Putting Your Money on a Real Money Casino in 2017

With the help of CasinoGuide, you can navigate the world of real money online casino play with ease. You can also get the lowdown on which real money casinos have the best payouts, customer service, and security.

Real Money Online Casinos to Try

The experts here at CasinoGuide have compiled a list of real money online casinos that fit our 3-point review system. We feel that you’re bound to find a real money casino you like from our list, so give it a look!

Advantages of Playing at a Real Money Online Casino


Gambling with real money can add an extra thrill to your gambling experience, especially if you play it smart and win it big. However, playing on a real money casino can bring added risk as well, since you’re playing with hard earned cash. For example, many people love to play Blackjack online for money or play Slots games - UK players in particular.

Although the feel, sounds, and general atmosphere of a real casino are no doubt thrilling, there are still many perks of gambling on a real money online casino versus a physical casino. The best part is you don’t have to get up, get dressed, and drive to a casino. You can sit at home in your pajamas, comfortably playing on your favorite real money casino games. And with an iPhone casino or one of our recommended Android casinos, you can even play on the go!

Another great advantage of playing casino games online is you’ll encounter much more in the way of bonuses and promotions. Online casinos know that the Internet is saturated with competition, so they strive to beat them out with very appealing sign-up bonuses and promotions. Chances are, when you view a real money casino, no deposit is required to play, and a bonus of real money is given to you to try out their real money casino. We’ll explain more on no deposit bonuses later.

Along with the benefit of playing from the comfort of your home in your PJs, is the flexibility to bet with smaller amounts of money, thus enabling you to put more comfortable wagers down. You also don’t have to wait your turn to play like you would have to in a physical casino since casino game “seats” are basically infinite. So when you’re feeling lazy, want to play instantly, and don’t want to bet a large amount of money, a real money online casino (or one of our recommended online Bingo sites) is the superior choice to playing at a physical real money casino.

If you're feeling a little bolder, and want to get that authentic real money casino feeling, you can try Roulette - real money winnings await you!


Real Money Casino No Deposit Bonus

real money casino no deposit bonus

Want to test the waters with real money casino games, but don’t want to put a huge deposit down? Although many online casinos require a deposit in order to play their real money casino games, you can get in on the action without putting down money when playing at a real money casino. A ‘no deposit requirement’ is a popular type of promotion that casinos hold in order to attract your business.

All you have to do is sign up for a new account at a real money casino. No deposit bonuses for a new account usually ranges from £5 to a more generous £50, and a rare few casinos even offer you thousands of pounds as incentive to play with them, so you want to look around for the best no deposit bonuses possible.

If you do decide to make a deposit, you will want to choose a casino that supports your favourite payment option. Neteller casinos are a popular choice with many online casino players, whereas a Mastercard casino is there for those who prefer the more 'traditional' option. If you are mostly concerned with privacy, a Bitcoin casino is probably the way to go.

How We Decide a Real Money Casino Is Good


Here at CasinoGuide, we don’t just pick and recommend real money casino games websites at the drop of a hat. Instead, we only choose casinos based on our 3-Point Review System™ that scrutinizes each casino’s key qualities. Only those that hit the criteria that we’re looking for make the cut. Even when playing on mobile casino apps, real money is at stake. But what exactly do we look for?


How Fun It Is


Obviously, the number one reason when you go online to play real money casino games is for fun! Although gambling itself is a big factor in how much fun you have, the interface and ease of play are a big part of the fun factor as well. When we pick online casinos to recommend to you, we keep usability, types of games, and aesthetics in mind. Gambling online should always be about the fun!


How They Cash Out

real money casino payment options

Once you’re done getting your gambling fix, the next step is cashing out. Unfortunately, there are some online casinos that purposely make it hard for you to cash out so they can hang onto your money for longer. The real money casinos we pick for our lists are always trustworthy sites that have established solid reputations.

For your convenience, we also try to pick operators that give you a wide variety of casino payment options for cashing out. As well as specialist options such as the Skrill casino, you can even play at an online casino with PayPal!


Quality of Customer Service


Customer service is never something that is on your mind until you actually need it. We want you to have an easy time if you have trouble cashing out, getting a game to pay out, or have any other types of problems on an online casino. The real money casinos we recommend have top-notch friendliness, helpfulness, and accessibility.

Real Money Casinos to Avoid


As many as there are fantastic online casinos to gamble on, there are just as many less fantastic ones floating about. Here are a few that have made our list of real money online casinos to avoid.


Euro Play Casino


This online casino has terrible customer service, and they also fail to pay out successfully to players. If you want to bet your real world money at an online casino and get the cash out you’ve accumulated, avoid Euro Play Casino at all costs.


Grand Reef


Grand Reef is sneaky with how it sets up its casino games. When you play their games in play mode (no real money), they’ve intentionally made their games loose to give you the illusion of big payouts and good odds. However, when you switch to real money mode, the games are made tight, resulting in smaller and less payouts. Beware if you play any games on Grand Reef, since they try to pull a fast one on you.


Balzac Casino


Just like with Euro Play Casino, Balzan Casino has bad customer service and fails to pay out when you want it. We suggest avoiding this real money online casino as well if you want to hang on to your money and spend it somewhere else that is more fun, has better customer service, and actually pays out the money you’ve won.

Don't waste your time with online casinos that don't deserve you! Play at one of our approved, recommended online casinos instead!

Before Playing at a Real Money Casino, Read the Fine Print!


Think no deposit bonuses sound too good to be true? Sometimes, they just might be. You might run across an attractive real money casino, no deposit required, and free-flowing bonuses to boot.

However, these bonuses often come with a catch and strict rules. Be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions to fully understand what the requirements are to cash out on your real money casino no deposit bonus.

Sometimes, if you don’t hit the wagering requirements and try to withdraw your winnings, you forfeit your unused funds. Also, the wagering requirements may be so high that it may cost you more of your own money than it’s worth in order to cash out.

Therefore, your mindset when accepting a real money casino no deposit bonus should be “I have some extra money to play my favorite online casino games”, as well as “I’m going to win it big!”

Which Real Money Casino Is Right For You?


There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Everybody has different play styles and one real money casino may be perfect for one person while less than ideal for another. The best thing to do is to read up on your options, be sure about the terms and conditions of any promotions or bonuses, and use those to your advantage to test out the real money casino you’re interested in.

You won’t know which one is the ideal one for you until you give it a try, so get out there and start playing on real money casinos today!

Recommended Real Money Casinos

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