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New Slots Games - June, 2020

This page is constantly updated with the biggest and best new Slots games on offer at the top online casinos in the UK. Whether you are an avid online Slots player or a complete newbie, there's plenty of good reasons to play new Slots games online.

Online casino game developers are constantly looking for new and interesting twists to add to their newest Slots games - you might be surprised by what they come up with!

Best of all, new Slots games are often the subject of some seriously generous signup bonuses at online casinos. You can take advantage of these and enjoy playing all-new casino games with less of your own money - try it today!

Coins of Egypt by NetEnt

coins of egypt slot win coins of egypt slot splash screen
 Game Information
Min Bet£0.20
Max Bet£200.00
RelaunchedOctober 2018
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This game is not strictly a new Slots game. Until recently it was an exclusive title for certain casinos, but has now been opened up to the wider NetEnt community.

Coins of Egypt is definitely one of NetEnt's strongest recent releases in our opinion. Like many popular Slots games, Coins of Egypt draws heavy influence from its ancient Egyptian theme. The game offers a strong RTP of 96.97%, along with a highly entertaining bonus feature and a new coin system that provides the opportunity for frequent wins. The game has 20 paylines, and it is not at all uncommon for wilds or coins to appear on the reels, which makes for a highly engaging game experience.

coins of egypt slot collect symbol

If the 'Pharoah Collect' symbol appears on the 5th reel, you are paid the total value of all visible coins.

New Concept: Coins

Every time you spin the reels on Coins of Egypt, a coin will appear in the bottom-right corner of at least one of the standard symbols. The coin will display a value equal to between 2-15x your bet. These coins do not do anything on their own, and can only be activated by hitting the 'Pharoah Collect' symbol (see image above) on the 5th reel. If you manage to hit this, you win the total value of all the coins visible on that spin.

Free Spins

The concept of the coins has also been into Coins of Egypt's Free Spins feature. Instead of being given all coins immediately, the coins come in three different colours. You spin until you have locked in three bonus symbols of the same colour, which then pays out all the coins you have been awarded.

Coins of Egypt is a strong offering from NetEnt, so now it is finally open to the masses, perhaps it's time to give it a try?

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Genie Jackpots MegaWays By Blueprint

genie jackpot megaways splash genie jackpot megaways reels
 Game Information
LinesUp to 15625
Min Bet£0.10
Max Bet£10.00
LaunchedSeptember 2018

Earlier this year, Big Time Gaming licensed its Megaway system - made popular by its own wildly successful title Bonanza - to Blueprint. Genie Jackpots Megaways is arguably the first Blueprint Megaways creation which has reached the same level of popularity and quality as Bonanza.

There have already been examples of Blueprint Megaways Slots, such as the Diamond Mine Slot Machine, which came out a few months ago. But up to this point, the new Megaways games have been little more than copies of Bonanza.

With Genie Jackpots Megaways, Blueprint has tried to combine new and old, blending the unique qualities of Megaways and Feature Buy together with Blueprint's original Genie Jackpots game.

genie jackpot random spin function

You will be offered three magical lamps which each contain one of these functions.

New Concept: Power Spin Function

Every spin of Genie Jackpots Megaways comes with the chance that you might randomly hit a small bonus feature. You can receive one of 4 kinds of Megaways Wilds:

  • Wild Megaways - fills all of the reels with wild symbols and gives extra multipliers
  • Genie Wilds - creates an extra wilds symbol
  • Genie Win Spin - gives you a guaranteed win
  • Bonus Megaways - essentially a free bonus feature; it does the same as buying a bonus, but does not cost you anything extra

Free Spins

Genie Jackpots' free spins features are unlocked when you hit 3 or more scatter symbols, up to 6 in total. You'll get between 10-20 free spins, on one of the 4 different bonus features mentioned above, selected randomly.

Eternal Multiplier

This feature gives each spin you play a multiplier that is 1 higher than the previous spin. 2 lamps give 5 extra spins, and the multiplier gives you the chance for huge gains on the later spins in the function!

Mystery Wishes

In this feature there is an additional symbol that is added to the reels. Behind this symbol hides another randomly selected symbol that appears when the spin is complete. With the right setup and plenty of Megaways this can pay well!

Locking Wilds

Our favourite feature and also the one that paid the best while we were testing the game. With the Locking Wilds feature, all wilds that appear on the screen are locked. With Megaways this can give some incredible winnings!

Genie Streak

With Genie Streak, each win continues to spin until you no longer hit a new symbol on the screen. With a high number of Megaways, this can bring huge gains!

