iWallet Casinos: Competitive Currency Fees

iWallet is not only a service to use at casino sites, but it’s also a prepaid card that you can use to shop at thousands of online shops. Not only can you use this service to make online transactions, but you can also use the prepaid card to withdraw funds from most ATMs.

While iWallet is a company based in Hong Kong, the service is capable of handling a wide variety of currencies. If you are interested in giving this payment method a try, then check out our list of casinos that we have collected for you below.

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Why Play At iWallet Casinos?

One of the big advantages of this payment method is that you can create an account and start using it without needing to submit ID of any kind. This is great if you have trouble with other payment methods due to a lack of proper identification.

Although it is based in Asia, this payment method supports 12 of the most common currencies in the world. In addition, the fees you are subject to are very competitive.

Another reason to play at these casinos is that iWallet is committed to keeping its customer transactions anonymous. With iWallet, you won’t need to worry about your information being seen by the casino you are depositing to or any malicious third parties.

A further plus point for this service is the fact that there are no transaction fees. For an online gambler, this could make all the difference. With the money saved, you could buy that last spin that will enable you to hit the jackpot.

The only downside is that this company is fairly new on the scene and hasn’t had time to really prove itself. With that said, we like what we have seen so far; there’s no reason to doubt the trustworthiness of iWallet.

iWallet Casinos Reviewed

When looking at iWallet in comparison with other casino payment options, there are certain criteria to consider - see these below.

Payment Speeds - 3/5

In most cases, deposits with iWallet will be fairly quick. With withdrawals, you may have to wait a few days to get your funds.

Payment Limits - 3/5

With iWallet, you don’t need to provide any identification if you want to create your account, but you will need to provide some if you want to increase your payment limits.

To properly verify your identity, you will need a government-issued ID card and proof of your address. Without submitting this ID, you will be limited to withdrawals under £1,000

Ease Of Use - 4/5

Despite being an Asian company, iWallet has a good English translation of their website, which you can easily access by selecting the British flag in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Creating an account with iWallet is a fairly simple process; it should only take you a couple of minutes to complete the whole process.

Security And Anonymity - 4/5

iWallet is known for keeping their customer data and transactions 100% anonymous. If you are looking for a payment method that allows you to keep your gambling transactions incognito, then this is one for you to consider.

An advantage of this payment method is that you don’t need to give any form of identification in order to use it.


How To Sign Up At iWallet Casinos

  1. Find the button that says something like “sign up” or “register”.
  2. Upon clicking the button, you will be shown some forms that you will need to fill out.
  3. Once you have inputted all of your information, you may be asked to verify your email address.
  4. After you have verified your email, your account should be good to go.

Making An Online Casino iWallet Deposit

  1. Access the deposit page on your casino of choice.
  2. Select the wallet logo on the list of options.
  3. Enter your account information and then choose the amount you wish to deposit.
  4. Your funds will soon be in your account.

Making An Online Casino iWallet Withdrawal

  1. Go to the withdrawal page on your casino of choice.
  2. Select the iWallet logo on the list of options.
  3. Select the amount of funds you wish to withdraw.
  4. Within 2-3 business days, these funds will be transferred into your account.

iWallet: An Overview

iWallet is a company that is based in Asia, but they are trying to branch out across the world. If you are someone who likes the idea of a prepaid card that works just like a bank card, then this is a payment option worth looking into.

iWallet pride themselves on providing fast, safe, and transparent transactions to their customers. While they are based in Asia, iWallet takes the local laws and regulations of the countries they operate in very seriously.

Are iWallet Casinos UK Legal?

You should have no problems whatsoever using iWallet in the UK. You can translate their website into English, so you don’t need to worry about using Google Translate or anything like that.

Are Casinos Accepting iWallet Trustworthy?

iWallet is a company that takes the safety and security of its clients very seriously. Transactions using the service are fast and convenient, but that doesn’t mean that iWallet compromises on the safety of their customers.

Whether you are playing on Asian or European casinos, this payment method will ensure your transactions remain secure and anonymous.

Getting An iWallet Account/Card

Setting up an iWallet account is a very simple process, and a great thing is, that it’s not even mandatory to provide any ID.

If you would like to have a prepaid card, it’s also very easy to acquire an iWallet card. You can use this card just like you would a normal bank card.

There is also a free app you can download that will give you the ability to scan QR codes to send and receive payments. Using the app in this way is incredibly convenient, as there is no need to remember any account information. You just open up the app, scan the code, and you are good to go. 

iWallet Casinos Customer Support

Despite being a company based in Asia, you can still get support for iWallet in English. You have the option on their website to fill out a customer support form. Once you have described your issue, someone from the iWallet team will get back to you to help you out.

They also have an FAQ section in which the most common problems are described.

You might get discouraged by the fact that this is a company based in Asia, but for UK-based players, you will hardly notice a difference in comparison to other Western payment methods. The site is available in English, so in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you will still be covered.

Best iWallet Casinos: Play Today!

To conclude, this is a good payment method to try if you are interested in the possibility of a prepaid card that works exactly like your bank card. This is also a great payment service to use if you don’t have the right form of identification that payment methods require of you.

iWallet is also a strong payment type because of anonymous transactions, ease of use, and free transactions. Whether you are using the app or a prepaid card, you should have a hassle-free experience with this company. Unless you are looking to spend high amounts of money right from the start, you could have iWallet up and running within minutes.

If you are ready to give an iWallet casino a try, then check out our curated list of iWallet casinos. Don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus when you sign up!