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Tremendously popular amongst casino fans of all ages, online slots have been made available in the thousands for players to enjoy.

Although the choice of online slots can be mind-boggling in terms of what to choose, you needn’t feel apprehensive when selecting the right slots game or online casino to play at as we’re here to offer our guidance and make your gambling lives easier.

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Online Slots Tricks - Do They Exist?


Slot machines use random number generators in order to strike symbols, which are tried and tested before, so if you do find a way of cracking the game and securing a jackpot in your favour, you'll be one of the first!


Can I play Slots for free?


Yes! Try out our free Slots game and see how much you enjoy the rush that comes with playing Slots online - then when you're ready, cash in a free bonus at one of our recommended online casinos and start winning money for real!

Collecting Your Winnings


When the fun is done, and you are ready to cash out all the money you have won, the casinos above will present you with a variety of options.

At CasinoGuide, we highly recommend PayPal casinos online that accept this highly trusted and secure payment platform. If PayPal isn't your thing, Neteller casinos are a highly credible alternative worth trying.

Online Slots: The Origin

original slots

The original slot machines looked a little like this

Charles Fey, who is considered to be the father of slot machines, invented the first simple machine which incorporated a lever and coin slot in the United States in 1887.

His inspiration to create this machine was perhaps its poker based predecessor, the ‘trade stimulator’ which dispensed cigars or free drinks tokens to winners.

What set his device apart from this machine was the fact that Fey’s slot machine was the first gambling machine to give out money.

According to the book, Slot Machine Mania by Dwight E. Crevelt, the San Francisco Chronicle had reported that Fey managed to impress excited saloon and restaurant owners in the city through his demonstration of how the three reeled ‘Liberty Bell’ slot machine worked on April 14th of the same year. The intrigued observers predicted that the flashy invention would make a lot of money in the future.


The Introduction of Slot Machines at the Casino


Many years later, in 1946, slot machines were introduced in Las Vegas casinos by a man named Bugsy Siegal, who initially installed the machines to serve as a distraction for wives and girlfriends of players participating in table games, such as poker and blackjack.

As time has gone by, continuous advances in technology have also caused these machines to develop into 5-reeled slots, which cumulatively often account for about 80% of a typical casino’s profits. Take a look at our History of Slots page for more information on the origins of this famous game.

The Online Slots Revolution


Over a hundred years later, Charles Fey’s slots legacy continues to live on like he could have never imagined. The prophecies that were preached by the San Francisco saloon and restaurant owners had indeed come true. However, the slot machine’s success had also been extremely underestimated as over the years the machines have continued to generate millions upon millions of pounds.

This is perhaps in light of the fact that the innovative invention has since been adapted to suit a whole new market of gamblers, those who play slots online! 

Nowadays, it is even possible to top up your online slots casino account just by sending a text from your mobile phone, when you play at a Payforit casino - how far we have come!

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5 Types of Online Slots 

progressive slots

A vast number of slot games have been introduced to the internet over the years, with themes which range from the classic fruit to movie themed versions. However, knowing which version of slots to play goes far beyond the theme you choose and is more about selecting the right type of slots game for you. This in essence can leave you with the possibility of winning small payouts or larger payouts depending on which game type you choose. The variations of available slots online include:


Classic Online Slots


Love classic 3-reeled slot games?  If you’re answer is yes, then you’re definitely in for a fun treat as nowadays many retro fruit and 7s slot games are found online.

Due to the fact that these were the first to be introduced to the online gaming scene there are presently quite a number of them which offer 1,3,5 or even 8 paylines and sometimes even bonus games or free spins. 


Video Slots / Multi-Line Slots


Animated multi 5-reeled video slots are perfect for the serial slots player as they offer wonderful new themes and fantastic entertainment. The symbols of the game are usually related to the theme of the online slots and the paylines are normally far better than their forbearers’. Having evolved from 3-reeled slots, video slots have turned the excitement level a notch up as they offer a wider range of bonuses, compelling storylines as well as side games.

If you opt to play this version of slots we recommend that you try and get the hang of it first by trying out our free slots game rather than making a huge bet which can make you lose all your money very quickly. 


3D Slots


Think Video Slots are interesting? Then just wait until you experience the upgraded version of video slots in 3D! This type of slot game has combined classic video slots with the gripping adventure games which have penetrated our society over the years.

Henceforth, playing 3D slots will ultimately allow you to enjoy a video and casino game simultaneously. The end result will surely be able to give you both the psychological satisfaction of completing the saga game as well as possibly winning a huge amount of money. What could be better? 


Progressive or Jackpot Slots


Generally these types of slots are typically the same as video slots with the simple difference that they have an added bonus pot thrown in. A progressive jackpot is collected over time when players place a bet.

Typically, a percentage of each bet goes into a bonus pot which could be won by any player who chooses to play at maximum bet. The amount that can be one often runs into the millions so if you’re looking to win a hefty sum of money give playing a progressive slots game a shot! 


Mega Spin Slots 


If you’re looking for a new thrilling slots experience, mega spin slots can give you that bit of edge you’re craving.  By playing this type of slots game you can enjoy 9 chaotic slots games simultaneously that will surely grip you and leave you dreaming of flashing lights and slots music without even having to step foot in your local casino.

What’s even better is that you’ll also be able to boost your odds of winning a prize by playing mega spins! 


If you feel like today could be your lucky day, there's every reason to give it a try! You can always take a look at our Top 10 Slots Tips before you start playing. 

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Online slot games have taken the world by storm in recent years making a vaster selection of slots available online for you to enjoy.

If you’re interested in playing, Casino Guide can help you out in selecting the right online slots casino for you - just choose from one of our recommended casinos at the top of the page and benefit from a huge bonus just for signing up!

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