Bonus Purchase

Like many of Big Time Gaming's games, Genie Jackpots MegaWays By Blueprint has adopted the increasingly popular bonus purchase feature. By buying a bonus of 100 times your bet, you will get between 10 and 20 free spins on one of the different bonuses mentioned above.

Genie Jackpots Megaways is a very entertaining new Slots game with great winning opportunities, and can be very lucrative both with and without making use of bonus purchases. Try it today!


Jammin 'Jars By Push Gaming

jammin jars splash screen jammin jars gameplay
 Game Information
SoftwarePush Gaming
Lines8x8 Scatter Pays
Min Bet£0.20
Max Bet£100.00
LaunchedSeptember 2018

Push Gaming is still a relative newcomer to the Slots gaming market but has already released a lot of games that have received plenty of attention from seasoned players. Jammin' Jars is building on the successes of Tiki Tumble, Fat Rabbit.

Like the aforementioned games, Push Gaming has also hidden away the big winning potential in the bonus feature of Jammin' Jars. The game entices you with fruity colours and fancy sounds and lights, and before you know it, you're excited and waiting for the third jelly jar that activates the game's free spin function.

jammin jars big win

New Concept: Cluster Pays

It takes a lot to make a solid Cluster Pays game, something you'll soon notice if you're looking for good games that offer cluster pays. Jammin' Jars pays when 5 fruits or wild symbols are adjacent to each other, and as you will see in the section below, each win with a wild symbol multiplies its multiplier. This allows for huge gains, especially when you get more wilds next to each other.

Marmalade Wilds

The wild symbol in Jammin' Jars is a jar of jelly, which is where the game's name comes from. These symbols bounce around the screen for winnings, and always take over an empty field if one is available. Each time a wild symbol wins, this symbol will increase its multiplication by 1, and there is no maximum multiplier.

Free Spins Function

Jammin' Jars gives 6 free spins when you get 3 jelly jars on the screen at the same time, and in the free spins feature you have the greatest chance to reach the really gigantic winnings.

Since each win gives you a second chance to win without spending your 6 free spins, you have good opportunities for your 6 spins to yield even more wins. And if you get a pair of wilds next to each other with high enough multiplier you can expect incredible winnings.


Donuts By Big Time Gaming

Mmmm.... Donuts!

donuts slot donuts bonus
 Game Information
SoftwareBig Time Gaming
Min Bet£0.05
Max Bet£10.00
LaunchedJuly 2018

(Disclaimer to English language purists: we know it's spelt doughnut really.)

Donuts is a new Slots game bringing existing and new concepts together in a highly memorable slot machine experience produced by the geniuses behind games like Bonanza and Danger: High Voltage - Big Time Gaming.

Instead of the Mega Ways that Big Time Gaming are so well known for, this time around they have opted for 4 by 4 reels, giving you a total of 256 ways to win. This can be further increased by the multiplier wilds that become available during gameplay.

The game, like most new Slots games, has an interesting new concept. Where you usually would need 3 of a kind of a symbol to reach the minimum pay, Donuts needs 4 of a kind of all the basic symbols, but only 3 of a kind of the premium symbols, which are shaped like donuts. Hitting 3 scatter symbols triggers the bonus, which is what you are after.

New Concept: Donut Boxes

While you play the base game, you will see some symbols stacked. Look for the donut boxes when they enter the playing field. The boxes, when opened, will show between 1 and 4 donuts, or a multiplier Wild symbol. All boxes show the same coloured donuts, and you can have up to 2 boxes on some reels.

Theoretically, with 4 boxes all giving the maximum multiplier you will get a 256 ways win, even without counting additional donuts that might have appeared on the reels. Keep in mind that this would be an extremely rare occurrence, but it’s certainly a possibility.

Bonus Feature: Golden Donuts

The bonus feature of Donuts has 2 stages to it. After triggering the bonus, the collected golden donuts spin around to show you a multiplier behind each of them. You are given 3 initial free spins, and for each spin the remaining empty positions on the reels spin to reveal a new gold donut with a new multiplier of up to 50x.

After the initial bonus spins are done, the free spins round begins. You have 12 free spins (with a potentially huge multiplier) to start with, but you can retrigger during the bonus, which will grant you another 10 spins. You will only need 2 golden donuts to retrigger during the free spins, and if they appear on positions where you haven’t already had a multiplier in the multiplier bonus game, those spots will be filled.


Book Of Ra Magic By Novomatic

Expand and scatter!

book of ra magic book of ra magic bonus
 Game Information
Min Bet£0.10
Max Bet£10.00
LaunchedJuly 2018

In this day and age, you have a plethora of games to choose from. Almost regardless of what sort of slot machine you prefer, you will find it - and new games are being regularly released to fill in any sort of gap in the existing game libraries. But while the different providers develop new and unique games, there are some games that simply follow an existing formula.

