action and thousands of winning opportunities

How Popular is this Slots Trend?

Feature Buy Slots are widely popular. They are changing the face of Slots, putting players in the driving seat and letting them control when they reach the climax of a game, the bonus round, and the highest level of rewards.For many players, Feature Buy Slots offer an unbeatable opportunity for high thrills and some guaranteed wins, without the wait, but also it is undoubtedly a high-risk strategy to play by. Especially, if you’re partial to a Gamble Feature, like in Extra Chilli Slot.

As BTG have patterned and licenced the Feature Buy concept they are allowing other casino software developers to incorporate it into their own unique Slot style. With a market that is quickly diversifying and includes some top developers, we’re expecting to see a lot more Feature Buy Slots on the market soon.

Feature Buy Slots are incredibly popular with ‘bonuses hunters’ who quite literally hunt casino bonuses playing via live stream on Youtube or Twitch to show other players exactly how to play and win the most from a Slot. Obviously being able to trigger a bonus round on-demand via live stream has helped increase the hype around Feature Buy Slots and introduced them to hundreds of thousands of players.

A Strategy Aimed At Big Rewards

There are no two ways about it, the Feature Buy function is a high-risk playing strategy as it offers immediate gratification of prizes and a guaranteed bonus round, but at a high cost and it is very addictive- herein lies the risk.

To add to this, you can also find a Gamble Feature added to some Feature Buy Slots that allows you to gamble the feature- to increase it or lose it- after purchasing it. The lure that Feature Drop Slots offer, is almost inescapable, all of the prizes with none of the waiting around, it is a sure-fire way to score some big prizes.

However, because it is so accessible and leads to spending large amounts of money on a single bet, we recommend you use playing limits when using Feature Buy Slots and keep to a playing budget!

Feature Drop vs Natural Trigger in Action

To keep exploring if using the Feature Drop function is worth the cost, we took our favourite Feature Buy Slot, White Rabbit (RTP 97.3%), for a test drive. These were our results.

Natural Trigger:

Over 100 Spins at 10p per spin, we triggered the Free Spins round of White Rabbit Slot 0 times. Our opening balance started at £1,000, we closed on £996.69 so with a total loss of £3.31, just below the reported rate of RTP. 

We kept spinning keen to find out how long it would take us to naturally trigger the Free Spins.

We got them on spin number 137 and were awarded 15 Spins. During the round, we got some reels with up to 10 symbols in height and won a total of £4.60, 46x my stake. No profit was made at the close of play.

Feature Buy Trigger: 

We tried out the Feature Buy 5 times, at a purchase cost of £10 per round - 100x the stake of 10p.

These were the total winnings from each round:

  1.  £10.69
  2.  £4.62
  3.  £39.47
  4.  £2.70
  5.  £35.57

3/5 sessions were profitable and the prizes really got rolling as the reels expand in Free Spins. On our first round won 106x our stake, but things heated up on the 3rd round as we hit the Queen’s Wheel and re-triggered Free Spins making some epic wins of 394x our stake!

Whilst using the Feature Buy function wasn’t a consistently profitable strategy, across the 5 rounds we came out on top spending £50, and winning £92.99, so a total profit of £42.99.

Of course, players should expect an individual experience, but our test showed that it can be well worth using the Feature Buy Function, and skipping the lower rewarding main game spins / waiting time to trigger.  Whilst we wouldn’t recommend it as a regular strategy because it involves such high, single stakes, it is great fun to play and instantly get to the heart of a game. With that in mind, let’s look at the some of player favourite Feature Buy Slots.

CasinoGuide’s Top 5 Must-Play Feature Buy Slots

These are the CasinoGuide Player top 5 Feature Buy Slots to play, and all of them are a must-try! If you’re yet to find a Feature Drop Slot Casino check at the top of this page. We’ve already done all the hard work for you, and whittled down the ordinary from the extraordinary, handpicking the best Feature Buy Slot Sites for you!

  1. Coming in at the top position is White Rabbit Slot. The very first of its kind, this Feature Buy Slot created by BTG, remains the most popular of its genre. With captivating gameplay and graphics, the Feature Buy costs 100x your stake. You’ll get a guaranteed 15 spins with reels that can grow to 12 symbols in height and random Megaways™ active, you can re-trigger the round up to a total of 75 Spins and there’s no max limit on what you can win! Sounds pretty epic right?!
  2. Scoring second place is Extra Chilli, also from BTG. The Feature Buy costs only 50x your bet and you’ll get 8 Spins, which you can gamble to increase to 24. There’s an unlimited multiplier and Extra Chilli is also a Megaways™ Slot with up to 117,649 ways to win!
  3. Vikings Unleashed Megaways™ Slot steals the 3rd place as it is one of the most customisable Feature Drops on the market. It comes from Blueprint Gaming and you get to pick for 4 Free Spin + Multiplier combos and then gamble both on separate wheel spins to increase your package - or potentially lose it all. It costs 25-100x your bet size and you’ll get 5-27 Spins and a 1-10x Multiplier awarded as the starting rate for each spin (it can increase!!).
  4. Yggdrasil Dark Vortex takes the 4th spot on our top list. Known for their stunning graphics and creative game themes, Yggdrasil, has created a jaw-dropping Slot with Dark Vortex. It’s a must-play. The feature drop costs 80x your bet and you’ll get 5-20 Free Spins, with 2-10 wild stacks on reels 2-4. If you’re looking for a captivating play, with 3125 ways to win this is it.
  5. Book of Gods is a beautiful Slot, released by BTG in 2018, it takes the last spot on our top 5 must-play Feature Drop Slots. The main attraction of this Slot is the Feature Buy at 80x your stake and the stunning graphics. It delivers 15-25 Free Spins and a special symbol active, which can create massive wins! Whilst this is one of the simpler Feature Drop Slots on the market as it has no Megaways™, it’s a sublimely smooth play and has some great wins on offer!

Don’t forget to check out our top recommendations for the best UK Casinos to play Feature Buy Slots with!

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