And there is one game that has more spinoffs than any other, namely Novomatic’s Book of Ra. From new providers trying to get a foothold into the casino industry to existing providers trying to tap into an existing market, you will find a Book of Ra copy at nearly every casino imaginable.

Until now, Novomatic has for the most part stuck to their guns and have kept their copies fairly identical, sometimes adding minor features like the additional scatter wild on Pharaoh’s Ring or the “all symbols expand” concept you can find on Dynasty of Ra. Other developers also like to innovate on this existing concept, and this time Novomatic has chosen to use Merkur Gaming’s Book of Ra copy “Magic Mirror Deluxe II” and develop their own spin. The result is Book of Ra Magic.

New Concept: More Expanding Symbols

As you probably know by this point, the concept behind Book of Ra is that during free spins, a random symbol will expand and also pay scatter (meaning they don’t need to be next to each other). The limit to your winnings here is that there is only 1 expanding symbol. If your symbol happens to be the 10, which is the lowest paying, you will be stuck with the 10 until your free spins are done and you can get 3 scatters at another time.

Book of Ra Magic eliminates this issue by giving you an additional expanding symbol for each retrigger, in addition to the expected 10 extra spins.

Book Of Ra Magic Bonus Game

If you manage to spin 3 Book of Ra symbols anywhere on the reels, this will trigger 10 free spins. One visible symbol will be chosen to expand when it is on the reels and pay like a scatter, for the duration of the free spins.

Even better, when you re-trigger free spins with another three scatters, another symbol is chosen. Meaning all nine symbols can pay like expanding scatters.


Laser Fruit By Red Tiger Gaming

Win ways taken to new heights!

laser fruits laser fruits big win
 Game Information
SoftwareRed Tiger Gaming
Lines243 - 60,466,176
Min Bet£0.20
Max Bet£50.00
LaunchedApril 2018

Red Tiger's latest release takes the 'ways to win' concept in a completely new direction. The neon styling of the game might not look too special at a first glance, but you will quickly realise that the possibilities for wins in this game are nearly endless.

In what seems to be their first attempt at toppling BTGs monopoly of 'Mega Ways', Red Tiger don’t just try and match it, they blow it out of the water.

By now you might have tried out Hot Chili's 117,000 ways to win, but Laser Fruit takes that number and supercharges it - with over 60 million ways to win.

Red Tiger is well known for their well-designed games, and this new release is no exception. The design is vibrant and exciting, matching the old fruit and neon concepts to the newer win ways with a twist. The music and sound design is excellent, and thanks to being on the Red Tiger engine, the game runs flawlessly in your browser and on mobile phones.

New Concept: Expanding Reels

In Laser Fruit, there is one symbol missing from the reels, and that is the Wild symbol. Instead of adding the common Wild, Laser Fruit instead has a random chance to expand its reels up or to the right during any spin.

When a reel is expanded, symbols are pushed aside (into favourable positions) and the new reel positions change to winning symbols. So while you don’t have the Wild, you do get the occasional guaranteed hit.

The Bonus Game

It might take more than just luck, but if the stars align this game can get an absolutely unheard of potential for big wins. If you hit the 3 Free Spin scatters you get to roll for your amount of free spins. The minimum spins you can get is 8, and the maximum is a massive 40 free spins bonus feature.

During the free spins, your expanded reels does not retract. The game has the potential to grow from 243 ways with the standard 3x3x3x3x3 setup, up to a maximum of 10 reels, each one featuring 6 symbols. You also have the possibility to re-trigger your free spins, up to 10 times. Theoretically this gives you a max potential of 400 free spins, each spin with the chance to expand the reels up to the magic 6 million.

Laser Fruit is a great new concept and we can clearly see the potential available in the game. While it at times can feel slightly tight, we also know that when you do hit, you do so in a big way. We are definitely excited to see how this concept can be taken further by Red Tiger in the future. You can find Laser Fruit at all the best online casinos, so pick one and give it a try today!


Big Time Gaming’s Extra Chili

The creators of Bonanza are back with a new game - hotter and spicier than ever!

hot chili btg hot chili big win
 Game Information
SoftwareBig Time Gaming
RTP96.15 - 96.82%
LinesUp to 227,649!
Min Bet£0.20
Max Bet£40.00
LaunchedApril 2018

Big Time Gaming (BTG) first hit the public eye in late 2016 with the release of what is possibly the most popular online casino game ever, Bonanza. At the time, they were a relatively minor provider, with just a few games hosted on MicroGaming’s Quickfire engine. But with the success of Bonanza, BTG struck gold.

While other game providers scramble to come up with a game that can match Bonanza, BTG themselves have been busy preparing its spiritual successor for release this April. With Extra Chili, BTG have taken their best game and added to it the extremely popular 'Feature Drop' feature from their more recent release, White Rabbit. This gives you a kind of shortcut, allowing you to get straight to the bonus without even spinning, by simply paying 50 times your bet!

Mega Ways is also back, giving you the chance to have over 117,000 possible ways to win. The top 'reel' is back too, but has been moved to the bottom of the game. Instead of the 4 GOLD scatters required for the bonus, Hot Chili has cut down the requirement to a single 'HOT', with good chances for an extra scatter adding 4 extra spins.

New Concept: Bonus Gamble

In their previous titles, BTG has never had a gamble feature for your wins, which is more common to some providers like Novomatic. In Hot Chili they have changed it up though, going for the gamble feature to end all gambles. When you finally hit the third scatter and trigger the bonus, you now get a chance to gamble for additional spins in the bonus feature.

The bonus starts out with 8 spins, and you get to gamble this up to 4 times. Each gamble gives you the chance to either gain an additional 4 spins for your bonus, or if you lose the gamble, forfeit your collected spins. Once you have collected 16 spins you are guaranteed at least 8 spins no matter what, but you can continue gambling until you hit the maximum of 24 spins.

The Bonus Game

The Hot Chili bonus game works much the same way as the one in Bonanza. Each consecutive win increases the bonus’ win multiplier by 1, with no maximum. Just to give you an idea of the potential in this, there was once a Bonanza player who hit a staggering 14,000 times the bet win. With Hot Chili giving players even more spins to help them out, it’s only a matter of time until we see a similar win on this new title.

To trigger the bonus game, you need to hit the magic 3 letters 'HOT', or simply purchase the Feature Drop. This costs 50 times your bet, but you can collect coins while playing - reducing the total price of the feature.

Click the link below to claim your bonus and hunt some of the biggest wins available with Hot Chili, at one of our highly recommended online casinos!


NetEnt’s Hotline

A high-speed return to form for the erstwhile industry leaders.

hotline big win hotline bonus bet
 Game Information
RTP96.13 - 97.04%
Min Bet£0.15
Max Bet£450.00
LaunchedMarch 2018

Have you been following the latest development or game releases from the software giant NetEnt? If so, you might have noticed that have fallen slightly behind their competitors in terms of keeping an active and healthy player base.

With their brand new release named Hotline, NetEnt has proven once again that they know what they are doing. The game is set in 1980’s Miami, and the music fits the genre perfectly.

While the payouts and gameplay of recent NetEnt titles have often seemed very similar, Hotline brings back the excitement that NetEnt's new releases have been lacking.

Hotline boasts 30 pay lines, options to increase or decrease your variance (at the cost of a few percentage points of RTP), exciting music, great design, and a flawless gameplay experience. Many NetEnt fans are hopeful that what we see in Hotline is a sign of what’s to come from NetEnt's production quarters in the coming months and years.

New Concept: Hotlines

While this game is similar to most other games in terms of having a general set of paylines, it also features 'Hotlines'. The game features wild symbols represented by the various cars you can find on the reels. If one such symbol lands in an active Hotline, the symbol expands to cover the entire reel, and you are awarded a re-spin. If you manage to land a second car during your re-spins, another one is awarded. This continues until no more cars land on your reels.

You can activate the Hotline in any of the 3 rows by clicking the symbols on the left side - this will increase your bet accordingly. The base bet is 15 coins with 1 Hotline active on level 1, and 45 coins with 3 Hotlines active.

It’s safe to say that with the release of Hotline, NetEnt have finally returned to their best. They even brought in what some might consider the best feature from another well received NetEnt game, Warlords: Crystals of Power. With this, any 3 of a kind symbols on the first 3 reels will result in a win regardless of position. While you technically only need 27 lines to achieve this, NetEnt treats us to 3 extra pay lines.

The Bonus Game

If you hit the three sunset scatters you can find on reel 1, 3 and 5, you will activate the bonus game. While we found the scatters at times a bit tough to actually hit, the bonus game is well worth it as it complements the base gameplay well.

While you cannot re-trigger the bonus game and the re-spins from hitting wilds that are missing, the wilds you do hit on your activated Hotlines will stay until the bonus game finishes.

Hotline can be played at every major casino that features NetEnt games, which these days are every casino that doesn’t exclusively feature RTG or PlayTech. Check out our NetEnt casinos list for a full complement of recommended options.


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